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Met Wife's ex + coincidental firstborn

I was working at a Backpackers in Brighton in late 90's with a plan to go travelling to OZ and NZ late in 98 with 2 friends. I was 25 at the time. Whilst there a couple came to stay at the backpackers - Michelle & Charlie (they had been there before) . Michelle's younger sister Vicki was herself travelling at that time in Oz. Before I left in the September of '97 for Oz Michelle suggested I try and meet up with Vicki and her boyfriend etc - so wrote down a PO box number and thought no more of it, as Oz was such a massive place. Though Vicki had sent a couple of pictures of her trails in Oz and I must admit to remarking to myself that she looked a 'beautiful girl'. So then off we went to Oz - had a great time down the East Coast, as three 25 year old british 'lads' would have. When we got to Townsville we decided to take a couple of days out on Magnetic Island - 'Maggie Island' as the Oz's called it from memory. Only Mini Mokes were allowed there and it was a beautiful place to stay - dont remember the hostel we stayed in but 1 night there armed with a pitcher of VB someone behind picked up that I had mentioned Brighton and he asked if I knew a backapackers there........then if I knew of a girl called Vicki (She had stayed there previously before my time visiting her sister) I told him that I knew her sister Michelle though. Turns out he had been travelling with Vicki - he was the ex - they had split up, Vicki had gone north towards Cairns and he had travelled down south. Thought not much of it at the time - small world etc. Got back to blighty in the feb 98 - and returned to the backpackers in Brighton - Michelle was now working there and guess who came to visit her ? Within 2 weeks we were 'an item' - left the backpackers to live together within 3 months and were married in 2000. So then coincidence no. 2 - My mum passed away in Apr 92. My most special person in my life at that time and I was devestated. Still life goes on and as above I believe fate, coincidence etc all happens for a reason. So a couple of years after Vicki and I were married we discovered that our first child was to be expected in December 2002. We did not want to know the sex and when we found out the expected due date me, my dad and sisters were quietly more than excited - Due date 8/12. Mum's birthday was the 9th. And true to fate our first child - a girl, Bella was born on the 9th. (Although my Mum's name was Anne her nickname at school was Bella) What other name could she have had ?!!
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:58:20 +0000Coincidence ID:3287

Family Births

My Father is the middle of 3 brothers, My Dads older brother has all daughters (2) My Dad had 3 sons (i'm the middle brother) My Dads Younger Brother has all Girls (2) My Older Brother has has all girls (2) I as the middle brother has all Boys (2) My Younger brother and his partner have just given birth to a baby girl My wife and i had a miscarrige 4 years ago, my mother is conviced that as middle brother we can't have girls and that the miscarridge was due to the fact that my wife was carrying a girl (unsubstantiated), I explained to her it was a coincidence but she is obsessed and my little brother having a baby girl last week fuels the fire. What are the odds!
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:48:17 +0000Coincidence ID:3286

old friend

My Name:Albert Grant Friend 's Name: Phil Andrews Location:Nanjing Road East,Shanghai,China Event:My 1st visit to China on Arsenal F.C pre-season Asia Tour Thurs 14 July 2011 - Hotel I pre-booked was unavailable so went to different hotel with a mate. Fri 15 July 2011 - we got a taxi to the the metro station, which was near the original hotel and were just entering the station when I heard someone shout "Albert!", which intrigued me! I turned round and saw Phil! He was an Arsenal fan who used to drink with us and go to games,7 years ago! and was now working in Ordos,Mongolia and was in Shanghai,also on his way to watch the Arsenal match on Sat 16 July!
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:47:31 +0000Coincidence ID:3285

matching words

I often read a book while my wife is watching television. It frequently happens that a word or phrase just spoken on television is the one i have just read at exactly the same time. I would expect this to happen with very commonly used words or where I am reading a newspaper and the news is on TV. However, it often happens with uncommon or obscure words or phrases, and what makes it seem strange is that the word is spoken at precisely the same moment that I am reading it. It happens so frequently that I now expect it and it's no longer remarkable. I haven't heard other people talk about this, but wonder how common it really is.
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:32:53 +0000Coincidence ID:3284

Christmas thoughts

Had a lot to do this Xmas made myself a list and at the bottom I wrote smile Was speaking to my brother not long after I had made my list and he exclaimed he had had to make a list himself.. At the bottom of his was SMILE. Knock me over with a feather
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:29:55 +0000Coincidence ID:3283

Book shop

I wanted a copy of guinness book of hit singles, went into the hospice bookshop,they didn,t have a copy. But while the ladies were helping me look, someone came in and donated a box of books, and on the top was ...guinness book of hit singles!
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:25:42 +0000Coincidence ID:3282

Driving over a 4ft long object falling from the sky on the Heathrow perimeter road

If some Soothsayer predicted I would strike in my car, at speed, a 4ft long, man-made object falling from the sky on the Heathrow Airport perimeter road, I would consider it curtains time for sure. This however, is exactly what happened to me 45 minutes into the New Year. Driving from Hatton Cross tube station car park on the Heathrow South Perimeter road a large Chinese Lantern abruptly landed 20 yards in front of me resulting in me unavoidably taking it out with both offside wheels. ……… Mine the only car on the stretch at the time. Thinking about this, even considering New Years night (and ironic location) I could not conceive the probability of this event occurring! Any views? I consider this has completely obliterated any chance of me winning the lottery??
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:23:31 +0000Coincidence ID:3281

2nd world war pilot

In 1990 I was on holiday in Disneyland Florida waiting for a bus. An elderly man , in his 80's was standing near and we started to speak as he was fond of the English. He had been a B52 bomber pilot in the 2nd world war and stationed in England. When i asked where he was stationed , he said I would never have heard of the small village in Northamptonshire called Grafton Underwood. When I told him I lived 5 miles away from the village in Kettering and often took the dog for a walk around the now disused air field he almost broke down. He had travelled 800 miles to Disney world and i had travelled thousands to there and here we were.......coincidence or what ?
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:22:18 +0000Coincidence ID:3280

Chance Meeting

Hi, My Name is Mark Smyth. On 5th July 2008 I was at Twickenham for the Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time Tour (According to wikipedia 44,672 tickets were sold). The 4 of us attending (Myself, my mate Kevin and 2 guys we'd met at our digs) were standing and decided to pick a spot the the left of the sound stage in the centre of the pitch as this gave us an excellent view on the stage. About halfway through the gig I spotted a familiar face walking towards me through the crowd from the stage. As he got closer I shouted him over. His name is Paul Crossley and we had served together both at home and abroad in the Army for many years. I had not seen him since he left in approximatley 1992/1993. He and I used to travel home together as I am from Bury and he is from Burnley. We both grabbed a pint together had a quick catch up and then went our separate ways. I have not seen him since. Paul told me that he was at the gig with his girlfriend and had actually thought that if he bumped into anyone that day it was likely to be me. I hope you find this interesting, Thanks Mark
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:19:20 +0000Coincidence ID:3279

Second cousin dates

I have found a long lost second cousin through family tree searches, our grandmothers were sisters. His and my father had the same Birthday date, 4 July but not the same year. He is 30 years older than his father, I am 30 years older than my father, he and I are 30 years separate in age! His birthday is 21 Mar and mine 23 March.
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Date submitted:Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:18:38 +0000Coincidence ID:3278