Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Similar logos

My name is Geoff. I went to Arnold High School in Nottingham in the 1960s. The school badge was a spread eagle. After I left school I got a job with Barclays Bank and worked for them for 38 years. Their logo was - and still is - the spread eagle.

Miss Amy Robinson

Hi I have had several instances where I bump into other people wearing the same clothes as me, so much so that I now alter my clothes to make then different and am very tempted to start making my own, so that way no-one will have the same top/coat/trousers/dress as me!

a common friend and relation

I found I was teaching the nephew of a couple who are friends of mine. This may not seem much of a coincidence but the school is 2 miles from me, about 15 miles from the aunt and uncle (who are our friends) and about 6 miles from where the boy's parents actually live. Secondly, the teaching assistant in the class I was in turned out to be a long standing friend ( of 20 years) of a lady who is a teacher assistant at my previous school and whom I have known for 16 years and also taught her daughter for 2 years running!

Child birthdays

I escaped a difficult relationship a few years ago, and went on to meet a lovely man. I then heard up the grapevine that my ex's new girlfriend had had his child - born on my birthday. 18 months later I went into labour, and my daughter was born on my ex's birthday.

House purchase

I belonged the Hull Cine Society many years ago. At one meeting, I got into conversation with a member sat next to me and happened to say that I was selling my house in Hull, and moving out of the City. He said he was as well I said I was moving to Cottingham. He said he was as well. I said it was a new house just being built. He said his was as well. I said the house was in Spencer Close. He said his house was as well. I said it was to be number 14. He said his was to be number 12. I finished up buying one side of the semi, and he bought the other.

Direct debit coincidence

In the mid '90's I worked for an employment agency in the post room of the Alliance & Leicester headquarters, at that time situated in Oadby, just south of Leicester. I was one of the few who would go in around 6.30-7.00 to sort out the incoming post and then make a start on the inevitable stack of outgoing mail to be sorted for the internal mailbags going out to the branches. This particular morning there were 5-6 crates of outgoing mail to be sorted; this consisted of statements, letters, direct debit mandates and the like, that were going to the customers' relevant

Golden Threads

My sister and I were embroidering a tablecloth for our parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary. On it we had dates of marriage, birth of children and grandchildren, education, interests, holidays, family jokes etc. In one of the squares, I randomly chose a colour of thread and embroidered a shoe and then the number of the shop that my grandfather had - 322. It was not until I put the thread away that I saw that the DMC thread number was... 322. All my threads are wound onto bobbins and the way that they are stored makes it impossible to see the number.

Universe trying to tell me something?

About two months before I was booked on a holiday last summer, an exercise machine I used on a daily basis broke. About a week later my car broke down. Then my desktop computer refused to perform and had to be replaced. Driving my father's car while my own was being repaired, I got a puncture. A few days later, I got my own car back... and got a puncture. I'm on the phone to my father lamenting that everything I owned was breaking, went into the bathroom and discovered the toilet seat had broken. Shorly after that, my landline broke and my mobile had to be replaced.

Mrs. F. V

Several years ago we flew to Australia with a stop over in Japan. The hotel we stayed in, in Kyoto had no. 326, our next hotel in Cairns had the no. 3246. Our next stop was in Melbourne and we stayed for a few nights in The Great Ocean Road area. Pur room no. was 4 the house was no. 4 and we hired a car which only had the No. 4. Someone suggested that we entered the lottery with these numbers, which we did. The numbers which came up were 2 3 4 32 39 and the star no. 44. I did actutally get 3 nos. together and received only 10\$ Australian.

birthday coincidence

Having purchased a small hotel in Morecambe in 1990 we needed to employ staff. The first recruit, for a post waiting on table, was a young lady who came with her mother for interview. She was just right for the job and it was offered to her. When taking personal details, it turned out that she had the same birthdate as myself, 1st April ! Later a second interview was carried out for an older person to assist with housekeeping duties and to help in the kitchen.