2’s and arrows

My friend an I were fishing at my farm that’s part of an Indian burial ground along Wea Creek. Told him when I was very young I remember finding a arrow heads with my dad which was over 20 years ago. Told me “yeah you’re full of shit”. Laughing about it, I told him no really and I’ll never forget it and the very next second he says bro look what I just found.. two arrow heads. Since then I’ve been seeing the number 2 in my dreams and everywhere I go. The next day I’m watching TV and realized I haven’t checked my phone in awhile. I check it and it says August 22, 2021. Time was 2:22 and my background is Derek Jeter looking into the crowd. Number 2 on the back of his jersey. Took a screenshot of it as proof. The wallpaper has been there since August 5th, double checked in my gallery. That night I had a dream of me trying to save this little girl from drowning in the ocean, when she sunk to the point I could barely see her, she was holding up 2 fingers. I woke up with 2 missed and 2 text messages at 2am. Two nights ago I had a dream of this women dancing with someone and she was smiling at me, holding up 2 fingers. And I did the same thing like we both knew it had some meaning to it. Whenever I got up and around I went straight to the casino, the whole way there I had my mind set I was gonna put all the money I had on me on 2 in roulette. I was thinking if it hits, then something is definitely going on. If not, then I was definitely thinking way too much into this. I sit down at the roulette table, put in all the cash I had which was $100 bill. Still had to wait for the next round and what do you know. It lands on 2. Through out this week span I’ve been having strange coincidences with other friends. Calling them the second they were about to click my name to call, and end up on the same exit off a highway without it being planned since that was the first time talking to him in a couple days. Finishing this up and the time is 2:22. I’ve warn the number 2 in baseball all the way up to the college level, coming on 20 years of wearing the same number. And I’ve never had these kinds of coincidences in my life. All this has happened since August 20th with proof. Very odd
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