All for an apple

During the 1970's my husband was Headmaster of a boarding and day school in the SWMidlands. It happened that we were invited to dinner one October evening with the Head of a neighbouring school, Robert Muldooney*, and his wife and his wife Margaret; the two men knew each other slightly, but I had not met either of the couple. On the afternoon of the day we were to dine with them, I started to store apples in our cellar, in a discarded chest of drawers which had been used for apple-storing by a long-ago occupant of the house. The first drawer I opened was lined with newspaper from an old and yellowed copy of The Times. It was the Court page. An entry leapt to my eyes: " The engagement is announced between Robert, elder son of . . . and . . . Muldooney, and Margaret, younger daughter . . . " (* names changed). I took the piece of paper to dinner with me that night. "Oh, thank you" said our hostess, "I'm so glad to have that; I was in Australia when my mother put the announcement in the paper, and I never got a copy." "And all was for an apple. . ."
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