Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Eerie Phone Coincidence

I was having a rather lengthy argument with my mother and we had gone over a variety of topics, all over the place, really. In the course of this argument we had been arguing about one of her friends, who had been on my mind earlier that day. I brought up her friend in a casual way and didn't use the woman's name and when my mother asked who I was talking about, I said the woman's name. Not two seconds later the phone rang and it was that woman calling, just "coincidentally".

Matching music

One time I was walking down the street listening to my iPod and a song came on that I liked. Within a minute or so I walked into a restaurant to apply for a job. When I took my earphones out, the same song kept playing (from nearly exactly the same place in the chorus), albeit a little bit quieter.

I met someone who grew up with my ex-boyfriend

Several years ago I dated a guy named Pat (I am African American and Pat was Latino.) We had ended our relationship a few years prior when moved to another city and received a summons for jury duty in an experimental night court situation. As I was sitting in the jury pool, I struck up a random conversation with a young Latina sitting next to me. As we talked about our lives, I mentioned that I used to date a Latino named Pat. She said, "Pat ___ in (the name of the city I'd moved from)?" It was the same guy. She knew him and his family.

Dream the predicted a small event

One night I dreamt that I was in the student lodgings of a young woman with the same name as me. Of course, I just thought I was dreaming about my own younger self. The next day, I got an unusual email from the IT techies at work saying 'we have set up the email account of (my name)'. Now, I have been living and working here (at a university) for about 20 years, and never run into anyone with the same name as me. Although neither my first name nor my family name is particularly unusual, the family name is not too common where I now live.

Different turn

I left for work on Monday, 26.9.2016, around 9 am and continued down the same path I always go. The street I have to cross near my building is usually empty but that morning there was a lot of traffic and on the spur of the moment I made a decision to take a turn and walk down a different street. Two minutes later I met a dear friend that I hadn't seen in months and whom I thought of the previous evening but didn't feel like calling.

My opposite

I went to a work function organised by my wife's employer, and at dinner was sat next to the wife of one of the partners in the firm. She told me that she had grown up in London, specifically in Dulwich, but now lived in Cambridge, where she taught at a sixth form college. I told her that I grew up in Cambridge, and was a student at that sixth form college, but them moved to London, where I now live - in Dulwich.

Date of death/Birthday

My son was diagnosed with leukaemia in late April 2015. He eventually died from the disease on June 19th, 2016. A couple of months later after cleaning her room my 11 year old daughter came downstairs with a beanie bear that was a Christmas gift from her brother in December 2014. The tag was still on the stuffed bear and she pointed out the bears birthday printed on the tag "June 19th". The tag has the name of the bear "Halo".

Electric Fence

A story in our local paper detailed how equipment used to provide high voltage fencing to keep cows in a field had been stolen,and used to electrify children's playground equipment. This was described by people as 'sick and vile'. Being vocal about the disparity between how this equipment was used upon animals and people,I chose to comment about the 'electric fence used on cows'. This evening,only shortly after discussing this item on Facebook,the programme 'It was alright in the 1970s' was discussing sexual diseases and its effects upon her sex life and

Festivals and a marriage

My friend was at a festival a few years ago. Gets talking (and drinking!) with the lady in the tent next to her. They're discussing my friend's daughter and the lady jokingly says that if the daughter gets engaged can she come to the wedding. One year later, that same festival weekend, it's my friend's daughter's wedding. The daughter takes her mum to meet her husband's aunt.... it's the lady from the tent. She got to go to the wedding after all!

Hey, you're Drew!

In 1978 I was a nineteen year old on a solo trip to England from my home in Marin County, California. I was studying acting, and went to England to see some theatre and visit Shakespeare's birthplace. I was walking in the West End of London, with time to kill, and on impulse I bought a ticket for a play I had not planned on seeing. When the first act ended and the house lights came on, I was startled to hear someone behind me say my name. I turned around and sitting directly behind me was a high school classmate of mine from Mill Valley, California.