The Back of Beyond

About 30 years ago I was working in a customers house in Aberdeen, finishing off some joinery work, the day before going on a driving holiday around Europe with my new wife. I was working up til 10 at night to complete it as I wanted it finished before going off. We set off from our farmhouse near Banchory, Aberdeen, and drove around Southern Europe for almost a month before ending up, on a whim, in the Camargue in a campsite near Les Saintes Maries de la Mer. Well off the beaten track. We were relaxing next to our tent when we saw a large campervan with a trailer park in the bay opposite us and 10 or so people come out and start to talk quite loudly. We hadn't heard a British voice in almost a month and we groaned when we heard Scots accents. However, we girded our loins and went across and said hello and were invited to have a drink with them. We discovered that the driver and head of the family, was the TV producer boss of the woman whose job I had worked late into the night to finish. Coincidental enough, especially as the Camargue was still a remote place in the early 80's with strong warnings about bandits and not stopping. Even stranger, when I was recounting this to my aunt (by marriage) she gave us a peculiar look and proceeded to tell us that the customer in question was her cousin.
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