Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


I used to have a good friend, and yesterday she happened to come up in conversation with two people- about how we had a big falling out and i was still sad about it hoping it would rekindle, and about how she hadn't contacted me since and i never thought she would again. last night she texted me a very long paragraph. also, i had a dream about having a UTI. I woke up with a UTI. o

same song choice from stranger 14 years later

Its 2017 and I downloaded a song from 2003 and around 830 and decided to listen to it in my car about 930 the song ended and was about 90 seconds into the next song on the playlist.. I was also pulling in my driveway. I shut the car off and 10 seconds later a car drove by playing the same song.... It was titled In Those Jeans by Genuine


At 2.29am on 14 April 2017 in Derby, UK, I recorded the following journal entry "Loxton bingo tonight". Via Google, I found that there is bingo at the Loxton club in Australia but not until 7.30pm on 20 April 2017.

Multiple Birthday dates and numbers coincidence

My husband and I were both raised by biological mothers and step fathers. Both mothers share the same birthday Both biological fathers share the same birthday Both elder sisters share the same birthday My son and my best friends daughter were born on the same day 3 years apart My other best friend is due a baby on my birthday My husband birthday is 20th June and mine is 14th October and our done was born in 2014

Link to previous generation?

My location - West Wolverhampton, West Midlands. February (?) 2016. As I was checking e-mails on my computer my journalist daughter called me on my mobile phone for quick directions to a street in Willenhall, West Midlands, where she was to interview a business owner. She was about a quarter of a mile from the street where she needed to be. I directed her to the street and to the shop which is known to me. Within seconds of ending the phone call an e-mail arrived from a friend in Manchester who is researching my family tree.

Random Song

Driving with my friend and our two sons. Her 7 year son requests Take on Me from Ah-Ha - his current favorite oldie but goodie - but neither of us had reception in that area. So I turn on the radio, scan to the first channel, and right then the first chord of his requested song starts. This was our second strange coincidence of the day, so something must be going right. Needless to say we turned it up loud and celebrated this little victory!


With my friend and our 2 sons playing in a creek. We were talking about books we liked reading. She told me she like sci-fi, fantasy and dragons, and talked about the dragons ornaments she had as a child. I told her how my mother (deceased) loved the same kind of stories and was obsessed with dragons as wells. Right then, my son finds a little toy in the creek and hands it to me, which I immediately thought was a dragon. It had the word "Northosaurus, made in China" imprinted on it, which is a dinosaur that is considered a Sea Dragon in China.

2 stories in 1

At some point my friend was transferred from LA to St Louis for work. One week after he moved, my boss told me she wanted me to attend a conference in St Louis a few weeks later. Pretty cool, a trip on the company dime and I could see my friend who just moved there. Once I arrived, I discovered his new apartment was directly across the street from the conference. At said conference in St Louis, I met a girl from Kansas City. She told me she recently visited her friend in LA (a few months prior).

Parallel lives

Five years ago I became a project manager of the project for improved rural water supply and opened a call for an expert to conduct a situational analysis. Apparently, the topic was not very popular at the time and we received small number of applications. The first one that I opened was a surprise. The birth date on the top of the CV caught my attention as the day and the month were exactly the same as mine while the year was different in one figure only (almost the same). It turned out that the expert was exactly ten years older than me. The content of the CV, i.e.

Rotten Apple

I have two specific serendipitous events that crossed my path today. First I wrote a letter about being attacked by a sommelier, then read in a new book's prologue that the author had the exact same experience with a wine steward. In my letter I utilized the word "discord" in description of my inner turmoil. Just now while reading a study performed by the National Institute of Health on a .gov website He author uses the word "discord" uncharachateristically in place a reference to "patient notes" or "test results".