Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

lost two relatives on the same day 200 miles apart

On 28.11.96, my maternal grandmother passed away in the morning. At 7pm that evening, my father passed away, 200 miles away. I then met a man in 2010 who'd lost his mother in the morning and his father in the evening through unrelated events.

Some coincidences take a long time

When I was around 15 or 16, I'd listen to Radio Luxembourg in the late evenings. I didn't care much for the music, but the news reports by an IRN reporter from El Salavador were gripping. A few years later, I met the love of my life, who, incidentally, lived in the house next door to the one I'd been born in and grew up in, although I'd moved away by then. One day, one of us raised how impactful listiening to the IRN El Salavador news reports by one particular news reporter had been, and the other said they too had listened to them and remembered them.

Multiple friend connections across continents

One day a Serbian-Roma musician friend of mine posted a photo on my Facebook timeline. I met him in Serbia but he was living in Australia at that time. A few minutes later, a friend from India who I met in Manchester commented that he had met my Serbian friend on the streets in Sydney the day before! He spotted a musician walking slowly in the pouring rain and was compelled to cross the road and talk to him. Maybe he subconsciously recognised him from my own Facebook page or maybe it's a complete coincidence.

Reunited with lost item

In the 1980s I was into spiritual healing and always carried a small pouch of semi-precious stones which meant various things to me. I realised one day I'd lost it and it could have been some distance away, I rode a motorbike and went away for weekends, so I never thought about it further. A couple of years later a new guy started working in the company I worked for. He realised I was into the spiritual stuff and said 'oh, my daughter found a bag of stones, would you like them?' - I said yes. He brought them into work - and it was my bag of stones, intact.

Just when I needed a new cable

I keep a USB cable to charge my phone at work. The cable did not seem to be working anymore, however, and I thought to myself one day that I should get a new one. The next day I was walking to the bus stop when I found a cable on the sidewalk!

Down and up

I'd been having a lot of trouble with my boss at work. One morning I arrived to find that a diamond had gone missing from a ring - I was devastated. That same day, however my boss was let go. One loss was worth the second!

Hole in one, twice.

I play regularly on a small country golf course on the Coromandel in New Zealand. On a regular golfing Saturday, about two years ago I stood up on the 7th, a short par three and in front of my three playing partners I hit the ball straight in the hole for my first ever "hole in one". The following Saturday on the same hole, with three new playing partners and with a certain amount of banter, "show us how you did it Al etc" I took my stance, and talked them through it.

Probably being saved from serious car accident

I had a Volvo V50. Although it's by far the most common volvo model in my country, you don't see one very often. I owned it for 3 years and always took great care of it. However, few month prior to selling it, I did not pay much attention to the maintenance anymore. One day a weird sound started coming from the front right wheel. I was somewhat busy at the time so I did not pay attention to it thinking that I simply care too much about everything all the time. I thought the tire did it, it happens.

Thoughts into Actions

I coach gymnastics and we had a competition coming up that weekend. it was in a city that started with an “A”. There were two cities that i kept getting mixed up thinking it was in one then the other and i had to keep checking where it was. I thought “what if i go to the wrong place and the right one is a half hour away.” the night before i look up the location to make sure it’s all set. the next morning i confidently put it in the GPS and go. when i get there it was the wrong place and i put in the wrong town. when i put in the right town the GPS said “28 minutes”....

Barcelona market

My son bumped into my sister in law in a market in Barcelona (and they recognised each other!). Neither had any idea the other was visiting.