And then, 35 years later. . .

When I was a rebellious teen living in northern Virginia during the early '70s, I ran away from home one summer. My dad, a veteran of three wars, went looking for me at a nearby hippie commune; emerging from the woods behind the commune dressed in full camo gear, armed with a military rifle, but I wasn't there. Many years later, while living in Florida, I went to lunch with a business associate, who told me a funny story she had heard from a old friend the week before. When the friend was young in the early '70s, she lived for a time in a hippie commune in northern Virginia, and one summer day, while the residents were outside relaxing, a "crazy" man came out of the woods, dressed in camo gear and carrying a rifle, and scared them all half to death. I had to tell the business associate that man had to be my dad, and we both marveled at the coincidence.
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