Avoiding someone

Back when I was in high school I had a crush on a random older boy in school. Randomly he got my number and we startred texting and never actually talked in person but it eventually fizzled out. Fast forward a few months and it was my moms birthday. She wanted to go for dinner at a restaurant where she worked in college. I knew this boy also currently worked at this restaurant so I spent an hour convincing her to go somewhere else instead because I really really really didn’t want to see him there (I didn’t tell my family this so it was even harder to change there mind). Finally I convinced her that we should go to a different restaurant and we settled on somewhere that was about an hour away from my house- much farther than we would normally go. Finally We get to the restaurant and get seated next to none other than HIM and his family. Went so out of the way to avoid him and ended up right next to him. Fast forward a year and we started dating.
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