Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


My friends and I went to a birthday party at a friend's place. One of my friends was quite hyperactive that evening, jumping and dancing and doing his robotic break dance stuff for hours. After a while we started joking about it and someone asked where to switch him off. I just randomly pressed my finger into his belly, my friend played along and instantly stopped moving. At that exact moment, the music and all lights went out, too. The fuse had blown at exactly the same time as I pressed the "off-switch". That was the first and last time that fuse ever blew.

Not a chance its chance #3

How likely do you think it is that I would listen to a story: The Black Monk, by Moliere in which an idea is mentioned in the story line that ‘33,000 years of very great suffering can be compressed into 1000 years’ and then hear the same idea in an audio tape, in a different context within a few days? I borrowed The Black Monk on tape from the library and listened to it. On my way to return it I realized I had nothing to listen to so I picked up a tape that had been laying on the corner of the kitchen countertop. It had been there for some time for no apparent reason.

The Red Carpet

My name is Sigmund Shonholtz I am a non-spiritual coincidentalist and S.E.E. "Irony is Destiny" in my world. I have been studying the phenomenon of coincidence since I was 17 years old after having an unusual event. It was 1971, I was driving home down Wilshire Blvd and I noticed a sign for a real estate company, Red Carpet Realitors, it read. I did not think the metaphore of a red carpet was a very good idea for a real estate agency. Ridiculously, I began to wonder what would be a better use for a red carpet for the name of a business.

Matching PIN code

Apart from my credit cards PINs, I have two PIN codes to remember at all times: My work's bike garage lock number, and my son's nursery entry code. Well, actually the same 4 digit PIN number!

Ward Buddies!

My husband was born with a hair lip and had to have numerous operations to rectify this during his childhood. During one of these stays in hospital for him a young 8 year old girl was having her tonsils out and staying in the same mixed children’s ward. I used to have to walk passed his bed to get to the bathroom. It was only years after meeting that we got talking about our stays in hospital as children that we discovered we were in there at the same time, sharing the same ward!

family deaths on Oct 13

My parents first child died on Oct 13. My father died on Oct 13. The Hospice nurse had pronounced Dad around 2:00 pm on Oct 12, but then he drew another breath and made it to Oct. 13 around 1:00 a.m. One year to the day later, my sister died on Oct. 13.

Same birthday and name

While working on my high school reunion committee, an aunt passed away. One of the classmates on my contact list called me to ask if that was my aunt. I told her yes, and she related that we shared the same Gt. Grandfather. She was researching that genealogy line as was I so we got together to work on it. We had gone through high school together but were only acquaintances and did not know we were related. Over lunch at our first meeting, we learned that our first borns were named Leslie and that they were both born on the same date but a few years apart.

great minds think alike

I went rock climbing with a friend last Saturday. The weird thing is that neither of us knew that the other one was going. We didn't even know that the other was into climbing. We independently picked the same instructor, who isn't based in our home city, and ended up going on the same day out of a choice of five. We were the only ones with him that day too.

I dream of Jeannie

I teach computers voluntarily in the local library system.

Furniture removal

I was given a white second-hand chest of drawers by my mother-in-law which i decided to paint a stencil design of tulips on. I used it for a couple of years but then gave it to a friend of mine. This friend who lived quite near me moved about 170 miles away. After I separated from my husband I decided to move to the area she now lived in and was allocated a council house in a nearby village. I became friendly with my next door neighbour who one day showed me her decorated bedroom. In the bedroom was the chest of drawers!.