Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Showtime coincidence

My name is Christine and my husband and I had booked to see the show 'Celtic Woman' last September (2011) at a venue in Birmingham as part of my 60th birthday celebrations so we were dissappointed when the show was cancelled a couple of weeks before we were due to see it. We had also booked a long weekend in Paris to celebrate and a few days before we went I looked on the 'Celtic Woman' website and to my surprise saw that they were appearing in Paris for one night only which happened to be the night we arrived in Paris!

South African Experiences

In 1969 my family were living in Waterlooville Hampshire and we left there to emigrate to South Africa. We lived in a small town called Pinelands, just outside Cape Town. My children went to the local school there. Coincidence 1 We read in the local paper that an ice rink was due to open in Cape Town, so my wife decided to take the children to try it out.

Country Cottage

For a few months in 1978 we rented a run-down thatched cottage, located in a sparsely populated area of Essex. Several years later, after buying a flat in London, we befriended a young man who lived next door to us. We subsequently lost regular contact with this person but met up again for a meal many years later. He described a cottage that he had recently purchased and renovated, and it became clear that it was the same one that we had rented many years before.

Budgie friends

When visiting her friend in a neighbouring flat, my mother used to take her budgie ( caged ) with her. Her friend also had a budgie. Some months later we moved flats a couple of blocks away. After about 2 weeks, my mother's friend rang to say her budgie had just escaped. At that moment my mother looked-out onto the balcony of our flat and her friend's budgie was sitting on the rail. She managed to coax the budgie into our flat, shutting all doors and windows thereafter to prevent further escape. The budgie was subsequently re-united with it's owner.

random coincidece stories

1. We were a golf society visiting St Neots golf course, and a friend said I didn't realise you were a member here. I replied, no I'm not, He said come and look at this and he showed the list of members and their handicaps, there it was:- A.J.Hardie.. handicap 11.. I was A.J.Hardie ..handicap 11 unfortunately I didn't follow this up. 2. Visiting Ostend I noticed some teenagers walking around in school uniform which looked vaguely familiar. On closer inspection it turned out to be my old school uniform Peterhead Academy Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 3.

Strange happenings

Coincidences occur frequently for me so here are a few; </p> <p>Some years back, my husband and I decided to change our front door and chose a fairly intricate design of stained glass with a matching side panel. Later that year we visited my sister in America and when we arrived at her house she had also changed her front door and it was exactly the same, even down to the colour of the stained glass.

judge this

About fifteen years ago I lived in Tollesbury, Essex, and worked in an office in South Hanningfield, Essex. One of my office colleagues lived in Canvey Island, Essex, and was called for jury service on a case at Southend, Essex. After his first day the case was deferred and he returned to the office for a day. unable of course to disclose any details of the case. I was friendly with an elderly lady in Tollesbury with whom I played scrabble once a week. On the evening of the above court case my friend asked whether I would mind us playing with another friend of hers.

Fragrant Love Story

When I was sixteen I met a guy named Graham at our local youth club. We fell in love, thinking nothing about surnames for the future. We eventually married - my married name becoming Rosemary Sage. I was also born on the 13th, live at number 13, married on Hallowe'en, and our bank account ends in 666.

Jack Gladas

Having just started secondary school at aged 11, I went to Australia and my family decided to visit Sydney Harbour Aquarium. In front of us in the queue to get in was a friend of mine from primary school who I hadn't seen for almost a year!

my husband in hoapital

my husband haden"t seen his sister for more than four years they bumped into each other in Arrowpark hospital,they were in the same ward. having the same opration for reducing the flow of calcium. my husbands name is George Yates his sister is Beryl Murphy !!