Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Meeting a Stranger

Six months ago, a man and his daughters came into church and sat next to me. Our congregation is a large crowd, like 2000 people or so. I recall thinking he was handsome. Now months later, I joined a dating site and began chatting with another member and asked where he goes to church. We attend the same church, same service (our church has 3 per Sunday). I took another look at his pics and suddenly realize it's the same man I'd sat next to that day.

Friends overseas

I'll try to keep this as brief as I can.... All my family are British but I was born in New York after my parents emigrated there for fourteen years. We came back to the UK when I was 2 to 3 years old. For my 21st birthday my parents bought me a return ticket for two weeks to New York (my Dad worked for a travel agency in NY, hence the emigration and the connection) but the rest was left to me....

Groundhog shack

Last night I was trying to recall the name of the rodent that had featured in the golfing film starring Bill Murray. This had been precipitated by my other moving like the rodent did when dancing to the Kenny Loggin's opening theme. Not being able to recall the film's name I had to Google to find 'Caddyshack' and determine that the rodent was in fact a Gopher. Just as I found this out,Jeremy Paxman in University Challenge asked a question on tv about a weatherman called Phil doomed to repeat the same day over and over. This of course was 'Groundhog Day' starri

I'm destined to be a Disney villain

My first name is Ursula (which is not a fun time when you were born post-Little Mermaid). I have met two other Ursulas in my life. One of them was driving the boat for a Little Mermaid ride at DisneyLand; she gave me her pin with our name on it. The other Ursula I met was while I was swimming in the ocean, snorkling over a reef. Both very obviously connect to the movie. It's like the only place I can meet Ursulas. I also have a friend named Ariel, who has lovely red hair.

Random Rugby

After a long day at work I decided that rather than stopping at my regular stop I would continue into Sheffield and watch a Friday evening game in the 6 Nations. On leaving the station I jumped in a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a pub which would be showing the match and served decent beer, which he duly did. At half time I was talking to another chap on the table and discussing other sporting interests we both explained our keen interest in rock climbing and then realised that we had climbed together some 20 years before.

Double donors (Cruciate Organs2)

As a postscript to 'Cruciate Organs' which featured the coincidence of organ donation with Babylon5's mention of the same subject, I now find Stephen Fry on QI telling a joke about motorcycle accidents to which the punchline was 'donors'. He went on to refer to the donation of bodily organs!

Cruciate Organs

Further to the litany of tv/irl coincidences. Two more happened today. I was online responding to the Humanist Uk report on the altering of organ donation to opt out,arguing that it must stay opt in,as a matter of civil liberty. At the same moment,Ambassador Mollari in Babylon5 on tv uttered the phrase " a veritable parade of internal organs" which was about as pertinent as could be. Whilst discussing this issue,and animal rights,I cropped a comment from the strand I was reading which mentioned the word 'cruciate' in regard to vegetables,a word I had never heard bef

The Persistence of Salinas

I write about my parents, J.R. and Frieda Brick, now both deceased. After retirement, they lived in Santa Cruz, California, and enjoyed travel. In the late 1970s, they traveled with another couple to Turkey. The two couples attended a concert one evening, and were talking about their towns; the other couple was from a different place in California.

Found months later

Walking (not ambling) in a public park with my sister one late afternoon (sun going down), I lost a bead off my silver hair stick, I had lost the other hair stick of the pair months earlier, I don't know where. I said we should look for the bead when we loop back around the track. Well, I forgot to look and after we had passed the area where I thought I had lost it, I said as much. Within moments, I looked down and noticed a silver stick on the gravel walkway. It was the silver hair stick I had lost months earlier. I felt like I had just emerged from some kind of time/worm hole.

Peter Pan Superman

I want to relate a couple of things that happened the last time my brother called over.These are very similar instances that I have related before - synchronous instances of the TV with conversation. The first case involved a remark Mel Gibson made about the tendency of modern mixed race families to result in what he termed 'blended' offspring.