Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Circles of life

I have two daughters, Mazzy and Mia. Mia was 9 and Mazzy was 11 at the time of this coincidence. My wife and I divorced and the girls live with her across town in the city of Clovis that is directly connected to the larger city of Fresno which I live in. One day my cousins girlfriend came by my place with her two daughters. We were waiting for my cousin to arrive when her youngest daughter, Lily pointed at a picture in my apartment and said "I know her". She was pkinting to a picture of my daughter Mia. I asked how she knew her she said shes my friend at school.

My second wife

When I was growing up and in elementary school I made a friend named George. George lived close by the school we attended and I woukd iften go to his house after school to play. This went on from 5th grade through bigh school 10 years old thru 18yrs old. At 31 I met and married a Katie, who was only 20 years old. We had two girls and were married for 6 years. One day Katie and I were near her old house that she grew up in when i said I wanted to see it. We were also near my old elementary school and i was interested to see.

From Malmo Sweden to Fresno Ca

I was born in RI, US in 1972. In 1973 my mom moved to Malmo Sweden to be with my Dad. We lived there almost 1 year before returning to the US. We lived in Sweden again for a few years then all around the US before settling in my moms hometown of Fresno, Ca. When I was 22 years old I met my first wife a bartending school in Fresno, Ca. She was born in Malmo Sweden in 1973. I have many other bizzare occurances ill post after this one.

The Matrix

The expiration date on Mr. Anderson's ID in the movie The Matrix was 09-11-01.

Rings on their fingers....

Yesterday my brother called and told me he had found a music track I had been trying to find for decades - Follow Me by Amanda Lear. He had also mentioned '7 years in Tibet' the film with Brad Pitt. In watching the videom I remarked that Paul O'Grady as Lily Savage might have been able to do a good version of it as the song is done in a camp style. After he left,Judge John Deeds was on TV which featured Simon Ward. I remarked to my partner that Simon looked like Martin Jarvis from the series "Rings on their fingers".

Fly in the Ointment

I was just doing some work on the mp3s I made of my on music - one of which is based on the Sci Fi classic 'The Fly' -the track is called 'Fly in the Ointment'. Later this evening I went back to the online version of the newspaper,and started reading it from the back to the front,as I had already read the major part of it this morning. In the sports section,which I usually omit,when reading the paper from the beginning,was an article about Italian striker Andrea Belotti which referred to him being stung. The article was entitled 'Fly in the ointment for puffed up An

a Norwegian student in my class had same high school teacher I did

In 1985 I was an exchange student in Norway. In 1997 I started teaching college in Oregon. One year I was taking attendance on the first day of a new class, and there was a Norwegian name. At the end of class, I said something to the student in Norwegian. We started talking. He had come to America to be with his girlfriend. We kept talking, and he was from the same city I stayed in, and went to the same school. We had the same Norwegian literature teacher, Eivind Skaar, who had already been quite old when I had been a student.

small world

I dated someone briefly I met on Match. He contacted me because he was looking for someone who played Ultimate Frisbee. I was in my early 40s. His father was black and his mother was Jewish and he was from a tiny town in Colorado. I thought, that's weird, a former Oregon colleague of mine was Jewish and had a young child with her old boyfriend, a black man, and they lived in a small town in Colorado. I didn't say anything of course, but the first time I went to Ian's house, there was a Holiday card on his refrigerator from my friend Annie.

Same plane

Twenty years ago I met someone at my cousins' wedding. We flirted, and we saw each other once or twice after that. About 5 years ago he friended me on Facebook, but I hadn't seen him in 15 years and we didn't actually talk on FB. Then last year, he messaged me on Facebook saying he was coming to my city for a few days for a conference and would I like to get together. I said I was flying out that day, but maybe we could see each other at the airport depending on the timing. Turns out he was getting off of the same plane I was boarding.

my childhood friend lives in childhood home of cousin's friend

I graduated high school 30 years ago in NH and hadn't seen my friend Katie until several years ago when my daughter and I spent Christmas in CA, staying in my cousins' house and visiting Katie and other friends. Katie's husband is a radiologist. We spent some time at their house before going to Disneyland. Two years later, I was flying to Boston and then driving to see family in NH. My California cousins were there, but the teenager's friend had a delayed flight and missed the bus to NH, so they asked if she could drive with me, since they knew I was coming the next day.