Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

ph num xxx-yyy in 2 towns my namesake.

received overseas call. is that McDonald? yes. Stuart? my middle name, yes. what number were you calling? 89-6820. yes. what town? Dunedin South Island. OOOh! this is ISD +644. Wellington new Zealand. apparently stuart is isd +643 the same number. verified both names and numbers are listed in respective directories. This was about 15 yrs ago and soon after 6-digit numbers were upgraded to 7-digits. wrong number likely consequence of directory assistance match stuart with don s. in different island. but few enquiries to 018.

Neighbors with same named baby

In May of 2013, my family moved from Seattle to Chicago and set up in a Lincoln Square Condo Association. We discovered that our new neighbor, across the hall, had an infant with the same name as ours, Astrid (6 months). Although she was one month older we found this to be an incredible coincidence.

tmrw date attached to lottery numbers

Photo. Results of kenonz 20/80 lottery disp tvnz teletext abt 15-16 octob. Lucky nums are triangular nos. Draw date/time be switched to nxt day. So I bet 10/10 correct! Poor ticket print. Rod donald green die in office. Donald Stuart MacDonald. 1 letter mac than my name.

same name

When I was a graduate student at Stanford University in the mid 1970s, it was still common for schools to publish directories with the names of faculty, staff and students. One day, I idly opened mine and found and undergraduate with a rather uncommon (but familiar to me) name from my home town of New York City, across the country from Palo Alto.

Of all the books in all the libraries in all the world, she picks mine.

I was in the Bodleian library being inducted into the cataloguing system, about 15 years ago. The induction was being given by one of the staff and there were about 15 people in the group - people from a wide variety of humanities disciplines including languages, history, philosophy, theology and the Arts. She demonstrated us how she moved through the layers of cataloguing organisation on the computer, down through ''Literature'' through "English literature", and so on through the genres, each time choosing at random the next menu item to click on.

birthdate and high school coincidence

I met a women in a meet-up group. I liked her comments, thought we were about the same age and of similar ilk, so being relatively new to the area (Portland, OR) asked her to meet for coffee, suspecting a new friendship could be developed. She is not a native Oregonian either. We did and got to talking and she mentioned growing up in Phoenix, AZ. I lived in Phoenix for just a few months as a teen, so she asked where I went to high school. I told her Thunderbird HS, to which she replied that was her alma mater.

Exact Match

The Numbers Game is a lottery game where you pick 4 digits and hope the numbers that are drawn match your choice, either in exact order or in any order. So, the four winning numbers in the midday drawing on Thursday, August 14 were, in order, 4821. The coincidence? If you placed a one dollar bet to get all four of those numbers in that exact order, you would've won exactly \$4821, i.e. the number drawn is an exact match to the prize amount. And just so we're clear, this is not how the prize money is determined, i.e.


Just as I finished reading astrophysicist author Carl Sagan's novel Contact and was closing the back cover, the radio news announced his death at that precise second.

Birth dates and death dates

Different family members have birth date and death dates (never the same year) that are the same. 1. I was born on May 22 which is the same day my great aunt died years before 2. My sister was born on April 16 and my great-grandfather died on her first birthday 3. My father was born on August 24 and my 2nd cousin was born on the same day 4. Both of my maternal grandparents died on August 12 - one in 2012 and one in 2014 5. My step-son's birthday is Nov 4 which is the same day my paternal grandfather died 6.

My elementary school(grade 4-6) best friend and junior high best friend became best friends in high school and college!

My definition of "best friend" is a friend you hang out with the most during a period of time, not necessarily always being your closest friend throughout. I grew up in WuHan, one of the most populated cities in China. I went to two different schools from grade 4-9. Grade 4-6 I was in Huaao and grade 7-9 I was in Huayi. Those were boarding schools, they weren't close to each other and students were from all over the city. Wherever I was, there was always one friend that I spent the most time with.