Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Made For Each Other...

I met my fiance on Facebook. Setting aside all the circumstances and coincidences that would be needed just for that, something that came to light last summer is absolutely extraordinary. We were invited to a wedding at the registry where my fiance had previously been married. Only after the ceremony did we notice that the name of the suite where the wedding was performed was called the 'Michael Allen Suite'.

Resturant meeting

In the early to mid 90's I was in a dance troupe. There were 6 of us and we lived within driving distance of each other spread across Surrey and South London and occaisionally met up for drinks until the group dispanded in the late 90's.

Three friends

An old friend of mine contacted me on Facebook from a cable laying ship off Labrador to request online friendship and within a couple of hours of accepting, a friend of his who at that time was navigating a yacht out of Gozo also requested friendship. I had not at that time met the second friend but it turned out that the second friend was a close friend of our local pub landlord who is a good friend of mine.

Apple cake all round

I made an apple cake to take to my daughter last week. My daughter lives away from home and we do not see her often, but when we do I take her a cake. This morning a friend said her mother had baked an apple cake last week for her friend's birthday. Yesterday, another friend emailed and offered to bring an apple cake for a gathering at my house. None of us had discussed apple cake and one friend doesn't bake often and I had not been in touch with either very much recently.

Two random trips bring on a strange coincidence

With my family we flew to Skiathos and boarded our sailing boat chartered for the week. We set off for one of the islands, stopped for lunch and eventually moored in a harbour for the night. This pattern was repeated on the next two days. We chose our destination each morning depending on wind direction and sea conditions as my wife is apprehensive of loosing site of land. On the fourth day sitting in a taverna on another random island and in a random choice of resturant (one of many), a young woman came to sit on the opposite side of the block of chairs.

Birthday coincidence.

On 28th September2010 my wife and I went to Malta for a 2 week all inclusive holiday. We stayed at the Hotel Riu Seabank near Mellieha. The meals were in 2 sittings and on the first evening we were directed to a particular table which we shared with a younger couple for theduration of the holiday. As we got to know the couple similarities between myself and the other husband emerged :- 1 His name was David (as is Mine) 2 His birthday is on September 11th (as is mine) 3 He was born in 1953, I was born in 1935. Coincidental? Regards David Lloyd

New York shock

In October 2007 I was in New York celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary with my new husband and children (by my ex-husband). We were in Macy's doing some shopping when we bumped into my ex-husband's cousin and aunt, who live about 3 miles away from us at home. What are the chances of us being in New York at the same time, let alone being in Macys (one of the largest department stores in the world) on the same day, same time, same floor, same dept.... Corinne W

Lost, but Found

We visited Hunstanton in Norfolk,and stopped a couple to ask the way, but they were German tourists and did not know any directions.We then visited several other towns and ate sandwiches on a beach before ending up in Kings Lynn some hours later, and wanted to ask directions again.We saw a couple walking and wound down the car window,and the man said "we are still German and still do not know any directions!" we all had a good laugh.

Sixth sense

I have the recurring coincidence of when I walk into the town, Malmesbury in Wiltshire, of seeing a person in the distance and thinking it is somebody I know. I rehearse a conversation only to find it's somebody who looks like that person. A little later, sometimes seconds sometimes minutes the person I had in mind comes into view. It's good job I have rehearesed the opening line! It's happened on many occasions. Odd. Gordon W

Aries friend

I became friends with a work collegue and I cannot remember how many times we went into town during the lunch hour and came back with the same item of clothing that we had purchased. Although we both had other items in our wardrobe there were many times that we turned up to the office with the same clothes on We lost touch for several years and I contacted her and we met up again.