Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Tracing a man, tracing a Picture

I am researching a miniature portrait ca. 1797 (mother and child) done in Edinburgh, the lady having a connection to South Carolina - but also to an Australian descendent and beyond. A book published in Melbourne in 1978 carries a photograph of a portrait of man, the lady’s husband, recording this portrait in the possession of the late John Grigg who died in 2001 and whose papers sold by Quaritch in 2002 are at the Bodleian and also at the collection in Sydney that I am going to study in October.

Freud was haunted by certain numbers.

LETTERS FROM FREUD TO Jung (From Memories, Dreams and Reflections) Vienna. IX, Berggasse 19 April 16, 1909 ......"Now I shall exercise the privilege of my years to turn loquacious and tell you about one more matter between heaven and earth which cannot be understood. A few years ago I took it into my head that I would die between the ages of 61 and 62, which at that time seemed to leave me a decent period of grace.

Uncle passing

I received a call one morning. The call was from my mother. She told me my uncle had passed away suddenly during the early hours. Later that morning, I decided to go into work and was driving along an open road most of the way. On approaching a small village I came to a roundabout. A blue car had right of way at the roundabout. As I followed it, I noticed its registration plate ended NEC. My uncle's favourite football team was Everton. He was a diehard fan, who never missed a home game. Their shirt colour is blue. One of their shirt sponsors during the eighties was NEC.

Number coincidence

Sir, I am getting the number 42 frequently every time. 1.Story: As when a I am studing 10th class my result is 542 and In intermidiate 1st year my result is 442 and 2 nd year result is 943 mostly near. 2.When I see the time it is 10:42 and another time it is 12:42 and many times the time has the number 42. 3.When I see my bike number it cointains number 42. 4.As my exam hallticket number cointains the number 42.

Driving the other person crazy

2005 Driving the Other Person Crazy incident<br /> </p><br /> <p>I had just read a book that mentioned an essay, Driving The Other Person Crazy by a Harold Searles, and decided to read the essay. A search on the Internet revealed it was in a book, Collected Papers and Essays on Schizophrenia by Harold Searles, and the lowest price was 89.00 so I put it out of my mind.<br /> </p><br /> <p>A short time later I was in Borders Books, waiting to check out when I noticed a rack of books marked '75%' off, so I went over to the rack.

The Compton-Fermi incident

A few months ago (2003) I was at work. My mind was on my work when 'thought words' occurred into my mind: Arthur C. Compton. The name: "Arthur C. Compton" spontaneously emerged into my thought, for no reason. Immediately I stopped what I was doing then entered the name into the Search window. I did a search on the Internet for 'Arthur C. Compton' and got a link to a web document! It was a letter written in 1942. The document was labeled "Letter: Arthur C.

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Scrabble Coincidence (No I in TEAM!)

There was an all company meeting at work recently and as I sat down for the talk noticed that a scrabble set had been left out on one of the tables where somebody had been playing previously. I took 7 letters out and as I laid them on the green holder they spelt out TEAMI. I stopped at that point to tell everyone about this bizarre coincidence. There were two letters left over, but I hadn't got as far as putting them down, before showing everyone this!

Choosing a password

Choosing a password: This happened several years ago. I was changing my password at work a couple of weeks ago and got perturbed because I've run out of easy to remember passwords. I simply could not think of a new password. My mind wasn’t a blank though. Somehow my mind swarmed with ideas that were mostly connected to a book I had just finished reading Occult Symbolism in Alchemy and the Arts by Herbert Silberer. It was a remarkable book, although it is a description of certain kinds of experiences that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone that hadn’t had them.