Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


My daughter has six step-siblings due to my first partner having two children from a previous marriage and my present husband having four, Two of these siblings are girls and the coincidence is that whilst there is at least twenty years difference in their ages (so popular name trend is discounted), all three girls have married boys named Christopher but the biggest coincidence is that the two older girls married a Chris Thomas (not the same one). I, for several years worked with a Chris Thomas and either this is the most common name in England or this is a huge coincidence?

grandchild and grandmother

I was born on a friday,by forceps, 5 days before my grandmothers birthday. my grandaughter was born on a friday, by forceps, 5 days before my birthday

Phone numbers

The numbers 493 are in my mobile phone number next to each other, as they are in both my sister's home phone numbers.

Seeing the same person at 4 different locations within 1 hour

I was once in the London Underground in mid winter and a girl caught my attention because she was only wearing a vest in the freezing weather. Once outside, I again saw her ahead of me crossing the road. A few minutes later I arrived at my destination only to see her press the buzzer to gain access to the building. I let the door close behind her and pressed the buzzer in turn. I went up the stairs and went into my client's office. The girl was sitting at a desk!

Mystery tour

When I was about 12, for my birthday, my dad took me and a few friends on a "Mystery Tour". On the way in the car, it was eventually revealed that we were going to see a crash. Sure enough, soon after we stopped in a lay-by for lunch, a car towing another car drifted into the lay-by, skidded on the gravel, missing me by a couple of feet and then veered back out into the road with both cars smashing hard into the central crash barrier. Luckily no one was hurt. All my friends were seriously impressed and some really believed he had staged the crash.

A meeting coincidence

I moved to Dublin from London 12 years ago when I was 18. While in Dublin my Mum called from London to say her friends neice was studying in Dublin, and would I mind meeting her and 'making friends'. I told my Mum that we weren't children, and that I didn't really have the time to meet up, (how nice of me!) after that conversation I thought nothing more of it. A couple of weeks later I went for a drink after work, one of my good friends turned up with a girl he had started seeing from Scotland. She was a lovely girl and we got on great.

reading and listening to same word

I often listen to BBC radio while reading a newspaper. Almost inevitably I find myself reading a word ('education', 'political', 'gender'....etc.) and hearing the same word on the radio - at the same time! I could be reading in French and/or listening in English, and the same thing happens - the word examples I give here are of course the same in both languages, but do not always mean the same thing.

The Last Photo

A couple of years ago a friend of many years called Ruby informed my wife and I that her Brother who lived in Ireland had just died. We had met him once some time before. Ruby asked me to design and print some small cards as a memorial to her brother. They would be given to people attending the funeral. I was given a photo of her brother who was by all accounts a character. For the front of the card I asked her what sort of picture what would be appropriate. She told me that her brother had always liked the sea.


On more than one occasion my husbandand I, on recounting dreams, have discovered we have had the same dream. The same people and places have been present in the dreams

Car crash coincidence

About twenty years ago I collected my son Anthony from Boys Brigade in Bath. I was asked to drop his friend Gary off near his father's house. (his parents were separated and his mother lived somewhere completely different) When we arrived at the spot to drop Gary I stopped the car. While he was in the process of getting out we became aware of a car coming straight for us veering from the opposite side of the road and showing no sign of braking. It hit us front on quite hard, just as Gary was half in and half out of the car.