Arlene England

After graduating from Art School and leaving home in rural Aberdeenshire in 1981 I shared a flat in Stanley Street, Aberdeen with three other girls for a short time before deciding to move to Surrey. I had a small attic room which I loved very much even though I could hardly stand up in it. Many years later, infact just last year, 2011, I started working for a company in London and at an event was introduced to some friends of my current boss and his wife. People always ask where I come from (still have a good Scottish accent) and one of the friends, who is now retired but was a GP, told me that she and her mother has been evacuated during the war to Scotland because her father had been injured at Scapa Flow and was sent to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to recouperate. She recalled staying in a very nice house've guessed it...Stanley Street! and as we both jumped to tell each other where we both blurted out...No. 32!!! Everyone was stunned. It turned out that she, as a young girl, had also slept in my same attic and remembered it well, even though she is now nearly 80. Very spooky.
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