Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Chance meeting in South East Asia.

I was in Quezon City in the Philippines and on a quite Sunday evening standing at the house gate watching the world go by. A young Filipino couple not known to me stopped and asked me where I was from. I answered, from the UK. They said that they had a close school friend that now lived in London and perhaps I knew him. I replied that I lived in Leicester some 120 miles from London and that it was unlikely that I knew their friend, they looked so disappointed I said " but may be I do what is your friend's name?

Meeting people I know in odd places

I guess most people have run into old friends in out of the way places and it hasn't happened to me for a while, but I thought the following might be of interest. I’ve met people from my old class at Weavers Comprehensive School (in a little town called Wellingborough) whilst walking through Lavender Hill London and also whilst waiting at a taxi rank in Oxford. Big deal. Well I also spent ten days at a Buddhist retreat in Hereford with a vow of silence for eight of those days.

Early childhood

As a small child in the 1940's my brother and I were looked after by a girl called Thirza. My Grand mother who was our main carer, lived in a village in North Notts. called Lound. For whatever reason ( I know not ) Thirza stopped looking after us. Some 50 odd years later I was competing In an archery tournament near Lound and decided to stay in a hotel about 2 miles from Lound. Before dinner I went down to a deserted bar for an aperitif and started chatting to the young lady behind the bar. In the course of our conversation she asked me what I was doing in the area.

Another country coincidence

Visited husband's family who lived in Buffalo, NY State, in October 1967. We travelled on the Greyhound bus to New York for a weekend stay to look round the big city, with my brother-in-law David and his wife Dot. We passed a NY policeman on the street, who was just standing there observing the people dashing here and there, and upon impulse I turned round and took a photo of him, showing him and quite a bit of the background.

my Triumph

Back in the late '80's i had a triumph 2000 motor car, It was my pride and joy . I worked in a restaurant and after finishing one night walked to the car park to find it had been stolen! The next day, Reading the stars in the newspaper i was informed i would share a triumph with someone! Either the astrologist was VERY good or it was a big coincidence. A week later after a night out to celebrate my birthday looking out of the taxi window i spotted my car at the bottom of the road i lived in(it was taken from my workplace three miles away),It had more fuel in it than when it was t

Am I psychic?

I was deleting unnecessary phone numbers from our phone's memory and informed my wife that I was deleting the number of our local Indian takeaway as she already had it on her mobile. About thirty minutes later as we watched the local news on Granada Reports, it was announced that there had been a bad fire at the flat above the takeaway, The Village Tandouri, and that unfortunately someone had died. This happened only last week!!!

Raandom appearance of someone being talked about

A group of colleagues and I were outside a west London pub during the summer and for no specific reason we began discussing which actor we felt was the best James Bond. One of the group suggested Timothy Dalton and within 5 minutes he walked into the pub past us... To say our jaws hit the floor was an understatement! By way of explanation it turned out that the pub used to be his regular when he was filming and whenever he revisits the area he tends to drop by. None of us knew that and none of us had seen him there previously.

Two chance meetings on the same day

I am a British national living in Japan. On the same day, both my wife and I had chance encounters with friends travelling outside their home countries. I was in a ramen bar in Shibuya, Tokyo, when my cousin from England walked in and, without realising I was there, sat down next to me. Although I knew he travels to Japan from time-to-time, I did not know he was in the country and had not contacted him recently. I eat in Shibuya perhaps once in a fortnight. He, perhaps a couple of times a year.

One Man, Two Women - Same Birthdays

My ex wife and I had the same birthday. I then divorced and met a new partner on a dating website without knowing anything about her including her birthday. It turned out to be the same as well. So one man, two women, same birthdays! In addition my new partner's mother went to school with my auntie!

Christmas present coincidence

It was Christmas 2001 and my sister lived in London and I lived in Tenby (south west Wales). She had done all her Christmas shopping in London and myself in Tenby. Lo and behold we'd bought eachother exactly the same top! Of all the clothes in all the shops in the world!!