Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


This evening I was commenting on a Facebook post that ended up mentioning tigers. Prior to this there had been comments in the newspaper about the closure of Ringlings circus,and in looking up a video of tigers on Youtube I happened to remark on the comments about the fate of zoos and circuses and there treatment of animals. I was responding to a Facebook comment which read 'I don't like tigers' posting the video showing them swimming and reposting a comment which alluded to their capabilities among the big cats. I then looked up the poems 'tyger,tyger' and 'th

Why did not we not meet sooner?

After my first marriage broke up, I tried online dating. I very soon met someone who lived a mile away from me in the same city. When we had our first date it turned out that we had grown up over two decades before, less than ten miles from each other and in a completely different part of the country. She had gone to the girls' grammar school in the town where I went to the boys' grammar school. My future sister law was at the same school as her and her brother went to the same school as me. My most influential teacher at school was a close friend of her parents.

Events happening in tandem husband and wife

So, a couple of weeks ago, my husband called me at work to say his car was leaking coolant, and I needed to pick him up from work (he had car towed). Two days later, MY car was leaking coolant also and I had to be towed to the mechanic as well. Both cars in the shop at the same time. His required a major repair, mine was minor and fixed with no charge. Yesterday, my husband lost his car keys in the Wal Mart parking lot or inside the store and could not find them. AAA had to come out and make a new key.

The N Word

Some time ago I had a facebook conversation about offense and the N-word and in what contexts it be deemed offensive.

new town, old face

I used to live in Margate, kent. I moved to mid wales with my partner at the end of 2016. I left my job of ten years at a well known opticians. Shortly before I left there I dealt with a customer who had moved to Wales (we were currently in the throes of organising our move to wales). She needed her new specs forwarding to her new address. When she gave me the address, it was coincidentally the town in which I had just been for a job interview. In Wales. This was a little coincidental, as its not a large, well known town.

Purple Balloon on Anniversary

My wife and I planned a trip to New Zealand. We had never been there and wanted to experience another “Land down under” that promised enjoyable mountain hiking and other experiences. We booked tickets and proceeded to look at where we thought we could go with just under two weeks in the country. We agreed that it would be better to spend a few days in each place so we booked multiple dates in B&Bs, Hotels and Youth Hostels. COINCIDENTALLY my wife noticed that we would be in Wanaka NZ on the 8th and 9th of December.

First baby of 1980 has the first of 2017

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: First baby of 1980 has the first of 2017 -

Naming my animal after a famous person and then then a week later they die

My friend just bought a puppy for his son on Tuesday 12/20/2016. She has an amazingly beautiful white face so his son decided to name her Princess Leia after the Star Wars character since she wears all white. I thought it was so unique he picked that name for the puppy and was it completely out of the ordinary and quite original. On Tuesday December 27 2016, a week later, Carrie Fisher who played the original Princess Leia passed away.

How I found conspiracy Grail in a grocery shop

Once I have a trip with my workmate. We had discussion about many themes, and finaly he share with me very important information (as He thought). He told me about some conspirology video, where former KGB officer explicate some conspiracy theory about masonry, shadow goverments, etc. It didn't interest me much, but my colleague was quite rational, so I didn't ignore his advice and took theese videos from him. There were 60 hours of boring narrative, I watched only 1,5 hour and couldn't endure more. So I postpone theese videous on my office computer.

Russel Crowe or Russian Crow

Three years ago there was medical examination for employees at my workplace. I was intended to go through examination with my coworkers at certain day, but I had too much work, so I delayed it till it was possible. In last day I went to the doctor. There was huge queue. I found seat and began to wait. There was fire extinguisher on the wall near me and inscription :"Fire safety responsible person Vorona A.V.".<br /> Hour and a half I was looking at this inscription. It makes me think about russian and english surnames.