Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

coincidence or what?

About 35 years ago a teenage patient caught mumps. Not an unusual occurrence. However, his identical twin brother caught mumps at the same time. Again, not very strange. Except that the brothers had been separated when very young and one was in London and the other was in Sydney, Australia.

Hitchhiking in the South of France

I was born in a small village called Blaricum, in the Netherlands. At 17 I went hitchhiking in the south of France. A 2CV stopped and gave me a lift. 'What nationality are you?' the driver asked. 'I am Dutch,' I said. 'That is funny,' he said. 'This is only the second time I ever stopped to give someone a lift! The first time was last week when I gave a lift to a boy and a girl and they too were Dutch. Nice couple they were and as it got a bit late they put up their tent in my garden for the night. They left their address. Came from a village called Blari..

Circle of Relationships

My wife and I lived in Fordingbridge, Hants from 1986 to 1990. We had known several people there from 1967. Our eldest daughter divorced in 1999. She concentrated on working and providing a home for her two young girls. She did not enter into any relationships. In 2006 she met a man who she eventually married. This man was a solicitor and worked in Fordingbridge. We asked a close friend at Fordingbridge if she knew this man and she said that she had been his legal secretary until she retired and she spoke highly of him.

against all odds seeing the same photo we looked at on TV

Dear Coincidences, Some years ago my daughter and I were sorting old photos and we came across one taken in the early 60's of a group of people who worked in the laboratory in Paddington General Hospital. My late wife Avril was there. Also there was another technician named Ian Wilson who later left to become an actor who is known now as Richard Wilson(Victor Meldrew). Later that day,by coincidence,on the TV we saw a chat show where Cilla Black was talking to Richard.

fish tank

it was about two in the morning when i woke up suddenly, i never do that, because i had heard someone say check the fish in a dream. i went back to sleep and the next morning my dad came downstairs saying how he forgot to turn the fish tank filter the night before. i asked if he had mentioned the fish atall tht night but he was fast asleep by eleven

'I like that one'

In the mid sixties I shared a flat with two members of the Pop group the Animals: Chas Chandler and Hilton Valentine. On tour in Sweden they had met two Swedish girls, Lotte and Yvonne, who came to visit them in London. Lotte eventually married Chas, Yvonne, in the end, married Gyp, a friend of the singer Donovan. One day Yvonne, another Swede and I were offered a lift from London to Sweden, via Amsterdam. I had just met a nice girl in Amsterdam so I arranged to pick her up on the way so she could come along too.

A picture is taken of me by a stranger. 3 years and 3000 miles later, that stranger and I are flatmates.

In 2005 I had just started University in Washington DC in America. Some of my friends and I attended the war protest that year, and because my friend was making a his own amateur comedy tv show, we decided to have a bit of a laugh and went downtown dressed up as "Pirates for Peace". By 2007 I decided that Washignton DC was not the place for me, and left to study at UCL in London. In 2008 I was living in student halls in London, and in the spring had a new flatmate who had been randomly assigned to my flat who was also from the States.

Answer The Phone.

This happened at least 4 or 5 different times. Me and my best friend always use to call each other at the exact same time, there use to be no rings, just us both saying hello. This only happened between us though.

tarot card dream...

I had a dream in which I was doing a Tarot Card reading for my aunt and every single card I pulled was the Death card. Within a month she had died of a brain stem tumor. She had been in apparent perfect health before this except for a soreness in her neck.

name in a dream...

I had a dream in which a name was spoken in a phone call so clearly that I made sure I wrote it down the moment I awoke. The name was 'Eugene Field'. A week later I stayed up later than usual and was switching television channels when I heard the name 'Eugene Field' was the History Channel discussing Eugene Field Jr. ; the most infamous forger of Lincoln signatures & documents. And his father Eugene Field Sr. was the poet who wrote the children's rhyme 'Winkin' Blinkin' & Nod'....which is about... SLEEP and dreams.