Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Too Many Loaves of Bread

My Italian grandmother, who we called Nan, was obsessed with having enough Italian bread for dinner. Every holiday, she brought a crazy amount of bread to my Mom's house. In October of 2000, Nan passed away. On the day of her wake (visitation), my family returned to my mom's house to have dinner between the afternoon and evening visitation sessions at the funeral parlor. We ordered from a local Italian restaurant. When the order arrived, my mom checked it to make sure everything was correct.

We Found Love Song Linked to Good Relationship News

I had a massive crush on a boy recently. I would constantly dream of being in a relationship with him. I had a playlist of songs that reminded me of him. The most frequent song I listened to almost every day keeping him in mind was "We Found Love" by Rihanna. One day, I was on my way to an event. On my social media page, I had asked people if they were going to the event or not. You could simply vote "YES' or "NO". In the car, I checked the poll and to my surprise, the boy I adored voted that he was attending the event.

Breaking Benjamin Concert Dates

Breaking Benjamin is my favourite band of 2000s. Breaking Benjamin had so many hits! The ones I remember are 'The Diary of Jane', 'Tourniquet' and their hit 'So Cold'. These are real masterpieces, not garbage like today! And it is awesome that Breaking Benjamin have a tour in 2019-2020! And I'm going to visit Breaking Benjamin concert in 2019. The tour dates is here: [url=]Breaking Benjamin tour dates 2020[/url]. Open the page and maybe we can even visit one of the performances together!

Finding Strangers were our Neighbours

Some 50 years ago I was a student at Oxford. During the Christmas holidays a friend and I climbed a snowy winter route on Tryfan (a mountain in Snowdonia). When we reached the top we headed towards Adam and Eve (two large rocks on the summit). There we met a couple having a picnic. We asked them where they had come from and they said "Oxford". We said "so do we - we live in Iffley Road". They said "so do we". We soon discovered that they were our next door neighbours - although we had never met.

Multiple Coincidences in My Life

1) Grandmothers - Father's Mother - Elizabeth Ann<br /> Mother's Mother - Elizabeth Ann </p> <p>2) Father, Grandfather and Uncle - Father's Birthday - 18th December<br /> Mother's Father's Birthday - 18th December<br /> Mother's Brother's Birthday - 18th December </p> <p>3) A woman who worked in the same office as myself had the same Christian Name, same Middle<br />

Watch Holted.

Many years ago my cousin died and I was calling my mom with bad news. She picked up the phone, listened in disbeleaf and shock and when she looked at her watch, it stopped working. Prior to it her watch worked. She did not know what to make of it, she felt it is mystical.

Meduza Gorgona.

When I was in my twenties, I was fomer art student, and drew Greek mythical character Medusa Gorgona. The drawing existed for several years until ruined by water. When my daughter turned 22, she, as Art Program student, drew, on her own accord, without ever knowing about my drawing, the Greek mythology character Medusa Gorgona.

Mother–daughter memoirs.

In my mother's memoirs was a story about one of her asquitances, a dancer, who got job on a dancing team with famous circus. When I wrote my memoirs, I realised as I wrote about my dancing years, that I also had my dance team member, a girl, who got job with the same famous circus.

Brother and Sister Hoax

During my mother's young years, she met a young fellow, who helped her to get to college, yet they came up with a story that he and she are brother and sister, grew up in different families, for that reason he knew local ethnic language and she did not. My mother never told us this story until I was in my 50s. However, when I was very young I also met a young fellow, and came to visit him far away unexpectedly.

Strange Cabinet- strange screw gun

So I'm a fabricator, at work we needed a shelving unit. I built one to mimic those cheap grey garage shelving units. Installed it that afternoon. That evening my buddy calls and ame out of the blue if I wanted one he was cleaning out his garage. It just was 2 specific of a design. Same guy next coincidence, so for two days I have been looking for a specific stand up tool to install screws in deck I'm building. Friend calls me this morning literally ten minutes after I ordered and told me he was lookinging into buying one of the guns for a sub floor job.