Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Appeared in a Podcast

I was in English class and we were discussing the current meme of the "FBI Man watching" and how our phones are potentially tapped and the FBI and NSA have all our information. We were simply joking about it and so on my way home I decide to catch up on a podcast that was aired last November, continuing on from that morning. As I begin listening, about two minutes in the subject changes to the FBI man and how he could be watching us.

Serenity Prayer

I was at work as a nurse in the hospital, and my boyfriend (who had intended to marry me etc.) and I ended up breaking up over the phone at work, which was kind of a dick move on his part, but so goes it. I was devastated and began sobbing at work, and was so sad that I really couldn't continue my shift. I loved this man. Loved, loved, loved him. They found someone to cover for me, and I walked a short distance to get on the elevator to the underground parking ramp. Now, keep in mind, I'm crying, anxious, etc.

The Swiss guy

As an adult, I went to a B&B in France run by my friend's father (she had dual citizenship in France and the US, her mom was American) in a town of about 500 people that required a 5 hour train ride and a 45 minute SCHOOL BUS ride from the train station (with kids). It would be considered an obscure location; it wasn't in an otherwise touristy area. Its only claim to fame was being on the "culinary tour" circuit where guests could learn traditional French cooking from the owner who was also a chef.

Re-occurring coincidences

I am so happy to have come across this website, now I know that I am no going crazy. Here are my chain of events, If I met a guy and there is a romance interest the following happenings, I will constantly here his name anywhere and everywhere and even the name This will be a conversation with or without me over hearing, turning on the radio, in the shop or at work.

Morning coincidence

I woke up one morning and my eyes weren’t even open yet. I turned off my alarm and as soon as I did, the guy on the tv said, “Good morning, sleepyheads.” I keep my tv on at night and usually the same tv show(different episodes)plays all night on Hulu. I just thought it was weird, that that moment of that episode was playing the second I woke up.

Indian Music: A Small Coincidence

Today I was doing my homework for my online world music class which lead me to watching a video on Ragas. I watched the video and answered the question and then turned on music to answer the rest of the questions. I turned on the All Songs Considered live stream which plays many different varieties of songs all day. It just so happened that an India raga was in the middle of playing.

Black rose

i saw black rose profile pic of my friend richa on whatsapp. Then same time i saw a facebook photo explaining that black roses are just dark red roses. amazing god explained me that on same time i saw a profile pic.

The Triple Goddess Ring

A few months ago, I found a ring on the floor of a fast-food restaurant and decided to keep it instead of returning it because it looked cheap - it had a gap in the back (broken circle) the way many plastic rings do. I guessed a little girl must have dropped it and the family wound't bother to look for a cheap piece of jewelry, and something told me to keep it. I put it in my coat pocket and forgot about it. A month later, I started reading about the Wiccan religion - mostly in curiosity.

Coincidence? Or something more?

This may be just a case of pure coincidence.. but I’m not so sure . Maybe something more. First, my mother and I were both Gemini. Sign of the twins. And I was born on my mothers birthday. She and I were extremely close my entire life. Connected beyond explaination. My mother died from breast cancer on February 22, 2012. My chihuahua, who loved my mom and my mom loved her. She lived another 5 years after my mom had died. Until she past away on February 21, 2017. (A day before my moms death date) I found it kinda of interesting but didn’t really put a lot of thought into it.

A room with a view

Today I was going through the paper cropping articles as I do daily. There was a feature on an owl which the paper had captioned "Woo's on my head?" as the owl was atop someone's head. I posted this on social media and titled it "A woo-m with a view" adding my own pun to the owl's supposed hoot. Further on in the paper, I found there was a piece on a Hyundai car,powered by Hydrogen whose exhaust is clean water, that you can make a cup of tea with,thus the chosen caption which read "A vroom with a brew"!