Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Mrs C A Dawson

I ahve a twin sister living in Canada. Approx 18 years ago, I was working as an office manager at a company called AM International in Hemel Hempstead. One day, one of the company directors told me that the company was about to go through an official audit and one of the company auditors from our head office in Dallas would be visiting. I was asked if I would accomodate this auditor in my office area, and show her around, including tea & coffee, canteen, stationary supplies etc.

family meeting

In 1947 I went to Warwick from my parent's home in Worthing to apply for a course in Birmingham. There were a number of applicants. Luckily I was accepted and with another successful applicant we agreed to share digs. She had come from Spalding. Later in the year she rang to say she and her parents were staying in Eastbourne and could she and her mother come over to Worthing to meet up again. We chatted for a while then as conversation flagged I suggested they went down the garden to meet my father.

Doorstep caller coincidence

I was watching an episode of Mr Bean on a Sunday afternoon, about two years ago, where he was walking through a shopping centre. It reminded me of the time when I was walking through a shopping centre, in the 1970s, and was stopped by a market researcher who asked me about the Radio 1 Newsbeat programme. The next minute there was a knock at the door. It was a market researcher from NOP who was asking questions about pop music. He wanted to talk to somebody under 30, so I was no use to him.

Ms Dolan

Myself and my two sisters all had our first born children on New Year Eve.

technical support

When I first started my Ph.D. I was working with a then new operating system along with another student and we were having some problems. One evening I stayed in the office to work on a problem after my colleague had gone home. After a few hours I wanted to ask my colleague a question so called his flat. Oddly, the phone didn't even ring before my colleague picked up. We started talking over the problem before it because clear that we were talking at very slightly crossed purposes.

Bosnia Herzogovinha

In the 80s I was reading Anna Karenina with BBC Radio Four on in the background. I just got to the part where Bosnia Herzogovinha is mentioned - this was the forst time I had seen this written down or heard of it, I wondered how it was pronounced and at that exact same split second the BBC Radio news reader said it . . . wow, I laughed at that because it was such a coincidence

Family Reunion

We are from North Shropshire and were on our "once in a lifetime world tour" and reached Rotorua in North Island New Zealand for a one night stopover. We checked in to our hotel and as it was my husband's birthday we arranged to eat early in the hotel restaurant so that we could go out and do as much sightseeing as possible. The booking was in my name ( I have maintained my maiden name Thorley ) so when we walked in to the hotel restaurant the waitress saw my name and suggested that she added our meal bill to the "group booking" bill.

I used to babysit for my son's infant school teacher

When my son (who shares his birthday with his grandmother and also the wedding anniversary of his other grandparents) moved into year 1 in infant school, his teacher looked vaguely familiar. When she wrote her full name in his reading book, I realised that 15 years previously, when I was 18 and she was 10, I used to babysit for her and her sister, in a village 25 miles away from where we live now.

Mrs Sheila Allen

1. My younger sister was born on the same date 1.8 as myself but is 7 years younger. 2. My mother and mother in law were born on the same day - 25.5.1916. They are both called Doris - one Doris Mary and one Doris May. We only found the fact out that they were the same age when they were celebrating their 80th birthdays. 3. My father and father in law both have birthdays in Dec - one on the 6th and one the 13th. 4. My father in law died in my father's birthday. 5. My older brother was born on the actual day 27.7.1940 when my in laws got married. 6.

Business card coincidence

We were out walking one day, and passed a business card which had fallen on the ground. Curiosity got the better of us, so we went back and picked it up... It was a person whose name didn't mean anything to us, however, the address was peculiar, as it was called Percy French Road, on the other side of the city. Interestingly, in our small town, there is a bench dedicated to Percy French, as it was there that he wrote the famous song "The Mountains of Mourne".