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As of the 23rd May 2022 this website is archived and will receive no further updates. was produced by the Winton programme for the public understanding of risk based in the Statistical Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. The aim was to help improve the way that uncertainty and risk are discussed in society, and show how probability and statistics can be both useful and entertaining.

Many of the animations were produced using Flash and will no longer work.

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Version 8

Release notes:

  • Fixed a bug in v7 which caused the texts to differ from the icons due to rounding.
  • Fixed configuration bug
  • Uses standard (now revised) uu framing.
  • Logo links back to uu home
  • Title links back to uu article
  • Personalise tab revised to use popup editors.
  • Personalise tab works in full screen.

(Reference and in final article).

Version 4 is the 'possible-futures' version. It has reworked graph code - Bar and Column in particular. Also an updated config file with slightly different colour assignments. Faces now implemented. References correct RiskDisplay4Config.xml file by default for powerpoint use. Some inconsistencies in counts are showing - due to the various rounding mechanisms i think.

Version 4 - possible futures ++

Version 3 updated again (11/9/08).

Icons now bullet proof, recoloured, with morphs extended to 1000 blob case. Initialisation problem resolved. Relative Column/Bar needs a rework - I think 'without' state should probably be a line at zero, and 'with' state should be a positive or negative deviation from 0 to represent.

Version 1 is stable and still available - see below.

Version 2 lacks some annotations in relative mode and any wow-factor morphings to random blobs, but is otherwise complete.

Version 2 - graphics under development

To change what the animation displays, change this file.

Version 1

To change what the animation displays, change this file.

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