Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Random calls from 2 people of my Past from same time period

I received a very random text from a women I did a yoga training from 12 years ago. The text was a mistake she was looking for a different Nancy in her life and then she accidental called me. The same day I received a facetime call from a teacher of yoga from that time period. This call was very random and not a number I have in my phone and it was also from Australia and not the US where I reside. I ignored it and went on about my life, later that evening I got a weird text from that teacher asking why I had called him. I re-looked at my phone and it was a definite incoming call.

Mexico Argentina connections

In 1999, my business partner and I opened an office in Mexico City. Almost immediately I was hired to work on a full time consulting job to overhaul a company in the northern city of Saltillo, near the Texas border. I left my partner in charge of the Mexico City office, and one of the first things he did was hire an assistant. She was very competent but (and this is germaine to the story) had no prior experience or contacts in our industry. Meanwhile in Saltillo, I was having trouble filling positions.

Surprising wrong phone number

I was at work trying to call another company in a different state. I was working on getting a report for them and I had some information I needed to request first and I couldn't wait for an email. Since I was in a hurry, I forgot to dial 1 so I dialed the number, but locally 804-523-4304 when i meant to dial 523-430-456. When someone answered it was a co-worker in the same 50 person building on his cell phone. I thought I dialed his extension accidentally, but it was really his cell phone. What are the chances?

God brought us together

My husband and i met in Tennessee in a store parking lot witnessing an altercation. He and I started talking and ended up dating. Found out we stayed in the same apartment complex, we share the same birthday, his father and my mother share the same birthday, and we both lived in the same town in north Carolina when i was a child. We both were at the same military base in south Carolina but at different times.

How I Met My Partner

My coincidence is a rather long story, and it has its start long before I was born. I write this, of course, understanding that it can really only be considered a coincidence given how it has resulted in finding my current partner. If it had not had this result, it simply would have resulted in nothing more than an interesting story. And so I take you to the very beginning, which is post-civil war Spain. The government is currently taken over by Dictator Francisco Franco who was the leader of the Falange movement.

David Foster Wallace Haunts Me

I was both listening to an interview with Zadie Smith and scrolling through Tumblr. At the exact same time, Smith referenced Foster Wallace and a picture of Foster Wallace appeared on my Tumblr. At the exact same time, down to the second. Incidentally, I was reading a piece on Foster Wallace two days ago. It's been a weird couple of days.

DX so handsome

I'm so handsome

Same ancestor

Everyone on this world has the same ancestor

August 4th

My uncle (quadriplegic) was born on 08-04-1952. My husband took care of my uncle until he (my husband) committed suicide on 08-04-16. I just found out that my new boyfriend's parents were married on 08-04-1969.

In Sicily the name is as common as is Jones in Wales

I'm Alan Merryweather and have lived in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England for 26 years and on 4 or 5 occasions when having been asked by motorists for directions I’ve offered to get in the car and take them there as it’s easier than trying to describe the route.<br /> About 2 years ago an American leaned out of his car asking for help. We drove there, and later I walked them around to view the best houses.<br /> I’m a keen family historian so am very nosey about names, occupations and places.