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Riskometer Test Page

Riskometer Test Page

Detailed Animation Generator Help


Obtain UUAnimationGenerator from CVS and drag its build file to the Flex Builder
ant panel.

Use this build file to
(a) Populate a Flex or AIR project with template data, so it runs straight away.
(b) Add commands, tabs, view/mediator pairs, and proxy templates as needed.
You will need to run add-tab at least once to get a working animation.

Help for Animators

This is a brief introduction to the development environment we use in creating animations. Refer to Adobe documentation of Flash and Flex/Flash Builder for most details - here we concentrate on the specifics of the UU system.

Project sources are saved in CVSROOT on led.maths.org - in the uuflex folder.

Running alongside the standard Flex Builder tools are a set of Ant tools that

RSL Test Page

Football leagues

Trial page, to be developed, for latest football animation.

You need to install the Adobe Flash Player to see the animation.

Canadian National Lottery Animations

Canadian Lottery animations based on Lotto649 data.

Risks and uncertainties top page

This is the top page for the "Risks and uncertainties" work I have been doing. There is currently an article about the risk of drugs and the associated difficulties with finding the risk, an article on Transport risks and a shorter article on the RoSPA accident database (this could stay internal).

Homo heuristicus

An event we are co-hosting with the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology "Homo heuristicus: Why biased minds make better inferences" by Professor Gerd Gigerenzer has once again got us wondering how we can make decisions in an ever uncertain world.

One game to go!

The final matches of the Premier League will be played this weekend. On One game to play! we've put an animation of the season so far, an analysis of whether Manchester United really is the best team, and some predictions for the weekend based on a statistical analysis of the season so far.

So how will Hull do against Man U on Sunday?

So you think you're safe...

The RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) has an excellent tool on its website: the the home and leisure accidents database. It covers 2001 and 2002, and allows you to search through their archives for various accidents.


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