Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


My dad died in August 1997 and was a big Beatles and John Lennon fan. I thought that it would be a nice idea to have the word 'imagine' on his plaque as a reference to the song and how life could have been different for my dad. In September I was discussing this idea with my sister on the phone when suddenly she stopped and said that the song 'Imagine' had just come on the radio.

synchronicity over a lifetime.

This applies to both Matt and Lora and took place within a year or at almost the same time: : Both first born, a year apart, left handers with partial color blindness. Both fathers musical and played the accordion. English not the first language - learned at time of school entry or just before. First language now forgotten or nearly so – English spoken with no accents. Moved to a new school in second grade. Sent to live with others for a year at age 7.


I was just reading a story online about a black Labrador called 'Eclipse' which takes a bus ride by itself to the park,when an advert for the Iphone 7 came on with Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson in it where he says ' I hope I don't cause an eclipse'!!

Ms R Kidd

I have recently noticed a lot of coincidences in my life between age and date. Where the same numbers occur in my age to the numbers that occur in the date of the year, it seems there is a significant change to my life soon after. In 1961 I turned 16 and met my future husband. We didn't have much to do with each other until we met again in 1971. We decided to marry in 1972 when I was 27. The date of our marriage was the 27th January 1973. On this date my father's age was 65 years 10 months and my mother's age was 62 years 9 months.

Same House

We'd traveled to Stockholm to join a cruise ship sailing round the Baltic Chat between fellow passengers is the norm on cruises. We live in Bolton in the north west and struck up a conversation with a couple who live in the New Forest. No real coincidence here as half the passengers were British. However this couple from the New Forest used to live in the house we currently live in up here in Bolton. Not nearby but the exact same house. So, we're on a ship in the Baltic Sea and meet the people who used to live in our house. Awesome as the Americans might say.

Coincidence or is it already written in my stars???

I was 5 years old when my parents divorce was finalized. My father remarried shortly thereafter as his mistress was pregnant with my new baby brother. Young and clueless as to the details and heartache my mother had endured and kept hidden from my older brother, older sister and I , we anxiously awaited the day to come, this day that we were to meet our new additional family. Lori, our step mother had two children at this time. Jennifer and Jason Belair. My Dad did not marry her until two years later so she kept her name as Lori Belair until 1988. Their divorce was finalized in 1992.

Tom Lloyd

My daughters have two school friends. Both have the first and middle names Roseanna Poppy. This is not the normal spelling of Rosanna. Both were born on the same day.

Message from Mars

Roughly fifty years ago I took the back off our valve radio and I removed and cleaned the dust off the valves and the rest of the chassis etc. When I put the valves back in and was about to switch it on either my mother or myself said maybe we will get a message from Mars now. When I switched the radio on the first words from the speaker were "Mars calling, Mars calling". My mother and I were speechless. I do not expect anyone to actually believe this but it did happen.

Mr Dobbs

What is the chance of meeting someone exactly 100 years older than yourself ....... to the day!!!? My 3 day old daughter did when my next patient came down the corridor who needed her hip fixing after falling over on her 100th birthday the exact day my daughter was born. My 3 day old met my 100 year and 3 day old patient. Neither can recall the incident. But it still amazing the coincidence.

Chance encounter

In 1984, my friend - Kenny Mundie - and I were colleagues who worked night shift. One afternoon, Kenny picked me up and we drove into town. As we drove, Kenny mentioned a friend of his called Abbie Copeland whom he was convinced I must know. I said I didn't know Abbie, but I mentioned that I had heard of him from a friend of mine called Mike Geddes. Kenny said that he didn't know Mike, but I was adamant that he must know Mike. We were still debating the matter when we stopped behind a Ford Transit van at a set of traffic lights.