Apparnt Supernatural Knowledge of a Famous Death

I remember watching the TV series "On the buses" as a kid with my dad, we loved it. For some reason on 16th Nov 2008, I recalled this memory and pondered about Reg Varney and wondered what had become of him since that series. Later, I was rather surprised to discover that he had died that very day ... now that was a surprise because it was the only memory I have of thinking about him that entire year. Now the thought strikes me that such an experience could indeed convince many that something supernatural had happened, but I do not think this is the case for the following reasons. 1) memory can play tricks. I might have recalled him to memory several times, but simply did not remember (can you honestly recall every thought from every day?). the reason I remember this instance was the impact of his death. 2) there is a rather finite number of famous elderly folks. We also have a rather large population in the UK who would remember them. So on every given day, there is a very high chance that a couple of hundred folks (at the very least) are thinking about that famous but elderly actor. Thus, when they die, there will indeed be several hundred people who have this experience. I bet it happens all the time and when it does, it leaves a few amazed "it must be supernatural" folks, and yet do the maths, and I find that I am convinced that it must happen.
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