atm malfunction at just the right moment

In May of 2015 I was in Pokara, Nepal using a roadside ATM machine. The maximum amount I could take with one withdrawal was $100 so I took a $100, then the machine returned my card and I put the card back in the machine and got this message: "sorry you have insufficient funds. Please check your bank for further information." I knew this wasn't true, I had plenty of money in my account. I stepped back from the machine and at that moment people started running past me, I thought there was an accident, I really didn't know, but then more people ran by so I joined them and on the main road in Lakeside scores of people were standing in the road and then it hit, a six second tremor that registered at 7.3 and shook everything. I waited for five minutes, sitting down to ponder the events. If that looks like a coincidence, it probably was, but if I believe my spirit, who is energy, got into the ATM and blocked my use so that I could run to safety, then I could also conclude that my spirit knew what was going to happen. My spirit anticipated the event and led me to safety. Ten minutes on the street I returned to the ATM and it gave me more money. My name is John and that was no coincidence, or was it.
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