Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

2 Dads/2 Aarons

I had been treated by a physical therapist for a couple of years and started asking her about her background after years of minor chit chatting. We found out that her dad and uncles knew my dad and uncles and that she had even worked at my uncle's business 38 years ago. I then mentioned that my dad's birthday was coming up, July 2nd. She said that her son, Aaron, was born on July 2nd. We both thought that was a bit eerie and a moment of silence fell between us. Then I thought to ask about her dad's birthday. He was born on May 4th, just like my son, Aaron.

Birthday Lovers

I never went to my high school reunion because I thought it was just a launching pad for those that wanted to toot about their accomplishments. I graduated in 1974 and never went to any of them at all. I had to be talked into the what I thought would be the final one in 2014. So reluctantly I went with a friend. I sat in the old school and there was no order or reason for the sitting. I found myself at a table with the friend who convinced me to come. I then found she was interested in talking to everyone except me.

Backlash against big data

While I was listening to the Calling Bullshit in the Era of Big Data lecture series, specifically the one that discusses the Google Flu Trends overestimating the number of cases of flu, I knocked some paper on the floor. It came from a pile of papers that I had found when tidying up and handing over the archive for a volunteer role I had just given up. After the lecture had finished I picked it up. It was called 'How to preprocess a simple paragraph of text'.

Is there a connection when family members die on the same day, but in different months and years?

I honestly did not know this until my mom told me, but her mom passed away on August 30, 1999; then my dad's mom passed away on October 30, 2007; and then my mom's day passed away on September 30, 2010. Is the above just a coincidence or could it be some sort of connection with the day 30?

Coincidence of high school

I met my now best friend who is the same height as me (4’10)when we joined eagle point the same week freshmen year. She came from Texas and I came from Medford

Far From Home

16th June 2018, flew to Christchurch, NZ to look for houses as we were moving down from Whangarei NZ in a month. During the day, we went to bigsave furniture to order a bed for when we moved down. Turned out that the sales rep we felt with was also from Whangarei and had just finished working at the bigsave up there. Same day went to order a fridge at Noel Leemings and found that the sales rep there had grown up in Whangarei.

Same person; worlds apart

In the mid '70s, my spouse and I were visiting Greece and took a bus tour that lasted a few days. Everyone on the tour was in pairs, except for one single man. We ended up spending time with him, eating at the same table, walking with him, etc. He was Austrian. We are Canadian and at that time were living in central Canada. The tour ended; we didn't stay in touch.

Genetic predetermination

Back in February 1996 I gave a talk at the University of Alberta Biochemistry department on the synthesis and characterisation of fluorescent moolecules for the labelling of proteins in muscle. At the end of the talk a man introduced himself to me as being another James Craik who was also a dye chemist. At that point he joked maybe there was a genetic predetermination to Craiks being dye chemists!

333 Angel Numbers

For the longest time my alarm clock, digital alarm clock. I would wake up at 3:33 am in the morning. Not every morning but often enough. I love horror movies so I just turn the clock around as it was freaking me out. Than one night I could not sleep and I decided to get up and type it in the computer. I typed in 333 repeat numbers and the angel forums and mathematical sites came up. It as a time in my life when I needed support as I was going through hardship. You are guided surrounded by and loved by ascended masters. Is what it said.

Baby Food Jars

I was walking in Shoppers Drug mart from the pharmacy with a bottle of pills to commit suicide. My life was horrible and the thoughts grand. When I was walking down the ill way something fell off the self. A few things. I bent down to pick them up. 3 bottles of baby food. Peaches baby food. I laughed because just prior to my fathers death, I attempted to feed him peaches baby food. He didn't like peaches. I decided to get help and it was Yes shitty thoughts but also a hormonal imbalance.. !