Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Glastonbury savings!

In 1982 I travelled to the Glastonbury Festival, arriving very late on Thursday night after a car breakdown. With friends I wandered around the pyramid stage area, helped a very ill young man to the medical centre, and was on my way back to our campsite when I saw something on the ground. I picked it up and found a roll of banknotes tied with an elastic band. I pocketed it, intending to hand it in the next morning. In the morning I located another group of friends from my former home town, including my best friend from school.


Coincidence No. 2. In the 1970s I was a keen birder, and would regularly meet with a friend at a National Nature Reserve at Stodmarsh in Kent - some 100km from our homes. I lost touch with him and didn't visit Stodmarsh for approximately 15 years. When at a conference nearby in 1994, I decided to visit the place again. I parked in the carpark in which another man had just parked. It was of course my friend of 15 years previously, visiting the reserve for the first time since our last meeting there.

If I see your son I will say hello

September 1979 - My father ran Broadwaters sub post office in Kidderminster when a customer came in and ordered some US American travellers cheques for his holiday in a week or so. My father asked him where he was going and he said the West Coast US. Meanwhile I had been working in the US (east coast) for a year and that was coming to an end. I embarked on a two month tour where I intended to visit some 35 states on a circle tour by bus and hire car. My father told the customer that I had started a tour around the states. The customer said if I meet him I will say hello.

Strange connections...

Hi, the first thing I was thinking about when it comes to coincidence is this story, enjoy! When I was 16/17 yrs old I went on holiday with my family, we went on a mule-trekking hol. to a small town in the mountains of Spain (sorry, I can't remember the name). One night I went to the local bar, there I met two other English girls a bit older than me.

The case of the black panther banana charger

Another couple of online v TV connections today. I was discussing a passage in the bible which reads 'you will know them by their fruits' which was referring to an image featuring coincidental peaches which looked like human genitals. I had also posted an article from the paper about the movie 'Black Panther' I had cause to particular mention the fruit 'banana' to my friend with respect to the fruit image. As I turned over the page of the paper,it referred to the 'top personal chargers' for personal gadgets.

Meeting people in far flung places - it really is a small world!

In 1974 I was visiting some friends in Denmark. I was talking to them about my boyfriend back in Scotland. They said they knew someone with his surname - Peden, an unusual name even in Scotland. They started talking about Steffi and Heidi Peden. My boyfriend had an uncle Alex and an aunt Heidi. It turned out they were the same people. Heidi was German in origin and so was the mother of the guy I was visiting in Denmark.

Unlikely chain of events with Sheila Hancock novel

In May 2015 I was reading the Daily Telegraph, sitting on a bench in the street. I was intrigued by an article about the actress Sheila Hancock and her novel, "Miss Carter's War". I finished the article and a few minutes later, to kill time, I casually wandered into a nearby charity shop with a book case of novels for sale. Without thinking, and without reading the titles, I went straight up and reached for a book. It was the very one I had been reading about. It was the first and only book I picked up. I was so surprised I had to buy it.

Margaret Munyard

This series of coincidences involving me and members of my family and a seemingly unconnected other family. They began in 1987 when a mutual friend asked if I could offer my spare room to a new work colleague for a few weeks. (I shall call her K). K was relocating from London to the north of England but the conveyancing on the house she was buying was delayed and her start date at work began before she had a home. I said yes and on the agreed day K duly arrived at my house apologising for her late arrival as she'd had to drop off a friend in Nottingham en route from London.

Men In Black and dissecting the brain

The short of it: On my way to purchase a small firearm, and I do mean small, I was comparing the size of my soon to be owned pistol with the one used by Will Smith's character in the first "Men In Black" film as they are both tiny weapons. After I picked it up, I stopped by a friends house and showed him the pistol, to which he noted "it's like the gun off MIB!" which was strange, but, it is reminiscent so nothing too bizarre.

Good Samaritan

For the longest time I hadn't known what the Good Samaritan law was (in america meaning basic legal protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger) until I came across it in a book. That very day, I walk into history class and out of nowhere we begin discussing it and the teacher asks "who knows what this law is", and myself, having found out literally hours was very surprised as to how this conversation randomly started up.