Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


</p> <p>My "system " was to bet on the reoccurring numbers.<br /> If , say, 7 has just come, I will put (minimal bet ) on it, if it wins (chance 1/37 , alright, I put it again. )<br /> If 7 has not won and the winning number is, say, 10, I put on 7 and 10 in the next game, if one of them wins, I start the game anew with putting on the number which has just won, if none of them has won and the actual winning number was, say, 21 I put may bets on 7, 10, 21 in the next game and so on as long as one of the numbers has won.

Eerie Sequence of Events Three Years Apart

On April 1 2016, I was laid off from my job. Around the same time, I found out the guy I had been dating for 9 months was seeing another woman. A couple of weeks after that, on my way to an appoint at a place we will call RW, I received a call that my father had passed (a few weeks before Father's Day), shortly after a small decorative dish fell off the counter and broke. On April 2, 2019, I was laid off from my job. Around the same time, I found out my ex, who was my best friend and I thought we were getting back together, was seeing another woman.

True Love?

I was 21. There was a concert happening in my local area, and my friend insisted we go to it. I had never actually heard of the band and was unsure if I should go. But she talked me into it and I was excited since they were apparently very popular. After the concert had ended, the drummer (Benji) came up to me and handed me his drumstick and wanted me to have it. It sparked a conversation between us. He then introduced me to his bandmate (Phil), to which I waved hello to and disappeared back onto the bus. When they left, Benji and I kept in touch for 6+ months.

Bird ringer

My friend Peter, a bird enthusiast, found a dead petrel on Stewart Island off the southern tip of New Zealand. Petrels fly the southern oceans, circumnavigating the globe, stopping occasionally to lay an egg, and bring up a youngster before returning to the oceans.The bird had a ring, which he carefully extracted and sent back to the appropriate record keeping centre. Three months later, his parents (also bird enthusiasts) were attending the sherry party reception for a specialist birders weekend in Aberdeen and met a man who dedicated himself to bird ringing.

Telling me something?

This series of happenings took place in roughly a 12 hour span...beginning in the evening and ending the next morning. It was October of 2000 in Virginia when my then girlfriend gave me 2 books for my B-day. One was titled The Celestine Prophecy and the other was The new Rolling Stone encyclopedia of rock and roll. I opened the latter around 9pm that evening and started to read about Bob Marley...a favorite artist of mine. I then put the book down and turned on the tv. I surfed some channels until I landed on a PBS program about..who else..Bob Marley, his music, and Jamaica politics.

Notre Dame day

>15th April, 2019 (yesterday ) was my worst day for months, probably for years. I felt physically and psychologically absolutely down. I was to lie on a field motionless for I don´t know how long, as if someone was about to die. Late in the afternoon I decided to go to a church to confess ( what I had not done for a long time ). I entered the nearby Catholic Church at appr. 18. 00, confessed and remained seated in a bank staring and semi-consciously listening what the priest was to say. I left at appr. 19.00.

Met again

While I was a child I spent one of my school holidays in Oman at the beach and we met a fellow German, elderly lady and spent some time talking. Couple months later I was at a friend's place who was invited to his grandma's birthday and took me along. Arriving at his grandma's place I found her to be the lady from the beach in Oman.

Humans Crossing Paths

Ever since I was a child my dad would throw a fit about backing out of the driveway and there ALWAYS being a car coming down the road at that exact instant every single time. There would be no cars coming down our street before he left or after he left, just at the same exact time when he was pulling out of the driveway. Now, I'm sure many people experience and complain about the same thing and I didn't think about it too much until I started to see the same uncanny type of events start to happen in my own life.

Lots of sixes

A person whose phone number 10 digits taken by pairs always add up to "6" makes an appointment for the 6th day of the month at 15:00 (1+5 = 6).

Old Crush

So last night, my friends and I were talking about guys we used to like. I have not talked to him since elementary or seen him since him since middle school. I am in 10th grade now. I started looking at, lets call him Jeffery's instagram profile. I had a major crush on him during elementary school. My friends were telling me to hit him up because we do not go to the same school anymore. I did not. Later, when I had gotten home, my family was watching a movie. The first thing I notice was that one of the characters had the same name as Jeffery.