Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Golf cart crash

Me and one of my friend when we were grade 5 drove a golf cart straight into a wall.

Food coincidence

Both my high school classmate and I don't like the spicy food.

birthday coincidence

once when i was in primary school in slovakia, we played this game where we had to state something about ourselves which we think is special and unique. if someone else had anything which is the same as what you stated, that certain someone gets to sit on your lap. there was this one boy who said that his birthday was on the 7th of december, 2002, which is the same birthday as me. however, i didn't say anything since i didn't want to sit on his lap.

Living in the same area

I live in San Chong, as the school is pretty far from where I assumed that there will be no one living in the same area as I lived in. Recently I saw one of my schoolmates often in the same mrt as I was and I was curious so I asked him, this is when I realize we live in the same area and mrt station. Such a coincidence.

Meeting my First Friend

When I was in the first day of my first grade, i started talking to the boy sitting next to me, and we soon become my first friend in elementary school. The next day, when i went to my english cram school, i found out my first friend was also studying here, after we know each other better, we realize that our birthday is only one day diffrerent, therefore we are also born in the same hospital.

mutual friends in Huaxing.

My classmate Devin and I both studied in Huaxing before but different period of time. I was in Huaxing elementary school and he was in Huaxing junior high School. Although we were not in the same class at the same period of time, but we both have some mutual friends in Huaxing. Now we are also classmates in Kueishan.

haagen dazs strawberry ice cream

Renee and I went to eat haagen dazs when we are ordering the ice cream we found out that we both order strawberry ice cream, I ask her why do you like this flavor, she told me is because of the strawberry inside and thats what I like too.

both born in the same country and both having beef the last night

We were both born the same country Taiwan and we both had beef for dinner last night and we are now going to the same school same English class same biology class same math class and we sit next to each other in math class. My classmate Devin.

Meet my friend without planning

One of my best friend and I were separated into different school since we graduated from the same middle school. One night right after when I finished the clam school, I walked the different route to the Zhisan-MRT station and I met that friend without planning with that friend. He also just finished his sports club and on the way home. We were so busy in different school and didn't have time to contact each other and so on. We just bumped into each other at the SOGO department.

Friend Coincidence

When I was about five years old, I lived in a apartment, me and my sister play in the downstair lobby everyday. There was another girl that is the same age of me also like to play in the lobby, and soon we become friends. One day when I went to the new school classroom in grade one, I saw her in the same classroom and we both didn't know which school we going to study in. In the moment we are really surprise and now we are still really good friends.