Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Weird Phone Call

I once received a call and heard two people talking. I could hear them but they couldn't hear me.<br /><br /> It happened to be my dad talking to a lady named Suzanne who wanted my number so she could call me.<br /><br /> After the phone call ended she called me.<br /><br /> The only person I told this story to said "You should have picked up the phone and been like "hi Suzanne".<br /><br /> Except I never told him her name was Suzanne he just made it up on the spot.

A trip to Scotland

I live in Kent England and I have a close female friend who works for a company called `Iron Mountain' they only have two in Kent and one in Glasgow Scotland, whilst traveling by coach with my wife on holiday I fell asleep for about an hour and woke up in a traffic jam, I decided to spend some time tidying up the numbers on my mobile phone so I scrolled down the list and found the work number of my close female friend from `Iron mountain' as she told me it was a new number and EXACTLY at that moment I looked out of the coach window and two metres away on the wall was

Won't be topped, ever...

Clouds of Glory was conceived and written in 1983-84 and copyrighted in the files of the Library of Congress. Registration Number/Date: TXu 203-171/12 July 1985. Attached at the end are 100 pages of newspaper quotes matching in detail, in identical parallels, sometimes word for word, the historical event described within Clouds of Glory, the collapse of the Soviet Union. Thereby predating the event by years.


A friend told me this story: His wife is very Catholic, but he was a Protestant and not much of a believer. But he turned Catholic for her as a birthday-present. He told God: "Now I did my best for THEE , let´s see what you can do, - it is your turn !" He usually went to work changing for one bus to another, this altogether would took cca. 30 minutes. But this time the first bus came "in a split of a second" and the second one too. So he arrived at work in 8 minutes . He did not remember that ever happening before .

Sobriety and a baby

There are multiple coincidences in this unfolding story. First, I was in my Aunt's bathroom in Los Angeles two months ago and looked over at a Georgia O'Keeffe print on the wall. I then left and walked to an AA meeting where an elderly lady approached me afterward and pointed to some flowers which I didn't see, and she said "Those are the kind of flowers Georgia O'Keeffe used to paint". I thought it was quite the coincidence.

5 people in my family died on Sept 9th in separate years

My mat grandmother, pat uncle, 2 cousins and my wife all died on September 9th in different years

Date coincidence

I gave a Maths talk on the 100 Prisoners Problem and prepared a Powerpoint for the talk. On the opening slide, instead of writing the date, I noticed that the next day would be 14th March, or Pi Day, and so I wrote "The Day Before Pi Day". A few months later in the same year I was asked to give the same talk. This was possibly only the second time I have given this talk formally to a large group. I decided to update the Powerpoint, and, naturally, this included the date.

Finding links with someone. Twice.

I am from a small region in Northern Spain (Asturias). I lived there for most of my life and did my degree and PhD in Biology there (Universidad de Oviedo). In the department I used to work with a guy from Mexico DF. Then I moved to Oxford where I ended up living with a girl from Mexico DF and she is now one of my closest friends.

Unexpected encounter

I live in Brazil with my wife and two kids - a girl and a boy. In june 2010 I travalled with my wife and my daughter (my son had not been born yet) to California. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, we took the shuttle from the rental car company in order to pick up the car we had booked. There was another couple in the shuttle and while we traveled from the terminal to the rental company site, me and my wife were chatting. By the time we arrived at the rental car company office the lady that was in the shuttle approached me and asked if we were from Brazil.

Good Cod, I don't believe it

This is not one to read before your lunch. In 1984 I was tucking into a school dinner of battered fish and chips, when I discovered to my horror that the fish contained a coiled up worm or other such parasite. As you might imagine, no more fish for me. About 6 or 7 years later I finally plucked up the courage to try some fish again, the first since the incident. And you’ve guessed it, again I find this particular fish has the same affliction. Somehow I found the whole coincidence so unlikely, that I laughed it off and did return to eating fish fairly regularly.