Of all the houses!

Some 11 years ago we were waiting in embarkation room of the Plymouth Ferry Port seeing our 13 year old daughter off on a school journey to Austria. Our daughter went to school in Torquay, Devon and had lived in the same town since birth. We asked our daughter if she had remembered to make a note of her grandparents address, in order to send them a card. Our daughter repeated the house number and road in Hythe, Kent, some 250 miles away. The conversation, as my daughter repeated the address, was overheard by the mother of one of our daughters school friends. Her friend's mother was amazed and said that she had lived next door to that house when she was a young child. My parents had moved to their house in Hythe in 1964/65. On returning to school after the trip our daughter came home with a childhood photo of the friend's mother standing outside the very house prior to my parents living there.
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