Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Young Actor

It was around April 2011, I went to Xiamen, China with some classmates to join a summer immersion program that would help us enhance our Mandarin and Chinese knowledge. I come all the way from the Philippines and I was an incoming junior student at that time. While we had all sorts of subjects to help us learn non/academically, we would have more relaxing days. Like one afternoon, April 16th to be exact, our Lao Shi (teacher) finished 2 hours before dismissal and she urged us to do something else but leave class. One colleague suggested we watch a movie, to which LaoShi agreed.

Engraving in the door

It was 2007 in Christchurch, New Zealand and I had recently moved into a new share-house. I was in bed one night before I turned off the lights and noticed an engraving in the door, which had been covered with brown paint. I got out of bed and started towards the door. I ran my hands over the words "I HATE MY LIFE" in capital letters. After that night, I often imagined who did that, a child? What was their life like? I was 18 at the time and had met a girl at a party, a few weeks later she'd agreed to come over for drinks.


I've had terrible anxiety since yesterday because a co-worker saw a bat outside our building and I am terrified of bats. Jump to today and I'm shelving some books and one of the books drops onto the floor, and on the cover of the book is an illustration of a bat!


Over the last 6 months or so I have been waking up at an hour +20 minutes. (12:20, 3;20 ex.) and even during the day I find myself randomly looking at the clock and it is often exactly 20 minutes after the hour. I don't do drugs, I have no paranormal beliefs or have any religious beliefs, but this is starting to bug me.


I have lived on the same street in different houses twice, as I can remember nine times. Once was 4 houses on the same road. Most of the two times were consecutive. Also 2 houses in the same development, twice. My older two children were born on the same street in different homes.

Dead Music Artist and a movie

I was working out and was listening to music on Youtube. I decided to search Kurt Cobain music videos. Off all the videos I picked one of Kurt being interviewed by a book reporter. Kurt was asked what was his last book he read. Kurt answered that he read PERFUME at least 14 times while flying and he briefly described the contents and could personally relate to the main character. Well I am a big movie watcher. I never heard of the book nor the movie. That evening I turned my TV on to Pluto TV of all the movies I could of watched I tuned right into the movie PERFUME.

how i met my wife

in my university days i spent a lot of time in the computer lab chatting on this local-network only server. one fellow took a liking to me, and we met in person and started hanging out outside of the university setting. one day he left for a student conference, came back and told me he had met someone he thinks i should hook up with so gave me this girl's email address. anyway so i emailed her.

quantum entanglement

started around may of last year, i started seeing synchronicities everywhere but this one was uncanny. i was for whatever reason in a rabbit hole looking up terms about quantum physics that i didn't really understand. i had this video about quantum physics and entanglement that was playing in a web browser and i would kind of go in and out of focus and had it playing in the background for like 2-30 minutes already.


Long story short I found my grandma bible in my mom house after my mom passed a way the house was in our family for year need work so we sold it and moved well in her bible was the church she went to when she was younger just so happend that church was in walking distance of my new house???

Doing good in the world and winning the lottery

Anyone else ever experience lots of mind-blowing synchronicity for an extended period of time? Twice in my life it has happened for at least three straight months. It always happens when I'm feeling amazing and being true to myself. When abandon all the rules and just do whatever I feel is just, right and loving. And usually it happens while I'm falling in love with a girl. But it's almost like I am led to the girl through the coincidences. It's very strange and it's such an interesting thing to talk about.