Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

The number 8

My husband, son, daughter and I have birthdays which are 8 days apart from the next. My son's birthday is the 5th, mine is the 13th, my daughter is the 21st and my husband is the 29th.

Go now

I happened to be watching a repeat of a prog rock programme on Yesterday channel that I'd missed when BBC broadcast it. The Moody Blues were on,singing Question. This prompted a conversation trying to recall other Moody hits. Of course Nights in White Satin was mentioned. I recalled Go Now,which was another. That evening,a friend on Facebook had decided to remark on Therese May's poll result and was harking back to the Spitting Image satire of Maggie Thatcher during her period in power. The video was the puppets singing Go Now by the Moody Blues!

Coincidence of June 13th

My father was killed in an accident on June 13th, 2012. My fathers wish was that i go to school. Being a little older and not having much cash, i honored his wishes and enrolled in a trade school. I graduated on June 13th, 2013. Years have passed. I am now married and have been trying for a baby almost 2 years. I recently took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Tomorrow, June 13th 2017 is when I will find out how far along i am in my pregnancy.

Twice on the Same Day

I didn't realize it until yesterday that on the same day at the exact time but 9 years apart I was sworn to the bar and 9 years later baptized my first child. I must really like this particular date.

67 sergent

67 is appearing in my life. Constantly, Coincidentally. I don't know why.

Should be dead!

When I was 7 years old I was hit by a car going at a high rate of speed over 60mph. I was thrown about 60 feet into a brick wall exactly on the corner of Fillmore ave. And Gerritsen ave. Brooklyn N. Y. The people at the light who saw me laying there. They're eyes I remember was a look of horror. One of them asked where I lived. I told them, brought me home. Ambulance came went to hospital, was released, and couldn't walk for about 2 weeks, had to crawl around. Buy didn't break one bone.

Help Me

Ever since I came back from college a few weeks ago and re-united with my friends from home, weird things have been happening. The more I think about it- everything that happened in the first two weeks I was back was a complete blur, except for the fatal incident where my cousin Zach had gone out on a run and fell off a cliff to his death. These past couple weeks had just vanished from my mind- as if they never even happened. But then the other day a 17 year old girl got in a horrible car accident in Altamont and died- Alyssa Gelfand- who happens to be Alex Gelfand’s cousin.

Oliva Spain

we own a house in Oliva a small working spanish town in the provence of Valencia it is not a typical English holiday destination although because of its charm it is starting to get more popular with brits. My wife Amanda Sparkes was posting about Oliva on facebook and had a message from a guy saying ...who are you ?....and he went on to explain that his wife was also Amanda Sparkes and that they also owned a house in Oliva. The two Amanda's got talking and found out that there middle names are also the same.... Jane !!

Old Crush

Seven years ago I went to a summer music camp. While there, I developed a crush on a guy. We became friends on Facebook and had a few conversations post-camp. However, those conversations fizzled out by two months later, and at some point during the last seven years we became not friends on Facebook. Up until recently I had completely forgotten he existed. Then a few months ago I started working with some high schoolers at my alma mater on chorus music for a festival they were going to be a part of.

Uncanny Repetition of Same Events

A few years back my father's promotion got suspended due to the mistake of his colleague. It was a big disappointment as it came and I was cursing our fate and the colleague who did that. Later on the same day I came to know that a close neighbor of mine had died due to liver failure. That was that.