all in a name

I stated posting these previously that my experience most often tends to be the simultaneous occurrence of seeing and hearing random uncommon words. I was sitting on a bench considering whether to reach out to my friend Wanda. Just then I got up and turned to immediately see her name on a personalized license plate. Yesterday I was playing Wordscapes and the moment I traced the word 'sale' on my phone, Chris Sale's (MLB pitcher) name was spoken on the TV, though not because he was pitching in a game which would obviously make the mentioning of his name less coincidental. I realize 'sale' isn't so uncommon of a word, but as a last name, it is. I point out these examples because they typify an experience that happens to me so often that it doesn't stand out in my memory like it once did. This happens with proper names like 'Garfield' and less common words like 'granite' (both real examples).
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