Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Death and birthdays

My husband and daughter (we live in the suburbs bordering Kent and London), were going to France for a couple of days. Whilst waiting in the queue of cars waiting to drive onto the ferry at portsmouth, my husband was looking into the car next to him in disbelief. His cousin (who lives in Lancashire), was in the car alonsgside my husband with his wife and 2 children. They ended up getting the ferry together and having fun in France until my husbands cousin, continued his journey to Belgium.


In November 2011 my wife and I were in Hawaii on the last leg of our round the world trip. We booked a bus tour of the Island of Ohahu. On board were 10 other couples. The guide said he would read out the passenger names and we each had to say where we were from and add a few details to get to know one another. He read out a few names and then said "Stevenson" Two voices simultaneously said " Yorkshire, England," mine and another man. That's a coincidence I thought. So when we stopped at the first scheduled stop we approached each other.

Dental Records

I am a 56 year old dentist who sold my practice in 2009, all my patients continue to see me at the practice where I work as an associate about a mile away from the old practice. The old practice is an unoccupied unit on the first floor of a busy shopping centre. After all the equipment was moved out there was an electrical problem with the fuse blowing at the local sub-station.

Chance encounter.

I am a 66-year-old Geordie, living in Canada. Last year, on a one-week visit back to Newcastle, I was shopping in Fenwick’s and fancied a coffee. Fenwick’s café was very busy so I went to the café in Marks and Spencer’s instead. There I bumped into a school friend who now lives in Wokingham and who was also visiting Newcastle for a few days. She’d been about to go straight back to her hotel but made a spur of the moment decision to have a coffee before she went. Hence our meeting. We couldn’t believe it. I thought she was in Berkshire and she thought I was in Canada.

We'll meet again

My brother Horace Dale (RAF) of 83, Heathcote Road, Miles Green Stoke on Trent was walking down a sreet in Naples in 1943, when he met Jack Cross (Navy) who lived at 106 Hearthcote Road. While they were chatting along came Frank Pointon (Army) - the three different services! - who lived next door at 106. A photograph was taken and it is a treasured memory of the amazing coincidence - the three houses are less than 25 yards from each other! I have the photograph if you wish to see it. Dennis Dale.

Returning to the Town of my Ancestors

I first moved to Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire in 1969 where I raised my family. I was working at the Flixborough chemical plant which exploded in June 1974. In 1982 because the re-built Nypro factory where I worked closed down, and due of lack of local work, I moved to London where I took a job in engineering design of large chemical and nuclear facilities. When I semi-retired in 2000, I moved back to Lincolnshire to Grantham to give me easy rail access to London where I still worked part time as a Consultant in major hazard prevention.

Happiness and Sadness

My paternal grandmother died on the 21st April 1960 which happened to be my fifth birthay. On the 25th November 1983 my father died which also happened to be my brother and sister-in-laws fifth wedding anniversary. Both occasions were times of great happiness but ended with sadness. Still we never forget these important dates, nor do we celebrate "5"s.

Manx Cat

I was on a camp site in Mojacar Spain back in April 2009 playing my concertina outside in the sunshine accompanied by a German friend .The tune we were playing was "The crack was ninety in the Isle Of Man" Whilest playing i felt something warm brushing my leg and to my amazement a pure bred Manx Cat (the one with no tail )brushed along my leg,which caused shivers up my spine .The German was not aware of the breed of cat and when i explained the coincidence he was also amazed.

clocks / watches...displays

For many, many years I have found myself looking at watches / clocks / clocking in machines...shops...clocks in the home or at work.../....the clock in any car.....the display will read 11:11 ( I am not alone in daughter experiences the same as does her good comes & goes somewhat and I can only put it down to a time one WOULD notice / remember 11:11 especially on a digital display ! However about 10 - 12 years ago when this was at it's height (and before my daughter etc experienced anything) my watch (which I usually wore day & night and had UNusually take

Dinosaur film nosebleed

Several years ago when I was about 10 years old (c.1976) I was watching the film When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, alone, when during one particularly violent fight between a T-Rex and Triceratops, my nose suddenly began to bleed quite badly. Several years later, I was watching the same film with my father, and when we got to the exact same dinosaur fight scene, I proceeded to tell my father what had happened the last time I watched the scene. He looked over to me and said "What? Like its' bleeding now?" My nose had once again spontaneously and badly bled.