Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Terry no mates

I just caught the end of one of the episodes of 'The Likely Lads' where Thelma and Bob are throwing a surprise party for Terry. As usual he spoils it all and is told 'it is no wonder you have no friends'. The episode ended,and I switched channels,where Jim Belushi was part way through an episode of 'According to Jim'. In this episode the sister-in-law is pregnant and speaking to her partner about children.

body worlds exhibition

I was having dinner with a friend and we started arguing over my eating habits. As I was getting angry I tried to bring up another theme of conversation and remembered that my friend have recently told me that she wanted to visit the Body Worlds Exhibition, a very strange exhibition of plastinated corpes arriving to my hometown in Uruguay. Later, at home, I started to classify the comic books I have in my computer.

TV show and music coincidence

Hi David, My name's Lizzie. Two coincidences have happened to me just this morning within the space of 30 minutes. I'm pretty used to coincidences happening to me, but often they're just as black and white as a lot of coincidences that happen to others - I wish mine were as simple as the birthday coincidences! Here's my story. This morning I decided to watch an episode of one of my favourites TV shows, New Girl.

Clutching at straws

I just turned over the TV from 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' where Chris Tarrant was asking about a bag with no handle,giving car-related answers such as accelerator bag,brake bag,clutch find Ed China on 'Wheeler Dealers' was opening a Lamborghini Uracco clutch mechanism.

Sad Story Santa

Just before my first Christmas with my ex and his parents, I went to the post office to mail gifts to another Province as I do each year. Instead of one of the gals whom I had done business with many, many times, there was an older gentleman who came out from the back room after I hit the bell a couple of times. I get a type of slow motion feeling when I'm about to have a "coincidence" and sure enough, there it was. He was gentle and looked just like Santa Claus and proceeded to ask me if I needed insurance. I said yes as there were many Christmas gifts for family in the box.

Meet Carla

I recently met a colleague whose name is Carla from the US and had coffee with her yesterday for the first time. Today I started a conversation with a lady in the subway whose name is... Carla and she is also from... the US. Coincidences like this have happened quite a lot among my life which makes me wonder why those events happen.

Birth date coincidence

I helped a stranger in Orly airport carry her bag from the bus to the terminal. On the way she asked me about my star sign. In the exchange that followed we determined that we were born on the same day, month, and year, and this was confirmed by our passports. I find this very surprising because not only did we have the same birthday but we discovered this fact during our short meeting.

Six Flags Visit

On opening day (around April 2017) of Six Flags in Gurnee, IL I was in line with about a thousand people and there was a lady with her son in front of my son, nephew, and me. We talked for awhile until we entered the park and then went Are own ways. Forward 6 months later (October 2017) I take my son, nephew, and myself back to Six Flags in Gurnee, IL for Freight Fest that was planned a couple months ago. Well guess who I see at the park??? Exactly The lady and her son that I talked to in line for an hour on opening day.

lost two relatives on the same day 200 miles apart

On 28.11.96, my maternal grandmother passed away in the morning. At 7pm that evening, my father passed away, 200 miles away. I then met a man in 2010 who'd lost his mother in the morning and his father in the evening through unrelated events.

Some coincidences take a long time

When I was around 15 or 16, I'd listen to Radio Luxembourg in the late evenings. I didn't care much for the music, but the news reports by an IRN reporter from El Salavador were gripping. A few years later, I met the love of my life, who, incidentally, lived in the house next door to the one I'd been born in and grew up in, although I'd moved away by then. One day, one of us raised how impactful listiening to the IRN El Salavador news reports by one particular news reporter had been, and the other said they too had listened to them and remembered them.