Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Chased down by Mr. Mister

Yesterday I was in a local charity store. The 1983 song "Kyrie" by Mr Mister was playing in-store on the radio. I thought to myself that it was a good song that I hadn't heard in years,and made a mental note to download it when I got home. I noticed there seemed to be some ''new" arrivals in their crate of vinyl records and started flicking through them (all the while, song still playing on the radio...) and the third album in the crate was"Welcome to the Real World" by Mr.Mister, featuring"Kyrie"

House and school coincidence

Coincidence We bought a house from a very nice family about 8 years ago. We shared a celebratory drink on completion and then didn't see them again. This year my daughter is going 70 miles away to boarding school (about 1000 pupils). She is joining in the second year and went to meet the 12 girls of her year that are in her house.

Did I find the wrong one first?

In 2010 I moved to Chicago. In 2011 I met Neil, born June 19, who would become my boyfriend for the next two years. Also in 2011, I met Lauren, who became a fast friend and remains so to this day. One year ago, in August of 2017, I met Lauren's brother for the first time in DC while he and Lauren and their family were vacationing in DC (where I currently live until I graduate in December), Neal, born June 20, who became my boyfriend and has been for the last year. So I dated two men with the same name, slightly different spellings, and birthdays one day apart who are both from Chicago.

Jurassic Dog

Last night we took ourselves out to the cinema to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I was suggesting to my brother that it would be funny if someone had dressed up as a velociraptor and frighten all the cinema audience,just as some guy had done online by dressing his dog as a giant spider on youtube. Just at that moment,the ads on the cinema screen for Amazon echo-dot featured a family with a dog dressed as a dinosaur!

Ghosts from the past

I moved to Sweden from England 44 years ago and worked for a while as a postdoc at a university here. 7 years ago I was taken ill and spent some time in hospital, partly in the care of a doctor who turned out to be the daughter of the professor I worked with all that time ago. As if that was not enough, the person in the next bed had a visit from a niece-by-partnership. The visitor recognized me in the next bed: she had worked as a laboratory assistant for the very same professor when I first started here. We had not had any contact for at least 40 years.

World Hockey League

Met Tom in 2003 and work closely with him...Tom played in the World Hockey League 1991-1992 season...his daughter now plays Youth Hockey and Tom coaches...she also collects player cards...similar to baseball the WHL is not a Major league but they did have player cards rare in and of itself....Tom collected cards and has thousands, he went to find his old card from the WHL to share with his daughter....on top of his card he discovered the card on top was for one Scott here is the name is Scott he gave me the strangely Tom a

A Message Of Understanding

Last evening I heard some disturbing news that a former colleague and friend had suddenly passed away unexpectedly. We used to get together every month or so for a study group or to relax with a lovely meal and conversation. Over the years, we went our separate ways with new jobs and raising our families and a life altering incident which created a (self perceived) rift within our group. I was feeling some sadness at this sudden loss of life in someone who was so vibrant and dynamic.

Crick in the neck

One morning my friend wrote me about a crick she had developed in her neck and asked how she might treat it. Later that day, around 330pm, I was watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen in which a chef contestant named Jonathan developed a crick in his neck and couldn't help the others with preparation for supper. Then later that night, around 5pm, I watched as my son practised Jiu jitsu in class, and had his neck twisted hard enough for him to cry and need the application of ice. He had a stiff neck that evening.

Lucky Conversation

It is early morning, one day in Spring 1969. I am ten years old and it is a big day in our family. I am going, with my parents, to the school where I recently sat the entrance exam. In a couple of hours, I will have an interview with the headmistress.

Random calls from 2 people of my Past from same time period

I received a very random text from a women I did a yoga training from 12 years ago. The text was a mistake she was looking for a different Nancy in her life and then she accidental called me. The same day I received a facetime call from a teacher of yoga from that time period. This call was very random and not a number I have in my phone and it was also from Australia and not the US where I reside. I ignored it and went on about my life, later that evening I got a weird text from that teacher asking why I had called him. I re-looked at my phone and it was a definite incoming call.