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At some point my friend was transferred from LA to St Louis for work. One week after he moved, my boss told me she wanted me to attend a conference in St Louis a few weeks later. Pretty cool, a trip on the company dime and I could see my friend who just moved there. Once I arrived, I discovered his new apartment was directly across the street from the conference. At said conference in St Louis, I met a girl from Kansas City. She told me she recently visited her friend in LA (a few months prior). When I pressed for details, it emerged that her friend was living in my last apartment in Santa Monica, CA. Not just the building, she moved into the unit I had vacated. I think this poor girl I was speaking to thought I was crazy "omg was it next to the bowling alley? was there a pet shop across the street? was it the corner unit with the patio next to the alley? I just moved out of there! this is unbelievable".
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