Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Mr Peter Alfred B

The number 17. My name has 17 letters. I was born on 7.12.34 = 17. 1934 = 17. My parents both died on the 17th day of the month. One year I was involved with a serious road accident caused by a taxi driver on 17th June. The following year on the 17th June I was assaulted at a petrol station by a taxi driver who arrived at a petrol pump after me and insisted he was first. Two years later driving to work I was accosted by a person who had tailgated me in a built up area and took exception to me showing my brake lights. The date ? - 17th June !

Chance Meeting

My husband works for an electricty company repairing faults and can be despatched to anywhere over 3 counties. The other morning he attended a call-out and noticed the girl at the particular house he was visiting wore the same school uniform as our son. (It is a large town with at least 8 Secondary schools.) He joked that she might know our son. Bearing in mind there are 1100 pupils at the school, the girl laughed and confirmed that she sits next to our son in their Maths class!

Work Coincidence

Where I worked when I first came to London, I had a colleague whose family name was Mellish. Later in life I became a Governor of a NHS Trust, the chairman of which was my work mates cousin, (also a Mellish). I then volunteered as a guide at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich to find one of my fellow guides was my work mates sister (also a Mellish). I know they are a South East London family but the probabilities of such events twice over seem quite high.

Two coincidences

On the night that the Princess of Wales was killed in Paris I was watching the TV and reading and at about 1130pm ( 12 30 am in Paris and about the time of the accident ] I suddenly thought if someone in the Royal Family dies all the TV programmes will be cancelled. I then went back to my book and never gave it another thought until I heard the news the next morning. In the 1980s my husband was in charge of an audio - visual department at a Buckinghamshire Grammar school.

Same family names and living in same house

1. I live in the same house that my Great Uncle and Aunt lived in 2. My brother-in law's mother and step father lived in the same house as my grandparents 3. My grandparents were Ls and my sister-in-law married a L 4. My brother-in-law's mother was Mrs J (Joan) L and after her first husband died she married John Westaway who is a different man from my dad - John Westaway who married my mum - Miss J (Joyce) L As far as I know the L and Westaway families aren't related I have set this out on a family tree which I am happy to forward to you

speaking to friend at hairdressers

having arrived at the hairdressers for my hair to be coloured and cut, i was thinking about a friend whom i was supposed to be meeting later that day for drinks. my phone rang-it was her, that was the first coincidence, as we were chatting about the place to meet and what time, i told her i was in town getting my hair done, and she told me that she was, we laughed at the coincidence, then i asked her which salon she was in, and the was in the same one as me, only downstairs so we missed each other as i came in and went straigt upstairs. that was the second coincidence.

Debbie J

I live in the UK and I "met" a friend who lives in Australia on the internet, on a web forum almost 12 years ago. We have been emailing regularly over the years. She had recently had a pool fitted in her back yard. I went to our local Garden Centre for an Open Event some time after this. They had an exhibition of pools. We got talking to the guy who was in charge of the pool display. I vaguely recognised the name of the pool company and realised it was the same company that had fitted my friends pool in Australia.

TV and newspaper featured the same odd word at the same time

I often read the newspaper at the same as having the TV on in the same roon. It is not uncommon to hear the same word being spoken on TV as you are reading it in the paper, especially if it is a current news story. However, on one occasion, I was completing a crossword, and filled in the word TOTEM at exactly the same time as the word TOTEM was mentioned on the TV programme. It is an amazing coincidence to find that a word which you rarely hear in daily life featured in two of my senses absolutely simultaneously.

Boyfriend caught cheating

In August 2009, my housemate in Melbourne, Australia was on a 3 month holiday traveling throughout Asian and Europe. My partner of 2 years had told me he was visiting family in Greece for 2 weeks in September. These two people knew each other but were not really friends. My housemate was at a small art gallery in Spain when he spotted someone familiar and ran into my partner on holiday with another woman.

120 years apart...

In 1850, my great great grandparents, Robert and Margaret Wilson, left Ireland during the potato famine. They travelled on the Charlotte Jane, one of 4 pioneering ships which went from Plymouth to Christchurch, New Zealand, as part of colonising mission. Robert was a carpenter, and the Wilsons travelled under the patronage of the reasonably wealthy Ward family from Ireland, who sent 3 of their sons (aged about 16, 19 and 22) on the same ship, to help found the new colony in NZ.