11.11 time display

Whenever I look at the clock in the morning, 80% of the time, is says 11.11
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Date submitted:Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:03:02 +0000Coincidence ID:3245


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Have you checked what time the alarm is set to ring?
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This has happened to me three days running this week, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Bizarre!
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As a child I had difficulty sleeping, I kept checking the clock to see how long was left until morning. I can't have been too bad an insomniac as the last time before I woke was almost always 12:34

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Ever since I can remember- if I wake in the night it is 4.20am- doesnt matter where I am in the world so time differences dont seem to make a difference- drives me nuts!

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Driving to Cardiff on the M4 there's a time display beside the road. It almost always says 11.11. Of course this is connected to the time of day we travel, but it could say 11.12 but never does. Another explanation is that we notice coincidence. perhaps when it doesn't say 11.11 we simply don't register it.