Amazing Holiday Coincidence

Nearly 30 years ago now, when I was mid to late twenties, I went on hokiday with my then husband to Singapore and Bali. I live in the UK, Birmingham to be precise. A few days before we flew, I friend, who I worked with, was on maternity leave and given birth to a baby boy. I went to visit her and took some photos. On arriving at Singapore, I finished off the film in my camera and had them developed. After being in Bali for a couple of nights, we got talking with a couple from New Zealand who were originally from Birmingham. It turned out the chap was my work colleague's uncle and he didn't know that she had the baby. I was able to go to my hotel room and get the photo's of his new born second nephew. I very much believe that has to be more to life than we know, and that has come from that time. Life has thrown me a few coincidences which make me sit up and take notice.
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