Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


When playing whist (diminishing contract) as a child, I was dealt a hand of four cards. I asked my grandfather what to lead if all cards were equally good: I'd been dealt all four aces!

Reunited on a bus

Twenty years ago I was holidaying in Lebanon with a friend. We sat on a tour bus and two young women in front of us heard us talking English and turned round to talk to us. They were French. In conversation one of them mentioned that she had practiced her English with an old lady in the flats where her grandmother lived throughout her childhood. I asked where that was and was surprised when she said 'La Napoule'. I exclaimed that I had visited my elderly auntie there every summer in my childhood. Who was my auntie...


John Lennon was born on my mother's birthday (9th October) and killed on my birthday (8th December)

Vacation coincidence

Two summers ago my husband and I were going on a tour of Germany and at the end of the summer we were taking our family to Siesta Key, which is right outside of Sarasota, Florida. I had made the arrangements right before we left for the tour and had searched things to do in Sarasota several times. While touring Germany we went into a restaurant which had a huge patio area in the middle. We walked around looking for a table, which people were sharing, and sat at one with this single guy who looked very German with his blonde hair and light eyes.

Word of God!

Last night I was listening to an internet radio show that a friend makes. He had technical problems so instead of his usual mix of chat and tracks from multiple genres he put on a playlist of ska and reggae. One track was ‘Let your yeah be yeah’ performed by The Pioneers. The title is a biblical reference. I asked my wife, whether it was a reference to Ecclesiastes like The Byrds’ song ‘Turn, turn, turn’ which is an almost direct quote from the opening lines of Ecclesiastes 3. Actually it is not, the phrase is New Testament, but it had prompted comparison with Ecclesiastes.


One of my aunts runs a Rare Breeds farm in Gloucestershire. Some years ago she was gored by one of her long horn cattle for no obvious reason (nothing like this had happened before) and suffered serious abdominal injuries. She was air lifted to hospital where the surgeon who treated her was Spanish and announced that he knew what to do, because he worked in Seville and often treated Bull Fighters who's been gored. The chances of finding a Spanish Bull Fight surgeon in a small UK hospital, for just such an injury must be very small.

Family dying same day, different years

My Mom passed away April 28, 1992 My Dad passed away April 28, 1997 and his Mom, my Grandmother followed him three years later and passed On April 28, 2000. This date has become one that I dread.

Eerily bizarre unlikely place meet... twice !

I am from a small town in a small country in Central America, which many people get surprised and often tell me you are the first one for you country Ive ever met ! So imagine me running to catch a metro in Barcelona, Spain when suddenly I saw a friend with his family in the same metro station!!

Starbucks Run In - ESP?

I looking to return to the workforce after a very long "maternity leave". Today was the first day in some time that I was able to find a babysitter so that I could get out of the house to prep for an interview. I usually go to the Starbucks down the street from my house to work, but I decided last minute to stop into a consignment shop that was a few doors down from a Starbucks further away. While waiting for my coffee, I had this strange feeling that I was going to bump into my former colleague in that very Starbucks. I knew who he'd be there with.

Godwin's Spongebob

Whilst discussing 2 threads on Facebook,one concerning animal rights and the incidence of Godwin's law (the potential to mention Hitler, I happened upon a mickey take of the ' Don't tell him,Pike' sketch from dad's Army - and posted this to my thread,as it mentioned 'Hitler is a twerp'. At the exact same moment,the remoaner who was on the other thread said 'Are we going to do this dance again?' and posted Spongebob dancing. Perhaps there should be a new law of the potential to use Spongebob Squarepants.