Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Small world

I moved from PA to NY to go to college to become a teacher. I was subbing at a nearby school district and the secretary there was so kind. We always made small talk on my way in and out for the day. After a week or so, she asked me for my phone number so I could call me personally if there were any positions. I gave her my number (with my PA area code) and she asked me where I was originally from. Turns out she grew up in the same town as me! We enjoyed talking about that for the next couple weeks. Then I mentioned to her that I was getting married and she asked my soon to be husband’s name. She asked if he had any relation to —— and I said yes! That’s his aunt! She not only grew up in my town, but was my father in laws neighbor, and his sister’s very good friend growing up. So I met someone who knew all the same people I knew in a completely different state!

Dad Injury

I was living at college, and I was woken up in the middle of the night with a repeating voice in my head, “You need to call your dad. You need to call your dad”. It was around 2 in the morning so of course I was not going to call my dad, but after the repeating intrusive thought for over an hour, I sent him a text message that I was thinking about him and for him to give me a call when he gets a chance. I get a call from him at 10 that morning saying he was in the hospital because he had an accident at work where he was cut with a saw from his wrist to his armpit. Thankfully, he was okay after lots and lots of stitches. This was about 6 years ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Guessed my cousin’s poker hand

We were playing poker and my cousin says, “if I lose again, I’m done”. So when I realize I have 2 pair, I lied about my hand and named 5 random cards (not suits, just the numbers), and it was the hand my cousin had.

Had a stroke, horoscope next day was about it

My aunt had a minor stroke a couple of weeks ago. This stroke itself did not result in any real issues, however it means another more major stroke in he near future is more likely. She is not prone to believing in the supernatural and does not ever read her horoscope. However, she decided to, given the recent life changing news. Her horoscope in the Chicago Sun Times read: “Be careful in discussions about shared property, inheritance, and money issues because you might be tempted to give away the farm. This is because you’re thinking in large strokes and you feel very generous. All of this is very well, but stay reasonable” Shortly after her stroke she told me I was the executor of her will. So there’s a coincidence. But the “thinking in large strokes” line is a very strange coincidence. I’ve never even heard the phrase “large strokes” I more commonly hear “broad strokes”. Weird!

Teacher of my teacher

My regular piano teacher decided to move house, and suggested I go to her piano teacher who taught her when she was younger. I did so, for about a year or more at the time of the coincidence. Then one day in conversation she told me she went to a piano concerto of a talented young boy who is being taught by one of her old students. She showed me a picture of him and low and behold, he was my classmate. This happened in Hong Kong where there's nearly 8 million people, many of which teach piano, and many schools around the city. She did not teach music full time, does not work for any music schools, and she teaches young students at home. She very rarely speaks about her old students, so of course the only time she does is when I get this odd coincidence.

My dog

I had been searching for a dog for a couple of years and then one night I had a dream about a sick coughing brown husky puppy that had showed up on my porch and I took him in and trained him. The next day, for no reason, I felt like going to Trader Joe’s, while walking in I thought, “I should look to the right”. There was a pet store there I had never noticed, and I thought, what are the odds. I went in and saw a black husky puppy in the store, I asked if there were more. They said yes but he has kennel cough. It was the brown puppy from my dream. I went home, knowing this was my dog. Then my neighbor told me that this pet store chain is notorious for puppy mills. I didn’t want to contribute to that, so I looked into it and the pet store he was at was the only one that had been privately owned and turned into a non profit no kill shelter that rescues unwanted puppy litters from around the country. Not only that, but he was named milo, which is the same name as my dog who had just died. Also, to top it all off, he has the same birthday as my former partner’s (at the time we were together) sister. Now he is my service dog!

Card flip prediction

My husband and I were joking around after a game of cards and for some reason he shuffled the deck and asked me to try to guess what card he'd flip. I correctly guessed three times in a row the exact card (value and suit.) The chances of that are something like 1/132,600.


When I was a young bride I had a terrible dream in which my father stood at the bottom of a staircase (the staircase was once in my mother's aunt's house) engulfed in fog, calling to me. I answered but he couldn't hear me. I woke in a cold sweat and so shaken my husband woke up. A bit later we decided since it was early we'd just get up and make breakfast as I tried to calm down. At 6am the phone rang and it was my father. He apologized for calling so early but added, "I been up for hours, honey, and it's so good to hear your voice." Before I could say much he went on, "I had a dream that shook me up something terrible. "Member that big old staircase at Aunt Bessie's house? You was calling to me from the upstairs but there was all this fog and I couldn't see you." I motioned to my husband and said, "Daddy, please say that again". My husband listened in and as my father repeated the dream my husband got spooked. I felt much better and calmer hearing Dad's voice but now my husband was all shook up. It's now been 43 years since then and I still remember the confusion and fear of that dream.

Finding a family, one by one.

In 1978, age 27, I was recovering from a serious illness and had returned to my home town in Hertfordshire to live with my parents for six months. While there I made phone contact with a local co-counselling group that was advertising in a local library. The contact person told me she was withdrawing from the group, and passed me on to someone else, but not before I'd been smitten by her voice. I couldn't get it out of my head for months. Some while later, I forget how long, a year-and-a-half perhaps, I met a young girl while doing an English A level class at the local college. I'll call her Angela here. We became friends and used to meet in the college refectory after classes to discuss the work we had been set. By that time I was living in a flat in town. At some point during that year I moved out of the flat and into a larger one. The next time I met Angela she told me that she, too, had moved. She had left her family home and, as it turned out, moved into my old flat. She hadn't previously known where I lived. The landlady of my new house share asked me to interview a couple of people for a spare room.