an aviation coincidence

I'm not sure that this really qualifies as a coincidence, but given that the end result would not have happened were it not for an error earlier I feel that it should be considered. Iwas piloting an scheduled airline flight into an Italian airport one winter a few years ago. There had been a lot of snow there and on this approach there was considerable fog too. We were cleared to make an approach by the ATC approach controller who advised us to conatct the tower controller for a landing clearance once we had the runway lights in sight. This happened quite close to the runway so we landed, only to be asked after landing by the tower where we were. We advised that we were on the ground, and apologised for not seeking a landing clearance, but due to the late sighting of the runway lights etc we missed the call. That was ok was the reply, except that if we had actually requested a landing clearance it would have been refused and he would have told us to go around, as there was nowhere for us to park owing to the thick snow cover on the parking area. In the event we were accommodated. However, my observation is that I have never, before or since, landed an aeroplane without a clear permission to do so: this time only did I do so, albeit inadvertantly, and saved the company and passengers the cost of a diversion.
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