Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Everyone That comes into my life has the same name.

I have this thing about me that seems to attract people with the same name to me consecutively. It has happened to throughout my life. Most of the people I meet have the same name. Growing up I had five best friends all called Carly, one after the other. The first three guy I dated when I was a teen where called Ben Then I dated or became close friends with seven daniels,Dans or Dannys. I have five friends named David, They all do the same job.I have met five peoplen named Paul, all of the pauls have been or are still in the armed forces.

Three wives - same birthday

My husband has had 3 significant relationships in his life 2 wives and one live-in girlfriend and we were all born on August 23rd (different years).

OCS and family friends

I grew up in NM, very distant from extended family in Flint, MI. Shortly after graduating college I was entering Officer Candidate School for the Navy, having been enlisted and going to college. While speaking with my aunt in Flint, she mentioned that her best friend's son was also going to OCS. This friend of hers had been her maid of honor 30+ years before and was still in constant contact in Flint. When I reported to OCS he was in my class, and later also in my class and specific section of long term training over the next almost two years.

Same HS, Same nuke sub

While standing an "under instruction" (apprentice) watch as Officer of the Deck of a USN nuclear submarine in the Pacific Ocean, my over instruct and I talked about why we seemed familiar to each other. Short version: We were one year apart from the same high school out of New Mexico, a state that has about 1.5 million people in it and had been on the varsity track team together although we had competed in different areas (he was a distance runner, I was a shot/discus thrower). Additionally, his younger sister married my best friend's supervisor several years later.

Winning run at the craps table

I graduated college in May of 2003 and attended Navy OCS August-Nov of the same year. Christmas of 2003 I was in Las Vegas, NV, at one of the casinos in the old downtown off Fremont Street. I was with family including my father, step-mother, step sister and her husband. My step-brother-in-law (lots of hyphens) goes on a "run" at a craps table. It's fairly late at night, perhaps after midnight, the casino was nearly empty, but when someone begins throwing winning rolls one after the other the universe can get really weird.

Unusual friend connection

For context, I grew up a super geek in Albuquerque, NM. At age 16 I discovered a new technology called a BBS, or Bulletin Board System, a predecessor to web based chat rooms. It was a direct modem dial chat and simple text game environment. This opened me up to a much wider social circle where I could nerd and geek out to my hearts desire with other people my age and adults that were also on the board. It was an excellent social environment, especially for someone like me who didn't fit easily into standard categories.


I have had 4 separate incidents/accidents relating to riding a motorcycle on a Friday 13th. I am not superstitious and it was only after the second incident this occurred to me. This happened over a period of years and as my use of a motorcycle infrequent it seems statistically improbable. My birthday this year is a Friday the 13th, needless to say it will avoid any contact with the offending objects :-)

strange spiritual phone call/ time

The phone call or time itself were not spiritual, but the happening of them was. I tore up my knee (torn acl, mcl, lcl, fcl, and meniscus) about two months ago while skiing in colorado. I moved home in MI for the recovery. I have had lots of free time, which I have used to learn guitar, watch movies, make art, etc. But I have not read a single book since I've been home. Today for some reason I decided to pick up a book in the middle of the day. My friend gave it to me after my crash to take home but I never was interested until today. I grabbed ice for my knee, and began to read.

Italian meets a Greek in France and years later again in Germany

I am Italian and a few years ago I as attending a conference in Cargese (Corse, France) where I met many colleague from all over the world. We spent the days working and the nights drinking beer and chatting, as usual. Among them there was this Greek guy (I don't remember his name now). We never kept in touch afterwards. No email, no work connections, etc.<br /> A couple of years after I was in Berlin on vacation, on a S-bahn train. Suddenly at a station the train stopped for same technical problem and they asked us to leave and wait for another train.

Movie coincidence

I was thinking in my head about a movie or TV show and the within the next couple days it was on TV. This has happened multiple times.