Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

birth coincidence

My second child was born on June 14th 1972 - my third child was born on June 14th 1973. The coincidences were they were identical birth weights and............the same nurse was in attendance despite the first one being born in Germany and the next one in Northern Ireland!!!!!

Phone call coincidence

This happened a few years ago: I decided to call my friend Lydia for a chat. I dialled the number and a female voice (who I didn't recognise) said "hello". I was slightly confused but said "er hello, is Lydia there please?" The female voice sounded even more confused than I and said "erm, sorry, who's calling?". I was rather put out by being asked by this person who I didn't even know who I was but replied "It's Kerry". A short while later, another female voice came on the line and said "Hello, Lydia here".

Various hard to believe

Reading the article in the News paper Mail on Sunday about this website and having had many strange coincidences happen to me over the years I decided to go online to share one of them with you. I started to look for a pair of scissors to cut out the part of the article in the paper with the web site address on it but could not find them or a pen and paper to note it down so I started to rip that part of the page out.

wrong number, but identical name

I needed to have a Gas Certificate for my tenanted property and asked a local Corgi registered person to call my tenant, Will Jenkins, to arrange a convenient appointment time. I gave the Corgi man the name and mobile number of my tenant. A day later, the Corgi man rang back and said he'd come to inspect the flat but my tenant was out. He'd then called the number I'd given him and spoken with a Will Jenkins who said did not live in that town and had never heard of me.

"Two for the price of one."

1. My cousin emigrated to Florida in the 40s and lived there ever since. On his only return visit in the 90's I took him to visit Hexham Abbey 30 miles away where he asked me a historical question I couldn't answer. "We need my old history teacher Harry R. to answer that." I said. "Hello Tony" said a voice behind me and there was Harry R. who I'd not seen for many years. He lived far from Hexham and was only there for the day. 2. I told my cousin that I'd married a country girl from a remote Northumbrian village and he asked "Does Margaret P.

Double Holiday Coincedence

Whilst on holiday in Mexico 2005, my husband and I became friends with a couple from Liverpool, we didnt stay in touch after the holiday ended, swap numbers or addresses as our hotel had to be evacuated due to Hurricane Emily and we didn't get a chance to get their details. The following year, my husband and I decided to take a last minute holiday to Salou in Spain.

Fate or coincidence?

I was a contestant on Deal or No Deal back in 2005/2006. I am a modern languages teacher but at the time was taking a sabbatical and working as a bingo caller. To chose my boxes I decided to put 22 small balls in a bag and draw the balls out. I decided before hand that I wanted to leave boxes 22 and 5 to the end of the game,since they represent my birthday. Since those balls were already in the bag as I began to draw the numbers I left them in and just decided that WHEN they came out I would ignore them. When I got to the last two balls in the bag..they were..22 and 5.

All 4 children born on 13th of the month

I have four children, all of them have been born on the 13th of the month. The first and third have the same birthday and the 2nd and 4th's birthdays are 6 months apart. My fourth child was born 16 days late - we always joke it was so he wouldn't feel left out - he had to be born on the 13th!

Horse for Sale

A couple of years ago I purchased A horse through an advert in Horse and Hound magazine which turned out to be unsuitable. In my job I organize appointments for by boss to visit stables and check/sell saddles. When googling one particular equestrian centre to find their postcode, I found that they were using the same photo of my horse from the advert which I had purchased him from, as illustration on their website. They had no connection with my horse's previous owner and are hundreds of miles apart.

birthday coincidence

My friend Nancy from school has 2 nephews from the same sister who are born 14 years apart with the same birthday (15th January). Jamie celebrates his 18th birthday today and his younger brother is 4years old. Happy Birthday boys!!