I have a coincident with the number 999. 1,) Its the emergency services 2,)It was my first prison number (MO6 999) and you had to give your last three numbers and name ie, 999 Robinson sir! 3,) i creshed into the 999km sign on the N340 in spain, tha car was a write off and my partner and i ended up in hospital. 4,)One day driving in france ahead i noticed the police flagging me to the side of the road to stop, as i sat there i immediately noticed a rainbow of colours fly down my left side. It wasn't till moments later i realized it was a cycle race like the " tour de France ".When i was able to drive off i noticed the village name was " st hippolytis" D999. This is the name of the village in england that I grew up in called " st ippolytis" 5,) crossing the boarder into france from spain carrying many kilos of hash i went to pay the toll charge and noticed the bank note had 999 as the last numbers, i knew something was coming and it did i got pulled by french customs minutes later. 6,)my mobile phone number i once had was 07999150465. The last 6 digits is my DOB. Many other thing crop up concerning this number 999.
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