Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

double holiday coincidences

Several years ago my husband and me were holidaying in Naples, Florida. One morning my husband got chatting with a hotel resident at breakfast. He asked where in England they were from and the lady replied that she actually lived In Spain. My husband politely asked whereabouts in Spain and the lady replied it was in the area of Murcia. She said that we would not probably have heard of the local town Mazarron, as it wasn't well known and that she lived on a development called Camposol. My husband said that we did in fact know the area well as we too owned a property on Camposol.


I woke one morning and mentioned to my husband that I had been dreaming of Krakatoa the volcano. A little later we did the Daily Telegraph little crossword which always has a word play across the top, the answer was cracker tower (Krakatoa)

Friend In Common

For many years I had a musical friend (we both played in the same amateur orchestra) who I stayed with on occasions at her parents' house. Some 40 years later (having moved from the South-East to the West Country) and now doing freelance office work at a local farm, I was talking to my co-worker of a number of years, and she was telling me about a recent weekend away visiting a friend who happened to live in the same village as my friend of 40 years ago.

Travel Coincidences / Unbelievable Luck

1. In 1995, my wife and I were on our 25th wedding anniversary holiday in America. We had arranged to fly to Hawaii at the end of the holiday but made a snap decision to change our flight by a couple of days. Whilst boarding the aircraft we both saw another passenger looking at us from across the aisle. He got up, came over and said "We know each other don`t we?" Although he did look familiar it was only when he reminded us that we had attended the same Gym in our home town several years previously that the penny dropped.

Meeting at the Races

I had been clearing out my fathers house following his passing and had all sorts of stuff in the boot of the car and when I sorted it out I put back in the boot of my car my dads binoculars and quite randomly a photo of my cousin audrey with her horse. Shortly after sorting It I went to Bangor races with a friend and to my amazement my cousin Audrey approached us in the paddock. She said that as she approached usit was just as though she were meeting my father. I told her about the picture that I had put in the car and she was intrigued why I had put it there to which I had no explanation.

tickets for the ballet

some years ago I bought 2 tickets for the ballet. when the time came to use them, I could not find them anywhere but I told my husband we should go anyway as I was sure I knew the date, number of the seats etc. we went along and were allowed in to the seats and it was a full house so I felt remarkably proud of my self for remembering everything correctly. the next day, I found the tickets on top of the fridge. the tickets were not for the day before but for the day I found them and were for different numbered seats !.

Wedding day surprise

On my wedding day I was delighted to find that my wife had given me a beautiful set of Mont Blanc cufflinks as a wedding day gift. I was surprised though that with no consultation or discussin they were identical to the Mont Blanc cufflinks I had bought for my best man as gift for that same day. Apparently we bought them from the same shop, a day apart and believe me when I say, you were spoiled for choice...

Bus Stop Coincidence

In 1976 I travelled from Liverpool to Sheffield to attend an interview for a job as a teacher. I had recently qualified and, prior to finding a full time job, was enrolled on a Knowsley Council scheme at Huyton. This involved project work working with other recently graduated (though, as yet, unemployed) teachers from Liverpool colleges. Sat opposite me in the Huyton office was a femail student who hailed originally from Sheffield.

A friend in need

I work on a helpdesk taking calls for repairs for 5 hospitals, I had a call from one of them to say there was a problem with an operating lamp in Day Surgery theatre. The next day a message was left on my answering machine with a number to call back asking if it was safe to use the lamp. My best friend was due to have day surgery that day but did not say in which hospital and you are not informed what time you will be operated on until you arrive.


During the war I was sent to boarding school in north wales . one year my dormitory prefect was B M . When she left school I bought her blazer ( as one did during the war ). Seven years later the man who was to become my husband invited me to go to the theatre . My blazer was an attractive narrow striped green white and black . We were still very short of clothes because of rationing so I wore my blazer . I had it across my knee and during the interval my escort noticed not only my name tape but also that of B.M.