Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

DX so handsome

I'm so handsome

Same ancestor

Everyone on this world has the same ancestor

August 4th

My uncle (quadriplegic) was born on 08-04-1952. My husband took care of my uncle until he (my husband) committed suicide on 08-04-16. I just found out that my new boyfriend's parents were married on 08-04-1969.

In Sicily the name is as common as is Jones in Wales

I'm Alan Merryweather and have lived in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England for 26 years and on 4 or 5 occasions when having been asked by motorists for directions I’ve offered to get in the car and take them there as it’s easier than trying to describe the route.<br /> About 2 years ago an American leaned out of his car asking for help. We drove there, and later I walked them around to view the best houses.<br /> I’m a keen family historian so am very nosey about names, occupations and places.

Grandad"s house sale

In 1976, in Brownstown. Country Kildare, Ireland. My grandfather JJ Coy sold his house. When the buyer came to purchase. He signed his name on the purchase documents. It was also JJ Coy. It transpired that he was a distant relative. The house in question was quite an ordinary little bungalow ie not an old family homestead. Also we believed that there were no other male Coys in the area with the exception of my uncle Edward ( Eamonn)


I have a coincident with the number 999. 1,) Its the emergency services 2,)It was my first prison number (MO6 999) and you had to give your last three numbers and name ie, 999 Robinson sir! 3,) i creshed into the 999km sign on the N340 in spain, tha car was a write off and my partner and i ended up in hospital. 4,)One day driving in france ahead i noticed the police flagging me to the side of the road to stop, as i sat there i immediately noticed a rainbow of colours fly down my left side.

I can't speak French

Yet another TV/real life coincidence. Today I was trying to connect my Iphone mp3 list to my PC and the last video I looked at was ' Can't speak French' by Girls Aloud. At that moment I happened to be watching the second episode of Airwolf and Ernest Borgnine uttered the phrase ' I can't speak french ' !

Numbers Connecting my Life

I'll just start: My birthday is the reverse of my daughter's (9-27-1977, 7-29-1999), my son's birthday multiplied equals 27 (9-12, 9 * 3, 27), my home address has the last four digits of my social security number in it (7121), and my husband loves to say 10-4. We were married on 4 October but not because he says 10-4. Each family member has a connection to me. Weird!


In the latter part of the 1960's I was working for a firm of City stockbrokers. One lunchtime I wandered into one of my colleagues offices to see if he wanted to go to lunch. Those were the days when we had separate offices and long, and often liquid, lunches were the norm! Guy Tamplin was on the telephone talking to a client about Marks & Spencer shares. When he had finished he told me, for no particular reason, that his mother had worked in the chairman's office of Marks & Spencer.

The Familiar Looking “girl”

Few months ago I took a transfer student test for a private high school that not a lot of people know about. As I took a seat in the classroom, a girl with short hair who looked familiar sat in front of me. After I finished the test, I walked out of the classroom and saw my mom talking to a woman around her age, the familiar looking girl was standing next to them. My mom waved at me and said “Do you remember Albert from first grade?