Notes for Reviewers

This site is in an early stage of development, and we would welcome your comments on any aspect of the content and presentation. A few points you may wish to keep in mind:

  1. The appearance of the site is provisional: we shall be engaging a designer for the eventual 'look and feel'
  2. We have a limited amount of content, and it is currently all accessible from the Featured Content menu to the right
  3. We have future plans for the site, and we would like eventually to cover a wide range of Issues, Quantitative Concepts, and Qualitative Concepts.
  4. You will see that the 'stories' are structured at multiple 'levels' corresponding to mathematical difficulty:
    1. No maths, just pictures and text for general readership
    2. Basic arithmetic, at around GCSE level.
    3. Some algebra, probability distributions, basic statistical concepts at around A level.
    4. Full mathematical exposition, at university level.

    We are unsure of what to call these 'levels' and how to clearly indicate the technicality of the content

  5. Note our provisional logo
  6. Our provisional name, Understanding Uncertainty, is shared by an excellent recent book by Dennis Lindley
  7. Please email us with comments using the Contact us page
  8. To view the animations you will need to have Flash Player 8 or 9 installed in your browser

Many thanks from the Understanding Uncertainty team, comprising David Spiegelhalter, Mike Pearson, Hauke Riesch, Owen Smith and Arciris Garay.

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