Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

St Ives and China

Whilst working in Hong Kong I took a trip on the train to Beijing . At a small hotel, I hired a bicycle and teamed up with a couple on Honeymoon from Rome . The bride turned out to originally be from St Ives in Cambridgeshire who had gone to the same school and had the same teachers.

My neighbour has the same name and same birthday as me !

Found out today that my next door neighbour shares my birthday although she is older than me but also remarkable is the fact that she has the same first name ! My previous next door neighbour where I used to live not only had the same birthday as me but also was born in the same year ! I seem to attract neighbours who have the same birthday as me ! Both moved in next door after I had already moved in ! Incredible !


Its been almost 9 years. I think of some movie scenes and within next 2 days that movie is on TV showing me the same scene of the movie. I kept a vigilant watch to understand that I don't see the names of the upcoming movies on TV that illusions me of having thought of that movie or a particular scene. Its become very repetitive now a days.

Hitch-hiker connection

On my way to Cornwall, I picked up a hitch-hiker on the outskirts of Aberdeen. He was heading to Dundee to meet a friend to go climbing. In conversation it came out that he actually lived in Edinburgh. I was stopping at Edinburgh to meet an old flat-mate. The hitch-hiker said that, though he currently lived in Edinburgh, he was actually from a small town called Aberfeldy (pop. 2000 at the time). My old flat-mate came from Aberfeldy, and, indeed, the hitch-hiker knew her and had been in the same sports team as her.

Phoning my sister, and holiday in spain..

I telephoned my sister who lives 280 miles away, Me in Ashford kent, she lives near Liskeard Cornwall,. I dialed the number, the voice the other end was very harsh, I said, " that's not Trev is it " the reply, " no it's not Trev" so I then thought , and asked , is that Fred,, " yes",,,," Fred #####", it was my cousin I hadn't seen for over 30 years,, randon... We were in Spain, someone commented " isn't it strange when you go away, you see people who remind you people at home " just then my wife's brother wife and t

The Count of Monte Cristo appears in "Room"

During the week that I began watching a DVD of "The Count of Monte Cristo", 400 minutes of the 1998 French tv-mini-series adaptation of the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas père, taking it in over four days, we interrupted the sequence after the third night by viewing a Netflix DVD of "Room", which had arrived by mail (we wanted to send it sent back the following day), not knowing that the movie of a young woman held captive for seven years along with the five-year-old child she’d conceived & given birth to would include a significant reference to the Count of Monte Cri

strange photo coincidence

In March many years ago, I was in Florida and went to a Spring Training game for the Philadelphia Phillies. I had a camera and took many pictures at the game. In those days, you had to take the film to a photo store to be developed. I was in no rush and took my film to the store in May. When I went to pick up the photos, I was browsing through them and saw the pictures of the baseball game. But wait, there were pictures of the Panama Canal, which were not mine.

Long-distance emotional connection

(Important context to understand the story: I am female.) When I was in high school in the mid-90s, I dated a girl whose dad was rabidly homophobic. We had discussed the fact that if he ever found out about our relationship, he would probably flip out and kick her out of the house. We also agreed that I would never call her at home or contact her in any way that he could find out about. One evening I was sitting at my desk doing homework, when all of a sudden I experienced a distinct wave of fear and panic that I knew was somehow connected with her.

College friend living on same street (with other connections)

A few days ago I got a friend request on Facebook from someone I had been friendly-acquaintances with in college 10+ years ago. I would have ignored it, as I'm usually pretty selective about Facebook friends, BUT upon looking at his page I noticed that he and his wife have 3-year-old twin boys. What a coincidence, I thought: I am 35 weeks pregnant with twin girls. So I accepted his friend request (parents of multiples gotta stick together!). A few minutes later, he messaged me to ask if I lived on [certain street] in [city 300 miles from where we both went to college].

Went across the country to meet my neighbour

In an ill-fated tree-planting experience in Northern BC, Canada, I met a nice young couple, who were joining my planting team. They spoke French, as I did, and found out they were from Montreal, like me. I chatted with them some more, and found out they were in the same neighbourhood as me. Chatting with them even more, and it turned out that they lived across the street from me! We had to go over 4,000km to meet!