Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Chance meeting

As I did 2 or 3 times a month I went to the park (4 miles away) at 10AM to watch the dogs training at agility (running courses with hurdles, tunnels, etc). I do not have a dog. As I approached the training area a dog, who I had never seen before, dropped its toy ball and it rolled my way. I picked it up and gave it back. Its owner, a blonde lady, approached me and retrieved her dog. She asked me if I had a dog. I said no. I introduced myself and she then "told me her first name". It was a slightly unusual name. My brain then clicked her name with having a dog.

A bizzare coincidence

On 11/09/2016 I searched for my brother who I hadn't seen in over 20 years I googled his full name and found a ABN number for a pest control business. I rang the number to find out it was my brother and I was over joyed at finding him and asking to leave the communication door open. Tuesday night the 13th of September I found out that my brother-in-law who is also in pest control died on 11th of September from a fall at work. I find this a bizzare coincidence.

A special message from my Father?

About 6 months before my Dad passed away, he was talking to my daughter on the hands free phone in my car. My daughter and Dad were saying how much they loved each other. Grandpa I love you a hundred: Katie I love you a million, then a trillion and so on back and forth. At one point my daughter couldn't think of a number so as we passed the gas station she read out the gas price which was 84.9- she said I love you 84.9 Grandpa! It stuck between them as a special way of saying how much they loved each other. They would say it when they would say goodbye on the phone every time.

Just saying someone's name...

I was talking to a colleague in the office one morning about the Scotland national football team. He is a good few years younger than me and, at the time, had seen some pretty decent performances over the years. I was telling him about some I had seen from further back, some terrible games. I got round to telling him about one game against San Marino, a team of part time players.

Jewish people who lived in Bolivia find each other in Wisconsin

After she retired from schoolteaching in North Dakota, my paternal grandmother Enid spent two years living in Cochabamba. She did this with the help of my mother's family who all live there. She had a good relationship with them. </p> <p>After returning from Bolivia, Grandma Enid moved to my hometown of Green Bay, WI, to be nearer to her son, my father, in the final part of her life. </p> <p>Eventually, Grandma Enid's declining health caused her to enter an assisted living facility. There were only two other Jewish people in her entire building.

Unhappy coincidences

I had worked in the mining industry for about two years before deciding to study for a chemistry degree. On graduating, I got temporary work with a former employer. This was supposed to be for six months but it lasted longer. Realising it would not be permanent, I applied for another position with a mining company and was interviewed by a man I will call Mr. Bennett. He told me I was overqualified for that particular position but believed there would be an opening in a month or so. Several weeks later I arrived home one Friday evening to find a message to call Mr. Bennett on Monday.

Chance meetings - 2 types

I run a BnB in Brittany, France. Here are just two of many events that have occurred in recent years that I can only describe as amazing coincidences: 1)totally separate bookings from 2 Italian families, for the same dates. They arrive within minutes of each other...and the guys throw their arms around each other in amazement: a surgeon and an anaesthetist who used to work together. 2)new clients arrive from Lille, some 600 km away.

Eeerie Coincidence

I was visiting my son's family in Massachusetts and presented my daughter-in-law with a string of pearls that belonged to my mom. My daughter-in-law never met my mom. I proceeded to tell her about my mom saying that to fully appreciate how wonderful my mom was you have to hear just one story. When I was 22 and going skiing the next day and had no hat she ran to a store to find wool that matched my ski sweater and then stayed up all night knitting me a hat. My husband and myself left a bit later to head back to our home in New York which is about a 2 hour drive.

Another eerie coincidence

My brother went to Cornell University and lived for awhile in his fraternity house Tau Delta Phi. Unfortunately, my brother died young in 1968. My son decided to attend Cornell University and lived for awhile at his fraternity house Theta Chi. When I went to visit my son, I thought the house he was living in looked so familiar. As it turned out, it was the same house my brother lived in 40 years before. There are 34 fraternities at Cornell University.

Triple Link

The person who used to live next to my best friend's apartment 16 years ago is my boyfriend's best friend(I met my boyfriend in 2016) and then I discovered he's also my colleague's brother. He lives abroad and the rest of the connections were/are all in different cities.