Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Meeting in Boston

Our only trip 'en famille' to Canada and the USA was in 1987. We had been to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia before driving down to Boston where we stayed with friends near by. While there, we went into Boston by underground and at one station, the train made to move off but stopped and the doors opened again for a few minutes. A few more people got on and the train moved off.

Near Neighbours.

I was walking along a beach with a workmate, walking across the beach gave us access to the forest that we were both working in. We started talking about coincidences, he told me that a local chap who was a diver and sailor was working in the Caribbean recently, sailing a boat around.

unexpected encounter

My coincidence happened on one of our trips to Australia. As we were flying from Heathrow I found myself sitting next to a young girl of about 18 who was going for a gap year. She was rather anxious about the experience and I talked to her for some time trying to reassure her that all would be well and she would enjoy herself. We parted company in Singapore (I think) and she flew on to Sydney whilst we flew to Perth. We stayed with friends for 2 weeks then visited Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

Siblings birthdays coincidence

I have 2 brothers & a sister & we all have the same birthday, Sept 7th. I was born in 1966, my brother James was born in 1968 & then the twins, Victoria & Thomas were born in 1972. 4 Virgos in the same house, thankfully we don't conform to type!

Small world.

My friend and I was on the way to a snorkelling boat trip in Sharm El Sheik Egypt in a small coach in April 2003 when on the way the coach picked up a couple from another hotel. They caught our eyes immediately as they were quite an attractive couple. The guy was wearing a kikoy (a Kenyan sarong) and a bandana around his head. We said hello to make conversations and to be as welcoming as we could be. We found that they were in thier late twenty, his girlfriend 'Erika' was born to a Kenya mum and an Austrian dad.

Appendix - double trouble!

My 18 year old daughter woke in considerable pain one day and I took her to the doctors surgery. Whilst waiting for her to come out, I took a call from my 22 year old son who told me not to worry but that he was in A & E at his local hospital as they thought he may need his appendix out.

Chance meeting

My (late) wife and I live in the UK but own a holiday property in Spain. In 1995 we were on a holiday in Australia and were spending a few days in Brisbane. We took a trip around the harbour on a boat which stopped at various quays and passengers were at liberty to get on and off as they chose as many times as they wished. We spotted an openair quayside cafe at one stop, so got off to have a coffee. We had only been sitting there for a few minutes when in walked a couple we knew from our visits to Spain.

Telepathy or coincidence?

When I was at college in Salisbury in the 1970's, I shared a house with a friend (from Bristol) and spent the weekends with my partner in our isolated cottage 40 miles away. I split up with my partner towards the end of my training and stayed in Salisbury all the time. At the end of term I had to go to the cottage for a few days to sort out my affairs. I travelled as far as I could by public transport and my ex-partner drove me the rest of the way.

Same name, age and address

I live in a house comprising two flats. A notice to collect a parcel from the post office arrived. I went to the post office to collect the parcle with my ID. Upon opening the parcel I discovered it was business cards for a DJ with my name (Michael Grant). I took the parcel home and knocked on the other flat's door. The parcel was for my neighbour who is also called Michael Grant. His middle name is John and mine is James. He is also 28 years old. So it turns out that 2 men that don't know each other are both called Michael J. Grant, both 28 years old and have the same address.

Four birthdays in One

Travelling in a car with three other passengers a chance comment revealed that all four of us shared the same birthday (day and month).