after marrying in1961 john and i ,two hicks from the north east travelled to london to live & work.we found a huge lovely bedsit in the jewish quarter of north finchley,owned by a jewish barber & was new years eve1962 & we decided to go on the tube to the centre to see the festivities & have a drink.We told the family of our plans & set off.Several bars later enjoying the atomsphere,crowds everywhere.we eventually ended up in piccadilly circus (I think) in a bar that I think was called this time it was late and the bars were manic.It had an upstairs bar & a downstairs bar,we had to fight our way down to the stairs.After our drink we decided to leave to catch the tube home.We fought our way back up the stairs & tried to push our way to the outside,Before we got there we came face to face with John's brother Tom.Unknown to us he had gone to our bedsit to be told by the family of our trip to the centre,we were both flabbergasted as we had no idea that he even knew our address in London.Cap that!!!
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