Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Two scots in the same London shop

Standing flicking through the vinyl at the old Rough Trade shop in Covent Garden, I became aware of a chap next to me who looked very familiar. Because he lived in Glasgow, and I had recently moved from Dundee I figured it couldn't be him, so said nothing. Outside I sent a text - 'Andy, I've just seen your doppleganger in Rough Trade'. The reply? 'That was me'.

Three Musicians with the same birthday, playing the same gig

A few years ago I was in a band called Lipsick! with a girl who shared the same birthday as me (Boxing Day). As if that weren't unusual enough, we played a show once with another band who featured a member born on Boxing Day as well. Out of the 6 musicians on the bill that night, three were born on the same day.

'God' makes a coincidence...

I was debating with my atheist brother about the existence of God in a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint. To support my Theist position I was telling him about all the coincidences I've experienced. At that very moment our Uncle (who we'd not seen for months) walked into the KFC.

Letter for a friend

A few years ago I spent an hour counting birds in the garden for the RSPB's annual Garden Birdwatch. I sent them my findings, as did a few hundred thousand other people (check their website). A few weeks later they sent me a letter of acknowledgement and thanks. The letter arrived at the same time as another identical envelope. I was surprised to see this second envelope was not for me at all but was addressed to someone else, living about 17 miles away at a completely unrelated postal address. But I was shocked to notice that this person was actually someone I know, a friend from work.

Grandfathers Secretary

Approximately 20 years ago, I was working for a small firm of Insurance Brokers in Tooting, South West London. One day I picked up a phone to make an outgoing call expecting to hear a dialing tone but instead I heard a woman's voice. Assuming it was an incoming call, I stated who I was and the caller replied that she had simply picked up her phone to make an outgoing, local call and we must have had a cross-line. Out of curiosity, I asked her where she was calling from, and she repied that she was in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Lots of different examples

Here are a few examples: Me and my ex-partner met a couple in Antigua in 1988 - they were getting married on the day of my 30th birthday so asked us to act as witnesses as no one else was with them. A few years later we were at the airport leaving Florida and bumped into them as we both waited for a plane heading home to different UK airports. Another time I was backstage at a major music concert miles from where I live as my (then) partner was marketing the band.

War coincidence

My grandfather was in the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool in 1914 on the day World War 1 began. In early Sept 1939 my father (then aged 18 but still very much with us at 91)) had just got into Liverpool from visiting Canada on a Rhodes Scholarship and was in the Adelphi Hotel on the day World War 2 was declared. I have no intention of ever going to the Adelphi Hotel !!!

Majorca and the Isle of Man

In July 1971, when I was 18, I went to Arenal in Majorca from Manchester with two friends for a holiday. We stayed in a hotel called the "Timor". The majority of the other guests were either from Edinburgh or Leicester. My friends and I, all Mancunians, got friendly with the lads from Leicester and even kept in touch when we returned home. In 1973 I went with my Mother to live in the Isle of Man and later that year met my husband.

Clubbing in the sixties

In the sixties I lived in London and often went to Jazz clubs and concerts. But this time I had gone to Paris and spent the night in a Jazz club there. Out in the street in the very early morning I got talking a friendly black American who had also been clubbing. We had a nice chat and then went our separate ways. A week later I was on the street again in the early morning, but this time in London, also after a night in a Jazz club. And who should I bump into but the very same friendly American!

richard p-t

playing duplicate bridge last friday bidding 7 no trumps is a very very rare event came to last round of playing and lady in opposition said" she had had very poor cards all afternoon" I said "only one chance left so she had better make a grand slam on the last round "(ie bid 7 of something) She then bid and made 7 No Trumps