Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

My royal family

My great grandmother was the same age as the queen mother. Her daughter, my grandmother is the same age as the queen. Her son, married my mum- who would be the same age as princess Diana. My sister and I are unfortunately just a bit younger than Harry and Wills but with the same age gap. I met my husband a few years ago and his mum mentioned the uncanny coincidence that he and his brother are the same age as Harry and Prince William. We got engaged in 2009 but the William and Kate beat us to it and got married just before we did.

chance meeting doubled

On holiday with friends who lived two or three streets away, we decided to go on a boat trip. Among passengers disembarking from the boat we were about to board were our next door neighbours. But, what we found really strange, was that these neighbours were also on holiday with friends - and their friends just happened to be the next door neighbours of our friends!

prophetic voice

Amazing, but entirely trivial.........A few weeks ago, I was engrossed in a crossword. The television was on, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but my daughter had left the room so no-one was watching. I was on my own. The solution to a clue appeared to be a word I rarely come across "barbels" and I was about to look up the spelling when a disembodied voice called out "barbels". It was Buffy's voice.....she was in a gym and was about to use the equipment. How's that for a co-incidence?

Uncanny numbers

I was born on 5.6.56. I received my BA degree on 7.7.77. I got married on Aug 17th 1981, but because it was a Jewish ceremony and the new "day" starts at sunset, then the marriage certificate said 18.8.81. Hmm..........

A friend made by a coincidence

My wife and I were visiting a small town when we decided to have a cup of tea before catching the train home. There were several cafes in the town centre and we chose one at random. On the counter, there were several old magazines and I chose one at random. In it was a letter from a man in Canada who wanted to be put in touch with me - I'd written an article for the magazine earlier. I got in touch with him and we corresponded for a while. Seven years later my wife and I were planning on a Canadian holiday.

All the 17's

My mother passed away in 2005 and I remember, after the event, making a phonecall from my home to her private number and talking to my sister who was there at the time. The following morning I flew to England and the same evening I was myself sitting next to my mother's private phone in the nusing home. Just then my wife called my mother's number and we had a conversation. I thought nothing of all this until the phonebill arrived about a month later, back at home. Both calls lasted 17 minutes and 17 seconds............

Same people again

A few years ago I saw 2 people I knew on the same day in different towns. I had worked with both these people in the same office 15 years previously and hadn't seen either of them since..........


I have had the DVD 'The Reader" for 3 weeks and haven't got round to viewing it. Last night I packed it in my overnight bag to watch it with friends i am staying with tonight. I checked the TV guide for tonight, and 'The Reader" is on TV tonight, first airing/!

Identical circumstances

I was a police officer and was part of a firearms team in the City of London police. Our driver was born in 1936, some 10 years before me. He told a story of how he, as a 10-year-old, had entered bombed premises, a block of 'flats', about six stories high, and started a fire on a tin tray in the middle of a top floor room, not the fireplace for some obscure reason. There was no intent to damage property, merely keep warm. A police officer had entered the building, they had run out.


My daughter died in December 1992. At her funeral we sang Jesus loves me. On Christmas day we opened the gifts she had bought us the week before she died. She had bought the records I will always love youngish starts when I must go leaving only memories behind ... On the reverse Jesus loves me. She also bought the record from a distance by Cliff Richard . Her funeral was 3 days before Christmas. Are our lives mapped out for us, I believe everything happens for a reason. Sandra