Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Digital clock synchronicity

The time 11:11 has been displayed many, many times when I look at the clock while in bed and I cannot explain it. I can be reading a book for ages and then decide to see what the time is, and it is 11:11. I have gone to sleep really early and roll over in my sleep only to open my eyes and it says 11:11! But not so long ago I had a really weird happening. I always wake up two or three times a night - I am 62 YO - but this night was different. The first time I awoke the clock read 2:22 and I went back to sleep. The next time I woke up the clock read 3:33! I thought that was cool!

lucky break comes in twos

I was flatting with a couple of young lads, both had been fruitlessly searching for work for quite some time and had been getting quite depressed by their situations. Then one afternoon, one lad's phone started ringing, so he went to the front of the house to talk as the second guy's phone also rang, and he went out the back. The first guy was all smiles when he returned to the living room, 'I got a job!' The second guy returned just in time to return the smiles 'So did I!'


My brothers and I grew up in an African country and were schooled there. Some many years later I moved with my husband and children to the UK. My son attended secondary school in the UK and one day was asked by his teacher, Mr X whereabouts he had come from, after a few other questions they discovered that Mr X had an uncle who had lived in this African country and had in fact taught my brothers at their secondary school. So my son's uncle had been taught by his teacher's uncle in two different countries (not the same subject though!).

Middle of nowhere

My parents used to run a Public House in Fulham,London in the 70's and as a young boy I used to help out when required like collecting glasses and doing the odd serving . When I turned 20 I decided to head off to Australia and go on a year's working holiday. I managed to work for most of the time but realised I needed to comply with the terms of my visa which meant having to have a holiday as well. So I took a Greyhound bus and started to tour the width and breadth of the country and discovered what a vast land Australia actually is.

Answer on the radio

My daughter and I were in the car one afternoon, I was taking her to a birthday party for one of her classmates. We were listening to the radio. Having never visited this house before, when we reached the road I slowed down and asked her what was the number of the house we were looking for. Before she could answer the radio DJ said "number 14" at exactly the right moment. The house we were looking for was No 14. We just looked at each other in amazement.

free designer sunglasses

while hiking a remote trail in the escalante national monument in utah my wife look down and found a brand new pair of arnette sunglasses hanging from a bush 3 years later we were hiking a beach on vancouver island in the pacific rim national seashore i look down and caught in the seaweed was another pair of arnette sunglasses awhat makes this coincidence more remarkable is that arnettes don't have a large market share in the us or canada so the likelyhood of finding two pair 3 years apart and 2000miles difference are slim to none and slim just left town

Coincidence of the Travelling Pants

While I was at University in NZ I was a keen tramper (bush walking) and often tramped with my then boyfriend and another friend. One holiday we set off on a 2 week tramp in the remote Fiordland area at the bottom of the South Island, after being dropped off at the track's lakeside start by the daily ferry. I realised after half a day that I had forgotten to bring my new waterproof over-trousers which would be vital in the often unpredictable weather, and which I had purchased specially for the trip.

two coincidences I recall

The thing about a coincidence is that you remember it. You often forget what is predictable. I recall two coincidences over many years. (1) As a child I was playing "War" (a game of pure chance in which high card wins) with my brother who was younger. I told him flatly that I would run the deck (winning all 26 pairs). And I did (allowing for continuation by ties). That's on the order of one in 2^25.

Divorce Warning

lol okay I feel a little embarrassed posting this but it was just the most syncronistic or coincidental thing that ever happend to me that I can recall. I was having martial problems what not, and I had decided to divorce her if my ultimatiums (what not) were not met.

Speeding tickets

My son and his girlfriend both left home one morning for work, each taking a different route. Later on that evening they discovered that they were both ticketed for speeding at exactly the same time, hour and minute.