Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Friend Coincidence

When I was about five years old, I lived in a apartment, me and my sister play in the downstair lobby everyday. There was another girl that is the same age of me also like to play in the lobby, and soon we become friends. One day when I went to the new school classroom in grade one, I saw her in the same classroom and we both didn't know which school we going to study in. In the moment we are really surprise and now we are still really good friends.

School coincidence

My friend, Tim, has gone to the same school with me in grade four. We all went to Kang Chiao and we have a level of your swimming skill, which is white, blue, yellow, red and black. The thing is we never met before when we're in Kang Chiao, and we all leave the school after we get to the level of black in swimming. Know Tim and I came to the same school, Kuei Shan, in ninth grade.

Swimming event

Jessica (my current classmate) and I went to a non-school swimming event at the Sun Moon Lake two years ago. That happens right after I met her when school started that year. The swimming event happened in September, and the school started in August. We were 9th grade, and we knew we both went to the same place after the event (I saw her post on Facebook).

birthday coincidence

My solar calendar birthday is the same day as lunar calendar matsu's birthday.

video game coincidence

When I was little, I am playing a game called seer51. I love playing that game the main thing to do in the game is to get as many monster you can, just like pokemon. When I was playing I have a very good online friend called 關羽, he is very good at this game and teaches me a lot about seer51, but after a few months, I and 關羽 don't play seer51 anymore, until I came to kueishan and met a student named Steven. We started chatting and talked about games. He said when he was small he likes to play seer51 and I said me too, then I asked his ID and he said it was 關羽.

Same city

I born and lived in Taoyuan for 6 years, then I moved to Taipei when I was 7. Steven is same as me and now we study in the same school and all live in Taipei, Xin Beitou.

A mutual friend

Me and my high school classmate Claire has a mutual friend. She knew a girl Phoebe through their father, she knew Phoebe when she was about 5. Then, I met Phoebe when I was at first grade, when we were classmate, but sadly Phoebe moved to Belgium, at second grade. Later now, I met Claire as a high school classmate, and we discovered that we lived only about one block away, so I probably met Claire as a little kid.

Ancestor Stories

While chatting with a new acquaintance at a new school, we realized that the ancestors on both of our dads' sides had retreated to Taiwan during the Chinese civil war, and that we both have relatives on our moms sides who was doing business in Indonesia at the moment.

Badminton Boy's

Me and My high school class mate both are like badminton, and we have learn badminton at sport center and we both think we are good.


We go clay pigeon shooting from time to time at Fyfield about an hour's drive from our home. The first time we took the wrong lane having missed the (rather small) direction sign, just short of the club. We arrived at a farm house and my wife got to ask the way. To her amazement the woman who greeted her was an old friend from her horse riding stable, who she had lost touch with some years ago. (So, we remained there for some while as they chatted).