Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Fellow F

Being interested in researching the history of the F family, I came across another F by coincidence. I was on a package holiday to Turkey, and while changinging planes at Istanbul Airport Transit Lounge, a guy in the crowd noticed the surname on my tour badge. He was also a F. We exchanged contact details, and I learned that he had traced the F family tree back to the 12th century. Later he sent me the results of his researth, and on comparing this with my own exisitng family tree, concluded that there is a 50-year gap in the 1600s between the end of his and start of mine! Roger F

Birthday Coincidence

My two children were both born on 25 November (1997 & 1999) - how common an occurrence is that?

Neighbours in America

I live in England. One year me and my dad went to Florida on holiday. One day we decided to go the Virgin Megastores there, and while we were on the top floor... we ran into our neighbour from back in England!

phone top up

when i had a vodaphone pay as you go phone, i accidently bought a £10 orange top up. i didnt realise this until later on in the day, so was a bit miffed that i had to venture back into town to exchange it. on my way out, with a friend he bumped into a man he knew, they spoke briefly and this man spoke of his annoyance of having to go back to the shop he bought his phone top up from-because he had bought a vodaphone instead of an orange one. it was the same amount, so we just did a straight swap! now that was strange!

Meeting on a train

It was November 1962 and I was an officer in the Merchant Navy. When my ship had been unloading in Montreal, Canada, I met a Canadian person in a bar and made a friend during the few days we were there. Back in England I had a girlfriend who lived in London and would visit her at her flat and then leave using a taxi, with just enough time to catch the last train from Victoria to Brighton.

Recording donations

In 2004 the Cambrian ARchaeological Association was visiting the Welsh Fusiliers Museum in Caernarfon Castle. My husband, Peter Llewellyn, and I were leaving through the shop in company with Sir Richard Hanbury Tennison. There was a donation box at the exit with a computer screeen just above it running a sequence of names. As we were leaving we were preparing to drop a coin or two into the box.

Historical family connection.

I was born and brought up in Croydon, South London. I have lived in various parts of the country, Devon, Berkshire, Oxfordshire.Family history research shows that I now live, and worship in the church, where my g. g, g, g grandfather married in 1784 in Syston Leicestershire.

Room with a View

My name is Derek F and I worked in London for British Oxygen organising and attending various exhibitions for the Welding Division overseas. On this occasion I was staying at the Athenee Palace hotel in Bucharest. On arrival I was allotted a room first floor front overlooking the street which, in the very early morning, was busy and noisy. I therefore asked our local representative to arrange for a room change.

Mr Peter Alfred B

The number 17. My name has 17 letters. I was born on 7.12.34 = 17. 1934 = 17. My parents both died on the 17th day of the month. One year I was involved with a serious road accident caused by a taxi driver on 17th June. The following year on the 17th June I was assaulted at a petrol station by a taxi driver who arrived at a petrol pump after me and insisted he was first. Two years later driving to work I was accosted by a person who had tailgated me in a built up area and took exception to me showing my brake lights. The date ? - 17th June !

Chance Meeting

My husband works for an electricty company repairing faults and can be despatched to anywhere over 3 counties. The other morning he attended a call-out and noticed the girl at the particular house he was visiting wore the same school uniform as our son. (It is a large town with at least 8 Secondary schools.) He joked that she might know our son. Bearing in mind there are 1100 pupils at the school, the girl laughed and confirmed that she sits next to our son in their Maths class!