2 separate deaths, 2 same names, connected by 1 house, wut??

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Two years after my boyfriend/band mate and I moved out of my parents house, our best friend/also band mate and his brother were killed in a head on collision on the 405 freeway in LA. 2 months later, after their death, my parents sold that house me and my boyfriend had left. We didn’t realize until later but it turned out my boyfriend’s mom’s friend was the buyer. 6 months after moving her family in (8 months after our friends were killed) she was also killed in a head on collision. After her death I found out her kids that moved into this house I grew up in had the same names as our friends, the brothers who had just died. Throw in years of spooky unexplainable events at that house and the fact that while living there was the only time in both me and my moms life that we’d experience terrifying sleep paralysis and the whole thing is quite scary! I’m still so confused.
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