Auntie Kadine's gift

When I was a little girl, my great auntie Kathleen (pet name Kadine) gave me a hymnbook, which she inscribed with my name. Years later, after about 15 years away from the church, I went back to the church with my fiancé to talk to the minister about getting married. The minister was busy with some other parishioners at the time and gave us some hymnbooks, telling us to familiarise ourselves with the wedding ceremony on a particular page. We read through the ceremony, but the minster was still busy, so to fill the time, I started to flick through the hymnbook. On the inside page I found the inscription 'To Tara, with love from Auntie Kadine'. I didn't even know I had lost my old hymnbook! I asked the minister if he had known it was mine when he gave it to me, but he didn't - he was absolutely gobsmacked and said it was astonishing.
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