Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Swimming lessons?

My friend and I were driving on a fairly deserted interstate heading home. We were discussing whether or not we should put my 2 year old in gymnastics or swimming lessons this summer when not even 10 seconds later a truck advertising preschool swimming lessons passes us on the road.

Marlon Brando

This may seem more in the vein of the supernatural but involves a coincidence nonetheless less. I am a huge Marlon Brando fan and have read all there is to read about his life and his work and I've seen all of his movies and tv appearances (that I could find). One day after finishing a particularly interesting biography on the man I sat in silence on my sofa to think about what I had just read. After a few minutes I began to smell the faint smell of cigarette smoke which grew stronger and after maybe two minutes dissipated into thin air.

Man calls from a familiar place

I work for a very large insurance company as a Quality Analyst for the service center. You know when you call whatever 800 number and ask to speak to a live representative? I listen to those phone calls all day long and make sure those representatives are doing the right thing. Our service center services insurance policies from all 50 states in the United States. We take over 2,000 calls a day total. One of the departments I quality check sits at about 800 calls per day and I have to listen to 25 of those per month for my quota which I pull at random.

2 strangers meeting

I was doing a little "match making" with 2 people I know that come from 2 entirely different places in my life. The woman works in the corporate world, this is where I work, and the man lives in my town which he owns his own business putting up drywall. The town being about 45 minutes away from my work. So...

Triple Dip Pink Slip

My third engagement just fell apart and hopes of being a husband and father seem to be slipping away. I have an affinity for news not readily prominently published (RTTM feeds, textbook updates, farmer's almanacs, etc) for various reasons unrelated. I live north of Atlanta and made a career at CNN until a recent tense parting of ways. While on a stroll with my bloodhound I come across a painted birdhouse looking repository of books, about forty titles in all just there to be shared.

Power Theft

Over a year ago at my home in Texas, a work crew repetitively took power from my outlet between my garage door and my front door while they worked on my neighbor's house.

Same time every day

I usually put my phones far from my bed every time I sleep. Something weird happened to me in the past 3 weeks. In the morning when I wake up, I would go and check time on my phone and if its anything before 07h30 I would go back and sleep a bit and check the time again after a while and go back to sleep and so on. Surprisingly for 2 weeks, I would wake up and reach for my phone, and check the time, it will be 06h59 and I would go back to sleep a bit and wake up again and check time, it will be 07h16. This happened every day for the past 2 weeks.

How'd you guess?

I've been reservedly considering enlisting in military service for many months, and just last week decided which branch to join. Today my Uber driver preached ad nausiem about the benefit of the very branch for which I applied a few days earlier. The same Uber driver from today went on to explain how he originally applied to be in rarely spoken of battalion, similar in today's terms to a suicide bomber pilot in the Pacific.

Providing Personal Information

I just entered a profile and submitted my e-mail to setup an account on this website for what feels like at least the eighth instance in the over the past four months.

Matching Music

So, earlier in the week, my best friend messaged me asking if I was listening to music at the time. At the time, I wasn't, but I did have the song "Savior" by Rise Against stuck in my head, so I told him I wasn't listening to music, but I had a song stuck in my head. He asked what song I had stuck in my head and I told him. He then sent me a screenshot from before I had told him which song, and in it, he had written "savior rise against".