Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Coincidence of dates

My father was born on Friday the 13th. He died on 02 02 02 at 02 02 and was buried in Friday the 13th. He was always very lucky with numbers !

American Dad

I live in the USA. My father was a surgeon who was well known in an area of about one hundred miles in any direction from my very small hometown. Owing to our unusual surname, I was forever meeting people who would ask, "Oh, your name is 'Doe?' Are you related to Dr. 'John Doe,' the surgeon?" This occurred from early childhood onward. When I was in my thirties, I moved eight-hundred miles away to a new part of the country. I was there several months when I thought, This is one place where I'll never be asked that old, familiar question.

Medical Coincidence

Last week I went to hospital for a colonoscopy (everything OK). The next day I phoned my brother, who lives 200 miles away, because I hadn't had time to let him know beforehand. It turned out that he'd had a colonoscopy on the same day and, within half an hour, at the same time.


I have had lots of meaningful dreams but two tend to stick in my mind. I dreamt that the husband of an employee of mine would get his job back. He had been out of work following redundancy for many months. As soon as I saw her the next day I told her what I dreamt. Within half an hour she got a call from her husband who had been invited for an interview at his old place of work. He got the job. I dreamt that I was sitting at the front of a plane flying to Ireland ( we go on cricket tours to Ireland) and I turned round and realised the whole cricket club were on the plane.

Holiday meeting...

Me and my brother went to Callao Salvaje in Tenerife for the first time and walked along a dark unlit coastal path to the next resort down and went to a bar which we stayed at until closing.As we were the last ones there the manager spoke to us as he was closing up and offered to give us a lift back to our hotel as it was in the place he had his apartment.He spoke of his daughters looking at the clear starry skies and so on and I always remebered his four wheel drive vehicle with an inclination level thing on the dash.He was Irish descent. Forward about 15 maybe more years and me and my broth

A meaningful coincidence?

A couple of years ago I went to a memorial service for a young woman who had sadly died with her husband in an accident. Having lost a son a few years before I was more than willing to try to comfort this family. After the service I chatted with her parents. Her mother asked me if I believed in 'signs' from the afterlife. I said yes, I certainly do! Just then, someone passed me a copy of the deceased young couple's order of service from their wedding. It was the exact date that I'd married my present husband, although on a different continent!

An incredible chance meeting

A company which I was jointly managing was in dispute with its JV partner. By chance the company was invited to a presentation meeting in London. As a result of the JV dispute I decided to send one of our staff to this meeting at very short notice. After the presentation he was invited to a table for lunch and introduced to other people on the table. He was introduced to a fellow Wolves supporter and enquired where he lived. It turned out that they lived next door to each other as small children and incredibly shared the same father!

Photo coincidence

Some years ago, me,my family of four children and my husband travelled to Florida and stayed in a villa near Disney World. We picked up our hire van at Sandford Airport and spent the next two weeks visiting the sights. Just before we left, my son found a disposable camera under one of the seats in the van. It didn't belong to us and my son decided to take it apart to find out how it worked. I put the film in my bag and forgot all about it. Two or three years later, I found several undeveloped films lying in a cupboard.

(Not so)Imaginary friend

About 5 years ago my daughter who was then two had (like many children) an imaginary friend called 'Cully'. We double-checked the name as neither my wife nor I had come across it before and certainly knew no one of that name and could not think where our daughter (Lydia) had found it.

Top of the Empire State Building

Our family travelled to New York just before Christmas. We travelled by taxi from Nottingham to Heathrow airport and we were very early so we went for a coffee. We saw our son's ex-headmaster Mr X across the coffee shop, but he did not see us and we were too far away to speak. We had not seen or spoken to him or heard about him for 4 years since our son left school, which was in a different town. We spent our holiday sightseeing in Central Park, Brooklyn, Harlem and the stores. On the 4th day my husband, younger son and I decided to go to the Empire State Building.