Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

The Possum that only existed to prove me wrong.

I have lived next to the same park for many years and have only ever seen a possum on one occasion: the night after I adamantly declared - with absolute certainty - that there definitely weren't any possums there.

An unsual coin in France

I was studying in USA for almost one year (I'm Brazilian), but during the winter break I went to France with my boyfriend. Since he was traveling from Brazil to France, I waited for him at the Orly Airport, and before his flight arrived, I founded a brazilian coin (one Real) on the floor. I was very surprised because the flight from Brazil had not arrived at that time, and I, a brazilian, have founded that brazilian coin in France.

At the 02 Arena

My wife and I -both born and bred in Argentina- lived in Northern Ireland for around nine years (2001-2010), where we heard about a man in his 70s who had been born in Argentina but who'd been living in the UK since his teens, most of the time in England. In 2010 my wife and I moved to England and it was only recently that we met this man. We hit it off very well and given a number of things in common, we became friends. Last week, my wife attended an event at the 02 Arena in Greenwich. It was packed -i.e. there were about 20,000 people.


Ho sempre pensato alle "coincidenze" ed ho più volte cercato di segnare tutte quelle che mi capitavano ma senza mai farlo. Oggi invece navigando su internet per "coincidenza" scopro che le mie "coincidenze" sono oggetto di studio. Coincidenza?

Income tax vibrations

This is really 2 coincidences for the price of one. Yesterday night I was watching a Beachboys biog,explaining the history of Brian Wilson and his band and the making of Pet Sounds,something i had seen before.

They Live - Obey Film and Posters

I was introduced to a film a few weeks ago called 'They Live' by the film buff in my office (he's a videographer 'coincidentally'). I'd never heard or seen anything of this film before, and thought it was an interesting perspective about modern life (at the time, probably still relevant today). So, i'm a Graphic Designer and subscribe to a daily design 'inspiration' website, who email their latest findings in a newsletter each day, using the entire internet as their resource to find new and interesting work.

Luck of the Coin Toss?

True story. When I was a little kid, I thought when you tossed a coin, it would come up whatever side was facing up, when you tossed it. So if you held it head-side-up, it would end up heads when you tossed it. Get it? Anyways, I firmly believed this. And for a while, I had no reason to doubt it either. But that is not the weird thing. The weird thing, is that it really came up the side I was holding in my hand. REPEATEDLY. It literally happened every time I tossed it that way. People still don't believe me when I tell this story.

book and reality

I was reading Coelhos "Veronika decides to die", it talks about a girl who tries to kill herself with an overdose of pills, she takes them and then she wakes up in an hospital thinking something like "Oh, I'm not dead, and now?". I work in an hospital and a few day after I read that book we had a patient that tried to kill herself with pills, it was the first time I had a patient who tried suicide.

Programme of interest

As my wife and I never watched the TV series "Person of Interest" when it started and didn’t watch any later episodes because they wouldn’t make sense, we bought the first three series on DVD and have been watching those. We are still only partway through series two. I realised that this situation might never end and eventually we would have to buy more series on DVD as I hadn’t kept track of which episodes were currently showing on TV.

Given $15,000

In November 1995 I was looking at my financials for the month and realised that I needed $15,000 to balance the books that month. I wondered to myself “how am I going to find that ?”10 minutes later I received a call from a Dutch partner who was booked to speak in Beijing the following week but could not attend. He was calling to ask me to go in his place, and he indicated that the fee would be $15,000. I needed $15,000 and within 10 minutes it appeared.