Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

random meeting

On holiday in hong kong we met in the street our GP who was stopping over for one day on her way from Australia.

lost a blue snorkel found a red snorkel.

Back in 1986 on holiday in Limassol Cyprus Four of us hired a pedalo and set out from the shore. I put down my blue snorkel and mask on the deck only to find that it had fallen overboard and was lost. A little later and further out we spotted a red snorkel and mask lying on the sea floor. I swam down and retrieved it.

After fifty years

I lived in a small hamlet of about thirty people in Shropshire.In our lane there were five houses. Four of them changed hands in about three years. All of the newcomers were retired. In conversation, we discovered that six of the eight newcomers had been at school within three miles of each other in North-West London. Furthermore the wife of one couple, who had moved to Shropshire from Northumberland, and the husband of their next-door neighbours, who had moved to Shropshire from Devon, had actually shared a desk at a primary school in Harrow.

Fate to Meet

I was sweet 16 when the Sun Newpaper were advertising for penfriends for Military Personnel who didnt get mail in the Falklands War . I wrote and a guy wrote back to me called Steve Cass and he was serving with the RAF as mechincal Transport. He was a big bloke 6ft 4ins in his twenties.

The Same Dress

My neice and I managed to buy the same dress for my daughter's wedding. Quite a coincidence in itself but even more so when one considers the fact that she bought hers at "Quiz" in Glasgow and I bought mine at another branch of the shop in Preston, Lancashire.

Friends reunited

In nour local art gallery in Newcastle I met by chance two Dutch colleagues of my brother, who worked in the Netherlands. I knew one was called Helen. We agreed to meet that evening. Five minutes later, also in the gallery, I met an ex pupil of mine whom I had not seen for 15 years, called Helen Scott. We chatted. At home, I realised I did not know the surname of my brother's friend, Helen, in order to phone her hotel and rearrange our time of meeting.

Chance meeting in New Zealand

Three years ago my husband and I were walking on a fairly remote beach in New Zealand. We came across only one other couple and inevitably fell into conversation. They were "locals" and they asked where we were from. When we said Essex UK, they said they only knew one place in Essex, and to our astonishment named the relatively small seaside town (which is not well known) in which we live. They had visited as they had a good friend who lived there.

Same birthday

When arriving at Uni I was surprised to find that 3 of my closest friends from a group of about 12 pf us had the same birthday as me! 23rd October! Bizaare! We decided that god evidently wanted some Christian girls at Durham university in oct 2006 so had created us all at the same time with that in mind! :0) not only this but 3 more Durham friends (though not as close) were also born on the same day! Lots of partying!

Am I psychic?

I was deleting unnecessary phone numbers from our phone's memory and informed my wife that I was deleting the number of our local Indian takeaway as she already had it on her mobile. About thirty minutes later as we watched the local news on Granada Reports, it was announced that there had been a bad fire at the flat above the takeaway, The Village Tandouri, and that unfortunately someone had died. This happened only last week!!!

my Triumph

Back in the late '80's i had a triumph 2000 motor car, It was my pride and joy . I worked in a restaurant and after finishing one night walked to the car park to find it had been stolen! The next day, Reading the stars in the newspaper i was informed i would share a triumph with someone! Either the astrologist was VERY good or it was a big coincidence. A week later after a night out to celebrate my birthday looking out of the taxi window i spotted my car at the bottom of the road i lived in(it was taken from my workplace three miles away),It had more fuel in it than when it was t