Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Car coincidence

Some years ago my wife and I went on holiday to the USA. We had no definite travel plans, except to fly into San Francisco, pick up a hire car and then tour around staying in hotels and motels. The only other plan was that we had booked a flight back from Los Angeles 18 days later, where we would drop off the car. We travelled around covering hundreds of miles, including several days in Las Vegas, and worked our way back towards LA. Two days before our flight home, we decided to stop in a hotel in Ventura.

She walked in

I was looking round a new and very attractive shop in Cambridge with a friend and she remarked, "Jane (her daughter in law) would love it in here, they've got just the sort of things she likes." Even before she finished speaking, Jane walked into the shop and began looking round.

Sharing birthdays

My wife and I had a daughter on the 13th August which coincidentally is the same as my mothers birthday. One year later my brother also had a baby (this time a boy) on the 13th August. Neither baby were due on this date. My daughter was late and my nephew early. As well as my daughter sharing my mothers birthday, she was also given the same name as a baby girl my mother lost 20 years previous during pregnancy, the name of which she had never disclosed.

Martin Bright

My father in law, Charles Becket had not seen his older brother, from North London for over 30 years. Charles moved to Bracknell, Berkshire & had no knowledge of his brother's whereabouts. Charles had a heart attack & was hospitalised in Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot in about 1970. The nurse remarked to him. "what a coincidence, there's a mister Becket in the bed next to you" Needless to say it was the brother who he had not contacted since about 1938. He too had suffered heart failure.

death/stopping of the clock!

My step father was in hospital, old and ill and not expected to live much longer. We went to see him in the evening and he saw and spoke to his daughter who had flown in from abroad to be with him. His only words to her were, "Now I've seen you I can go!" We left the hospital early evening and I asked the staff to contact me during the night should there be any changes. In the early hours of the morning I received a call. He had just died. I looked at the clock. It was 4.20am. Not wishing to disturb my mother or sister I went back to sleep.

the same birthdays.

Salomon Carlebach born 28.12.1845 His grandson Julius Carlebach born 28.12.1922 His grandson Nathaniel Carlebach born 28.12 1997 Julius Carlebach was my husband.

Nick Perrott

At one stage in my working life as a sales manager my team of managers 10. Four had been born on the same day as myself. To make it more "spooky", my birthdate is 25th December.

The number 8

As years have passed I am now retired, the number 8 still crops up frequently in my life. As a child we lived at a house with the number 80, round the corner lived my Nana at number 88. At that time it did.nt mean much until my parents moved to a house number 26. It was then that I started to add up any number I could think of that was relevant to us when I moved to house number 44! We owned three cars when I was young, Registration numbers were: HOL 989, SFH 611 and my mums car was KAB 44. All adding to 8 when added and reduced to a single number.

Past address on google maps

When referencing google maps the drop down window asks "would you like to use your current location" Don't allow. Allow. We pressed don't allow and therefore random global location appeared on the screen. Amazingly, the location showed a street in California which had been our home address 1967! What are the odds of this happening?

My Old Car

About 4-5 years ago my wife and I were on a Caribbean cruise. One evening at dinner on a table for 6 with 2 other couples who had all first met on the cruise, where dinner places are set at random, were discussing hobbies. When the conversation got round to me I said that I used to restore vintage cars. In reply to a query 'what cars' I said that the first car I restored was an old French car and I doubted that they would have heard of the name - 'It was a Delage'.