An antique sideboard in two places and a young asian girl

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We were living in Edinburgh and this moment in time was probably around July 1988 or 1989 but we can't be sure. We had a big flat and usually had a lodger to help defray costs. One autumn a young dental student came to stay, she was doing a PhD at Edinburgh University Dental School. She was very studious and no trouble, usually having an evening meal or snack and then retiring to her room to study. She was always fascinated by a large carved wooden sideboard which stood in our living room, she often referred to it. It was carved by my great grandfather who was a cabinet maker. We had inherited it from my parents when my grandmother had died and they sold her house, we had a lot of furniture from her in an attempt to fill this enormous flat. The sideboard was (actually is, as we still have it) rather medieval in character with carved men in three places and carved door panels, but we think she thought it looked more asian in character. She was called Aisha and when she graduated her mother came up for the ceremony and of course was welcomed to stay as well. We gave them dinner one night and started to talk about their past. Her father had come to work in Britain to my home city where he was an engineer in one of the big heavy industries, my mother had worked as a secretary in the same factory during the war (but that isn't the coincidence). This was also strange as Lincoln was my home city (not really a coincidence but despite being with us for several months we hadn't found out that when she was very young she had lived in Lincoln). Of course one of our next questions was where did you live in Lincoln? Her mother answered that they lived at 23 The Avenue - wow - my grandmother lived at 25 The Avenue and this very sideboard lived in the front room standing to one side of the fireplace against the very wall that Aisha had played against as a young child in number 23. We think that is a coincidence.
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