Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

weight of a soul

I was considering watching the film "21 grams" which uses a theory developed by a real scientist, which has never been verified, as "accepted real" in order to provide poetic license for the story. The theory is that the soul weighs 21 grams and is equal to the amount of body wight lost at the point of death. I took out some stuff - a handkerchief I think, from my pocket as I considered the possibility of reality of the theory as proven, and dropped excacly 21 pence onto the floor, by accident.

Chance Meetings

I completed a PhD at Leeds University in 1964 and spent the next 47 years working in London. During my time in London I had chance meetings in town with former student colleagues from the same Leeds department on only two occasions. Both encounters took place on the same day, one at lunch time in a vegetarian restaurant and one the same evening at the English National Opera. Incidently I very rarely dine in a vegetarian restaurant or go to the opera.

Double Date

On Saturday, 18th April 1992 I started to decorate my bedroom in an old cottage. A lot of the plaster was damaged especially around the window frame. Whilst raking this out I came across a wooden peg I had assumed was there to wedge in the window frame. When I look at it there was writing on it which read: John Moss mounted round this window frame on Saturday, 18th April 1874.

Insignificant to everybody but me

in 1977 I was studying to repeat my A levels and as part of the curriculum we did "General Studies", a Friday afternoon chat with a well meaning sort whose name escapes me. He was talking about a story where the earths entire population had been destroyed, presumably in some form of M.A.D..

Two film names rhyme

My girlfriend, several days ago, decided that we would spend the night in and watch a few DVD's, upon making this decision she headed off to the HMV at Oxford Circus to purchase some films from their plethoric selection. When I returned from work, Unknown to my girlfriend, she had chosen three films, two of them had titles that rhymed. They were as follows: Larry Crowne & Harry Brown I could not believe the coincidence

Chance Encounter

I live in Australia. For five-and-a-half years I was in the worst relationship of my life with a person I would later learn, from various sources including specialists, was a borderline/narcissistic personality. By the end of it my sense of self had been almost completely destroyed, I had no confidence, everything had become a kind of relativistic miasma, my self-esteem was shot, I couldn't think about the future and barely had the energy to get through the day.

Radio and CD Player in sync

Last week I was driving along listening to Classic FM radio and a couple of minutes into one piece of music (it was Borodin), I decided it didn't match my mood so I switched to my 6 disc cd player in which I have kept the same fairly diverse discs for months if not years. To my complete bafflement, it seemed I had failed somehow to switch, so I switched back to the radio - and then I realised that my CD player had picked up on exactly the same track, and merely a "cat's whisker" behind!

Australian visit

Our son, who lives in the UK, decided to attend the Rugby World Cup competition in Sydney. He contacted his Godmother, who lives in Sydney, simply to say he would contact her at some stage during his visit. He sat down at one of the matches to discover that his Godmother was in the seat directly behind him.

How strange!

I have lived in various parts of the country over a forty year period and moved to my present address in Dorset 5 years ago. I signed on with a new doctor and on talking to the nurse at the 'introductory' medical found we had been born in exactly the same part of town in Portsmouth and later moved to exactly the same part of town at the north end of the island and attended the same school only fifteen years apart.

Of all the basilicas on all the mountains in all the world...

In October 2010 Bradford Cathedral Choir undertook a short tour of Catalonia, singing in and around Barcelona. My son and I have been singing in this choir for a few years and went on the tour. One of the events on the tour was to be a 15minute slot singing in the Basilica at Montserrat, where visiting choirs are permitted to do a short session at lunchtime on Mondays. We duly arrived at the top of the mountain and were waiting outside the Basilica to put our robes on and warm up our voices.