Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Hyphenation coincidence

On 2 October 2016 I was reading a book (Critical Assembly - A Technical History of Los Alamos during the Oppenheimer Years, 1943-1945). I read the last line of page 117: During the summer of 1944, however, 3-inch testing became less de- I turned over and continued reading: cay series, is ordinarily isolated from lead concentrates. Although en- I realised that this did not make sense. I then discovered that I had turned over two pages, and instead of reading the top of page 118, I was reading the top of page 120.

The Scorpio.

10 years ago I was working for a company but I did not like my job. I started considering to go back to University to attend a Master degree. But this would have meant to quit the job and to use all the savings I had. My partner suggested me not to be silly and to keep working. In his opinion I was going to leave a certain future for uncertainty.

Everything Comes in Perfect Timing

So my coincidence is more like a series. It is January of 2019 scattered with synchronicity after another all centered around this one person. I met this guy over the summer, moved away, moved back and he was dating someone. Then we reconnected at the beginning of January through a mutual friend who I met 5 years ago at a hostel and was back in nola visiting his partner who just moved here. This guy was roommates with my friends we reconnected and found out that he was going to be at a tree planting my nonprofit was organizing two days later. Great so saw him at the planting.

Synchronicity of words

My story is very similar to the person who wrote about reading a word (and the same word is said at that moment or one second later). This happens to me almost daily, as expressed by the previous writer- from 2017. Does anyone know what this means? Please write me back, a comment/information, Thank you Sagacious11

Movies and Coach

A. The Wizard of Oz (1939) 1. Hickory, North Carolina, is my hometown. I graduated from Hickory High School in Hickory, North Carolina. The mascot for this high school is the “Red Tornadoes.” I am not sure what year this high school adopted this mascot though the Wikipedia page for this high school does state that the high school in Hickory, North Carolina, was renamed “Hickory High School” in the 1940s. In the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, a tornado sweeps the character Dorothy Gale and her dog, Toto, away from Kansas, and “Hickory” is the name of another character in that movie.

My moms death and anniversary

My mom passed away April 2, 2017 from a brain aneurism. The previous day I was at her house picking up my son. I dropped him off with my husband then went to work a graveyard shift at a coffee shop. The regular coffee drinkers were telling me about the guy that bought my old house which my mom gave to me but my husband and I returned to her so she could sell it. They told me he hanged himself in the backyard. I thought they were playing an April fools joke on me but they kept saying nope it’s not the first anymore. I got chills and was creeped out. I left work at 5am.

This is a double coincidence almost...its weird.

My name is Tully. Very weird name, I know. There was a movie that came out in 2018 called Tully and it instantly piqued my interest because I am literally the only person I know with such a name. I then looked into the movie, trying to find out why it had the same name as me and then discovered that the actress who played Tully, Mackenzie Davis, was born on my birthday. I was born on April Fool's, so not exactly one of the common ones and to this day it just boggles my mind.

The Appalachian Trail

As Ralph was leaving for some researches in the Harvard Library, his psychic girlfriend Betty told him that something important would happen at 2:00PM. Indeed he stumbled walking down a stairway at that time, and Susan, who was walking up, came over to help him pick up his papers and books. Grateful for this help from a stranger, Ralph suggested they go for coffee.

Strange dream and feeling before discovering the death of my ex-wife..

One morning I woke up with a strange feeling about an ex-wife that I had not seen or talked to in over 25 years. I had also heard almost nothing of her from friends, except that she had remarried. We had a short and not too loving of a marriage..... I had a short dream about her one night, that I discussed with my wife when I awoke. I dreamed that I had seen her in public. She looked young, slim, fit and healthy in my dream (even though her chronological age should have been almost 60), and she was smiling at me.

My friend's son in Thailand

I talked to a friend of mine in Maryland and told her that I was going to Thailand on a trip. I told her that I owned a condo there and would be staying for several weeks. She said "Oh, that's great! My son is in Thailand now.